FanDuel’s World Fantasy Basketball Championship – Live from Southern California

FanDuel brings the best DFS fantasy basketball players together in one location to decide who is crowned world champion. The World Fantasy Basketball Championship will hand out a whopping $300,000 first place cash payout, out of $1.5 million worth of prizes. All 75 qualifiers win at least $5,000.

How to Qualify for FanDuel’s WFBBC

Using FanDuel’s standard NBA fantasy basketball scoring format, participate in one of dozens of qualifying rounds. Any FanDuel registered DFS players in the United States and Canada can enter a qualifier.

There is a limit of five qualifying tickets to the WFBBC. The qualifiers run every week prior to the February final. The qualifying contests have variable entry fee amounts, with the higher fees still having one entry as the top prize, plus additional cash awards for other finishers.

World Fantasy Basketball Championship Scoring

Assists and rebounds still earn more than actual points in the FanDuel NBA scoring system. This same system is used during all WFBBC qualifying rounds. The lineup salary cap is $50,000 split across nine player spots.

One important part of FanDuel NBA strategy is the lineup configuration that has a pair of point guard spots. Since there isn’t a generic utility spot on the lineup card, and assists are full point and half each, qualifying lineups that own high-point producing point guards can be your ticket to California.

Prizes for the WFBBC

The prize appeal begins as soon as you qualify. Besides being guaranteed a minimum cash prize of $5,000, every qualifier will get three nights at the 5-star Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

FanDuel will put a $1,000 worth of spending cash in your wallet and a VIP pass to the World Fantasy Basketball Championship party. Both the qualifier and their guest will also get an opportunity to take part in a $50,000 NBA single game championship contest.

The WFBBC final is spread across a full three days. Besides fully paid accommodations and a thousand bucks in cash, qualifiers will get $300 worth of perks at the Terranea Resort courtesy of FanDuel. Remember, there’s a five seat limit to the live finals, but to get there you have to qualify.

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