Running Back PPR Rankings & Projections – Top 50 Fantasy RBs in 2020

Tier One Backs

1. Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers

ADP:1. Auction Price ($200): $65

Christian McCaffrey was the NFL’s best fantasy player in PPR leagues after having the second-best fantasy season in NFL history. Throughout the season, McCaffrey accumulated 471.2 fantasy points, 1,387 rushing yards, 1,005 receiving yards and 19 total touchdowns. He also became the third player in NFL history to record 1,000+ receiving and 1,000+ rushing yards in the same year. As a result, McCaffery led all NFL players in terms of yards from scrimmage, with nearly 2,400 total yards. Overall, McCaffery was the league’s most versatile RB because he led all running backs in terms of receiving yardage.

Most of McCaffrey’s success was due to the fact that the Carolina Panthers lacked a consistent quarterback for the majority of the season. In fact, the Panthers main QB this season, Kyle Allen, finished with a -408 DYAR and a -22.7% DVOA which indicates that Allen was tremendously worse than the average backup QB. Consequently, the Panthers needed to lean on CMC immensely in order to win games. Therefore, McCaffrey finished the year with a 273 DYAR and a 14.5% DVOA, which rank in the top three and top five respectively for running backs this year.

In 2020, McCaffrey will be one of the league’s two best running back because of his insane versatility. McCaffrey is a threat in goal-line situations, out of the back field as a receiver, between the tackles, and on outside runs. Surprisingly, McCaffrey’s success came with an offensive line that had a lackluster efficiency rating. Plus, as long as Cam Newton is the signal-caller in Carolina, the Panthers will likely utilize have a rushing-based scheme that benefits McCaffrey. Also given that McCaffrey has not missed a game due to injury throughout his career, it’s clear that he is the NFL’s most durable back. Resultantly, McCaffrey is the safest RB option to remain a RB1.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections1564138781342422.726.4
2019 Stats138715116100541471.229.5

2. Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers

ADP: 3, Auction Price ($200): $62

Austin Ekeler was the NFL’s most surprising running back this season, and shattered every analysts expectations. According to Yahoo Sports, Austin Ekeler was only the 34th ranked running back in fantasy football before the season began. Most of the hesitation to value Ekeler was due to the fact that he entered the season as Melvin Gordon’s backup. However, he received a bevy of touches after Gordon decided to hold out, and he made the most of his opportunities. The Western Colorado product finished the year with 557 rushing yards, three rushing TDs, 92 catches, 993 receiving yards, and eight receiving TDs.

The biggest issue with Austin Ekeler’s 2020 outlook is that he and Melvin Gordon could possibly split touches again next season. In 2019, Ekeler only received a 56.7% snap share, and a troubling 45.8% opportunity share. If Ekeler continues to split carries with Gordon, it’ll severely limit his ceiling as a RB1.

However since Melvin Gordon has admitted that he is unsure whether he’ll be a Charger in 2020, Ekeler could definitely be a top five fantasy option next season. Given that the majority of Ekeler’s production was derived from his skill as a receiving back, he will be extremely valuable in PPR leagues as an RB1, if he is the Chargers’ undisputed lead back.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections968897102884384.624
2019 Stats5573929938130919.3

3. Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints

ADP: 5, Auction Price: ($200): 59

Despite ranking in the top ten for fantasy running back production, Alvin Kamara was one of the most disappointing backs in fantasy football. This season, Kamara struggled with injuries, and missed two games. In Kamara’s absence, his backup, Latavius Murray saw a significant increase in both opportunity share and snap count, thus cutting into Kamara’s fantasy value.

While Kamara’s ceiling was slightly underwhelming, he was still one of the most reliable fantasy RB2 options. Throughout the 2019 season, Kamara scored 10+ fantasy points in 12 of his 14 games, including an eight game stretch of double digit output from weeks three through 13. Kamara’s reliability was partly derived from his receiving skills. This season, the former Tennessee Volunteer product ranked in the top three among all RBs for receptions after he hauled in 81 catches for 533 yards.

You can count on Kamara to be an efficient rusher in 2020 due to the stellar performance of his offensive line. For three consecutive seasons, the New Orleans Saints have ranked inside the top two for run-blocking efficiency. If his OL can continue to provide him with quality rushing lanes next season, Kamara should be a terrific RB` candidate for fantasy owners.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections1021108372193365.222.8
2019 Stats79758153312248.5217.8

4. Saquon Barkley, New York Giants

ADP: 6, Auction Price ($200): $55

This season Saquon Barkley had the seventh highest fantasy point average amongst all running backs in the NFL. Barkley finished with 244.1 fantasy points, 1003 rushing yards, 438 receiving yards, 52 catches, and eight TDs. During the last three weeks of the season, Barkley was especially productive, averaging nearly 32 fantasy points per game.

While many fantasy owners will consider Saquon Barkley’s fantasy season to be a dud, he had a solid season considering the fact that he was dealing with nagging injuries. This season, Barkley missed 3 games due to an ankle injury. Barkley’s ankle injury is problematic because he has been dealing with it since he was a freshman in college. As a result, it would be wise for fantasy owners to pair Barkley with a high-end RB2 in case his injury resurfaces in 2020.

Overall, Barkley ranges from a modest RB1 to a high end RB2 for the 2020 season. Throughout his career, Barkley has asserted himself as a quality receiving back, who is averaging approximately 580 receiving yards per season. In addition, Saquon was able to be a force on the ground game, despite having a subpar run-blocking OL in every year of his career. If the Giants can improve their offensive line and keep Saquon healthy, he will definitely be a top five fantasy back in both PPR and standard leagues.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections1488165740844358.622.4
2019 Stats100365243820244.118.8

5. Kenyan Drake, Arizona Cardinals

ADP: 8, Auction Price ($200): $51

To start off the season, Kenyan Drake was stuck on a Miami Dolphins’ roster that refused to utilize him to the best of his abilities. However, once he was traded to the Arizona Cardinals, Drake stole the lead-back role from David Johnson and instantly became a RB2 in fantasy. He averaged nearly 20 fantasy points per game and found the end-zone eight times from weeks nine through seventeen.

Next season, Kenyan Drake will be one of the most underrated running backs in fantasy football. Even though Drake was under utilized in 2019, the advanced stats, DYAR and DVOA show that he has the capability of being a top five RB. Therefore, it would be foolish to let Drake fall outside of the second round of fantasy drafts.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections1364126452163354.522.2
2019 Stats81785034502214.215.3

Tier Two Backs

6. Joe Mixon, Cincinnati Bengals

ADP: 10, Auction Price ($200): 48

After exhibiting a poor fantasy stretch through the first seven weeks of the year, Joe Mixon was able to bounce back as one of the best late season running backs across the league. One of the biggest upsides about Mixon is that his fantasy and rushing success isn’t heavily dependent on his offensive line’s success. Following a bevy of injuries to Bengals offensive linemen, the Bengals ranked just 26th in the league for run-blocking efficiency. Nevertheless, Mixon ranked in the top ten for rushing yards with 1,137 yards, and scored 225.4 fantasy points.

Unless the Bengals experience the same injury concerns that plagued them in 2019, Mixon is likely to witness an uptick in fantasy production. In addition, after facing the third most instances of 8+ defenders in the box, Mixon will likely see a decrease in stacked boxes once Cincinnati drafts Joe Burrow. As a result, Mixon will probably be a great sleeper pick who has high-end RB2 status.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections1405145643821334.320.9
2019 Stats113753528730225.414.1

7. Aaron Jones, Green Bay Packers

ADP: 11, Auction Price ($200): $46

This season, Aaron Jones scored 314.8 fantasy points, while averaging 19.7 points in 16 contests. Despite falling outside the top ten for rushing yards this year, Aaron Jones finished as the league’s second most productive running back, and eighth most productive player in fantasy football. While over a third of Jones’ fantasy success was derived from his 19 total touchdowns, he still ran for 1,084 yards while hauling in 474 receiving yards. Moreover, Aaron Jones finished his third season with career highs in touchdowns, yardage, targets, and yards per reception.

When you look at the advanced analytics, there is a lot to like about Jones. For example, one of the best aspects about Aaron Jones is his ball security, since he has only fumbled the ball four times throughout his NFL career. Additionally, Jones finished with the fourth-most DYAR amongst all RBs, indicating that he is one of the most valuable backs in the NFL. This is important because as Aaron Rogers gets older, Matt LaFleur will likely rely on Jones more in 2020. Considering that Matt LaFleur’s system benefits versatile backs like, Jones, he is likely to hover around borderline RB1/2 production next season.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections123913595013132720.4
2019 Stats1084164947432314.819.7

8. Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns

ADP: 13, Auction Price ($200): $42

Even though the Cleveland Browns season had the most disappointing season in 2019, Nick Chubb was the team’s lone bright spot. He secured a spot of Pro Football Focus’ All-Pro team, after running for 1494 yards and eight rushing touchdowns. His rushing yardage ranked as the highest in a season in Browns’ franchise history. From a fantasy standpoint, Chubb scored 255.2 in PPR leagues, and was the sixth-best RBs in non-PPR leagues. While Chubb was a quality RB2 option this season, he certainly has some worrisome concerns. For starters, he doesn’t have much of an upside in the receiving game. Nick Chubb only caught 36 passes for 278 yards and failed to score any receiving TDs. Consequently, Nick Chubb’s 2020 fantasy value is significantly higher in standard leagues than PPR leagues.

However, with a Kevin Stefanski coaching the Browns in 2020, Chubb could become more of a receiving threat. When Stefanski stepped in as the Vikings’ offensive coordinator last season, he was able to maximize Dalvin Cook’s receiving output, as well as the Vikings’ OL’s efficiency. In fact, under Stefanski, the Vikings’ OL went from a bottom ten run-blocking unit, to the seventh best in hte league. Potentially, Chubb could see his rushing output increase if the Stefanski can improve the Browns’ run-blocking power run ranking, where their offensive line ranked in the bottom three of the NFL.

Another aspect that could limit Chubb’s ceiling is if the Browns retain Kareem Hunt. If the Browns choose to bring Kareem Hunt back then Chubb will be utilized a lot less, especially in the receiving game. If the Browns make the right moves in 2020, Chubb will have one of the highest ceilings in the NFL. Although he could also revert into an average fantasy back if the Browns fail to optimize his skill set.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections1681124336723325.820.4
2019 Stats149483627802255.216

9. Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys

ADP: 17, Auction Price ($200): $36

After receiving his big contract in the off-season, Ezekiel Elliott did not disappoint his fantasy football managers. This season, Elliott finished with the second-most yards from scrimmage in the NFL, and in the top ten for total fantasy points. Throughout the season, Elliot was one of the most dependable running backs on a week by week basis, who scored 13+ fantasy points in all but one of his games. Remarkably, Elliott was able to stay healthy for the duration of the 2019 regular season, and has yet to miss a game in his career due to injury.

As long as Elliott remains in Dallas, it’s likely that he’ll remain a fantasy stud. The main reason why Elliot is projected to be a great running back for the foreseeable future is due to the Cowboys offensive line. According to football outsiders, the Cowboys have had a top ten offensive line in every season since 2015, and ranked inside the top five for OL efficiency for three of their last four years. As a result, Elliott has ranked in the top two for yards from scrimmage in every season he didn’t face a suspension. Therefore, the combination of Elliott’s great production mixed with a quality OL is reason enough to believe that he’ll be in the RB1/2 conversation in 2020.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections1033116253963315.219.7
2019 Stats1357125442043311.719.5

10. Miles Sanders, Philadelphia Eagles

ADP: 19, Auction Price ($200): $33

Rookie phenom Miles Sanders ranked as the best rookie RB to draft in fantasy football. Throughout the first 12 weeks of the season, Sanders served as a decent flex option with modest upside. Although following a shoulder injury suffered by Jordan Howard, Sanders stepped into lead back status, and transformed into a quality RB2 option with RB1 upside.

Coming into the 2020 season, there are a lot of reasons to like Sanders. For starters, Pro Football Focus has ranked the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive line as the best unit for three years in a row. Barring an unforeseen roster move that would be detrimental to Philly’s OL, Sanders is likely to enjoy a bevy of opportunities in both the ground and receiving games. Regardless of whether Philly re-signs Jordan Howard, Miles Sanders is likely to serve as the Eagles’ lead-back. Therefore he will be listed as a great RB2 option with potential RB1 upside.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections110386159973315.219.7
2019 Stats81835050932218.713.7

11. Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas Raiders

ADP: 21, Auction Price ($200): $32

In his first season in the NFL, Josh Jacobs ran for 1,150 yards, which ranked as the seventh-most in the league. The potential rookie of the year, proved to be one of the best down-hill backs in the NFL, by ranking in the top eight for broken tackles and yards after contact/rush. In fact, Jacobs was able to rush for nearly five yards per carry because of the Oakland Raiders’ run-blocking efficiency.

If Jacobs was on any other roster, I would discourage fantasy owners from trusting him in PPR leagues due to his rushing style coupled with a lack of receiving production. Although Jacobs is likely to sustain his rushing success because of Jon Gruden’s old fashioned play-calling, which favors down-hill backs. As long as Gruden keeps the Raiders’ offensive-line inside the top ten for run-blocking efficiency, Jacobs is likely to have RB1/RB2 status.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections1531152817322296.418.5
2019 Stats115072016601191.614.1

12. Todd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams

ADP: 24, Auction Price ($200): $28

Coming into the season, Todd Gurley was ranked as the eighth best running back in the fantasy football. Unfortunately, the once dominant, former bulldog, has witnessed a decrease in fantasy production since he was diagnosed with an arthritic knee at some point during the 2018 season. In fact, Gurley ran for a career low 857 yards in what was the least-efficient rushing season of his career since 2016.

Even though Gurley was a disappointing fantasy running back this year, you cannot put all of the blame on his shoulders. After ranking as the most efficient offensive line in 2018, the Los Angeles Rams OL allowed their rushers to be tackled at or behind the line of scrimmage on 26% of their careers (seventh-worst in NFL) [cite]. Nevertheless, fantasy owners should anticipate Gurley to hover around low-end RB2/RB3 territory because of his knee condition.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections117413342666129018.1
2019 Stats857123120723219.414.6

Tier Three Backs

13. Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings

ADP: 27, Auction Price ($200): $25

This season, Dalvin Cook finished with the second-highest fantasy point average amongst NFL running backs. He scored 292.4 points throughout 14 games, and made a mark as both a rusher and receiver. Before suffering an injury week 15, Cook was the second-most dependable RB in the NFL, and scored 13+ points for 14 straight weeks. In fact, Dalvin Cook enjoyed his most productive fantasy season throughout his young career, and increased his output for the third year in a row.

Part of Cook’s uptick in fantasy success was derived from the Vikings’ improved run-blocking. Over the last two seasons, the Vikings’ OL went from the 23rd ranked run-blocking unit, to the seventh-best run-blocking unit. This is important because fantasy owners should pay close attention to how the Vikings sort out their offensive line in the off-season. If they opt to let quality run blockers, like OT Riley Reiff leave next season, then Dalvin Cook could witness a decrease in his rushing yardage and break away run percentage.

Regardless of what off-season moves they make, fantasy owners should expect Cook’s rushing production to decrease next season. With Vikings’ offensive coordinator, Kevin Stefanski heading to Cleveland, Minnesota’s OL could potentially revert to one of the league’s worst units. As a result, Dalvin Cook’s total rushing yards, yards per carry, and breakaway rush percentage are all in jeapordy.

The biggest area of concern for Cook pertains to his hands, due to the fact that he had a whopping eight drops in 2019. If Cook fails to mitigate his drops in 2020, he could see a decrease in his both his opportunity and snap shares next season. Nevertheless, Cook’s efficiency as a top five back should solidify him in the low-end RB1/quality RB2 range for 2020 [football outsiders].

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections83296962055288.218
2019 Stats1135135351903292.420.9

14. Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans

ADP: 28, Auction Price ($200): $24

Derrick Henry was crowned as the NFL’s rushing leader after he ran from 1,540 yards and 16 touchdowns. As a result, Henry was especially valuable in standard fantasy leagues, where he was the second best running back. This season, Henry generated 294.5 fantasy points and averaged 19.6 fantasy points in 15 games. For the majority of the season, Henry was a tremendous workhorse back, who scored 23+ fantasy points in four of his last six games.

One of the troubling aspects about Henry is that he is one of the more volatile RB1 options across the league. In 33% of his games this season, Henry scored less than 12 fantasy points which indicates that he has a lower floor than the average running back. Another problematic thing about Henry is that he isn’t a quality receiving back. In fact, his lack of receiving skill is why he has failed to rank inside the top 25 for yards from scrimmage in three of his four seasons.

Despite his playoff success against New England and Baltimore, Henry’s lack of receiving skills could lead Tennesee to lean on Dion Lewis or another back to pick up the slack. As a result, Henry’s fantasy value could be limited if he continues to be a liability as a receiver. Resultantly, he is currently listed as in the RB2/3 tier.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections1342152822723280.917.6
2019 Stats1540161820625294.619.6

15. Le’Veon Bell, New York Jets

ADP: 31, Auction Price ($200): $22

Coming into the 2019 season, Le’Veon Bell’s OL was ranked as the fifth-worst unit in the league according to Pro Football Focus. Consequently, it was far from surprising that Bell fell outside of the top 15 for rushing yardage amongst running backs with a measly 789 yards. In fact, Bell failed to rush for 100+ yards in any game during the 2019 season.

For the most part, Bell served as a decent RB2 option through the first 12 weeks as the season. However, Bell’s output dramatically decreased during his last four games of the season. Heading into the 2020 season, Le’Veon Bell’s 2020 fantasy outlook is just as uncertain as his 2019 production was. Since there is a disconnect between whether the Jets’ front office regime wants to retain Le’Veon in 2020, he will be one of the more risky running back options. However if the Jets bolster their OL, or opt to trade Bell to a more favorable situation, he could serve as a reliable RB3 who’s primed for a bounce-back season.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections80457760451275.817.2
2019 Stats7893664611021514.3

16. Devin Singletary, Buffalo Bills

ADP: 33, Auction Price ($200): $20

Devin Singletary had one of the best performances among all rookie running backs in 2019, and ranked within the top-five pertaining to yards per carry. The former Florida Atlantic product finished with 775 rushing yards, 29 catches, 191 receiving yards and four total touchdowns. Singletary’s fantasy peak kicked off in Week eight and lasted through Week until Week 14 when he averaged approximately 15 fantasy points per game.

Before the 2020 season, Singletary looks to be fully entrenched as the Buffalo Bills’ undisputed lead back. Despite sharing touches with Frank Gore for the majority of the season, Singletary was able to rank in the top ten for snap share amongst all running backs. Additionally, Devin Singletary was able to rank in the top five for true yards per carry despite facing an average of 6.5 defenders in the box. This indicates that Singletary’s fantasy value can be as high as a borderline RB1/2, even if he’s competing against tough run defenses.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections1255103730155272.617
2019 Stats77522919424147.912.3

17. Leonard Fournette, Jacksonville Jaguars

ADP: 37, Auction Price ($200): $18

After a lackluster 2018 regular season, Leonard Fournette resurged as a great fantasy running back who scored 259.4 fantasy points. Surprisingly, much of Fournette’s success came from the receiving game, where he hauled in 76 catches for 522 yards. For the first time in Fournette’s career, he recorded triple digit targets. If Fournette can continue this trend into the 2020 season, he will be very valuable in PPR leagues.

One of the most alarming concerns associated with Fournette is his lack of touchdowns (three total TDs in 2019). This season, Fournette had the lowest touchdown total of his three year career, halving his 2018 number last season. Moreover, Leonard has witnessed a continuous decline in touchdowns over the last three years, which will drastically limit his ceiling in standard leagues.

The advanced analytics behind Leonard Fournette’s season, illustrate that his success is puzzling because he was less valuable than the average replacement. According to Football Outsiders, Fournette ranked 34th in DYAR and DVOA, and recorded negative totals in both statistics. To make matters worse, the Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line ranked as the sixth-least efficient run-blocking unit in the NFL. Both of these stats project that Fournette’s 2019 fantasy season was an anomaly that probably won’t repeat in 2020. Therefore, fantasy owners should be wary of drafting Fournette in early rounds next season.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections100247164333271.517
2019 Stats115237652200259.417.3

18. Melvin Gordon, Los Angeles Chargers

ADP: 39, Auction Price ($200): $18

Following a four-game holdout, Melvin Gordon struggled to gain any traction pertaining to fantasy production. However, after week nine, Gordon regained his momentum and finished the year averaging 15.1 fantasy points in just 12 games this year. Heading into next season, there is a growing uncertainty concerning whether Gordon will be on the Los Angeles Chargers’ roster. If Gordon returns to the Chargers, his ceiling will be severely limited to a RB3/4 option. However if Gordon ends up in another place, he could be a dependable RB3 holding potential RB2 upside because of his ability as a receiving back.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections82167660244270.316.9
2019 Stats61284229613180.815.1

19. Mark Ingram, Baltimore Ravens

ADP: 42, Auction Price ($200): $17

Mark Ingram was one of the best investments that fantasy owners could make this year. Coming into the year, he was considered to be a third/fourth round pick and the “23rd-best running back” in fantasy football. However after rushing for over 1,000 yards and scoring 15 touchdowns, Mark Ingram was able to score 242.5 fantasy points and rank as the 11th best RB.

Given that Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman, is going to return next season the Ravens’ rushing success is likely to continue into next season. However, since Lamar Jackson’s success is heavily oriented around the running game, his fantasy production is likely to be limited to RB3 status.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections1263142822622268.916.8
2019 Stats1018102624752242.516.2

20. Damien Williams, Kansas City Chiefs

ADP: 47, Auction Price ($200): $16

As it pertains to Damien Williams’ 2019 production, there is both good and bad news. The good news, is that Williams led all Chiefs running backs in terms of total and average rushing yards. The bad news is that he ranked 33rd in terms of rushing yards per game because of injuries and split touches.

Nevertheless, he can still be depended upon in fantasy football as a high-end RB3 if he can stay healthy and secure a bulk of Chiefs’ touches. Although his volatility and unpredictable usage pattern could drop his 2020 floor all the way to the RB4 tier.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections88785946552268.216.8
2019 Stats49853021221141.112.8

21. Chris Carson, Seattle Seahawks

ADP: 53, Auction Price ($200): $16

Despite suffering a season ending injury in week 16, Chris Carson had a relatively productive season. He rushed for over 1,200 yards, hauled in over 200 receiving yards and reached the end-zone nine total times. Even though he had to share touches with Rashaad Penny, Carson finished with 232.6 fantasy points, while averaging 15.5 points through 15 games.

There are two main issues that could likely impact Carson’s fantasy value in 2020. One is that Carson led all running backs with six lost fumbles on the season. Even though his head coach, Pete Carroll is very patient with problems like fumbles, his ball security issue could snowball into an predicament that forces Carson to the bench. The other issue is that his 71.5% opportunity share will likely decrease if Rashaad Penny consistently performs well. As a result, fantasy owners should be cautious of drafting Carson in the first three/four rounds.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections132494338827266.216.6
2019 Stats123073726626232.615.5

22. Kareem Hunt, Cleveland Browns

ADP: 58, Auction Price ($200): $15

After serving an eight-game suspension to begin the season, Kareem Hunt became a decent flex option who scored 10+ points in six consecutive games. As a whole, Hunt rushed for 179 yards, hauled in 37 catches for 287 yards and scored three touchdowns.

The main reason for Hunt’s low rushing yardage was the fact that he had to split touches with Nick Chubb. Heading into 2020, Hunt would be wise to leave Cleveland because of their dysfunction coupled with a low chance for opportunities. If Hunt finds a team like the Buccaneers or Dolphins, he has the chance to reassert himself as a RB2 option with RB4 downside.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections98775241632248.315.5
2019 Stats17923728510101.412.7

Tier Four Backs

23. David Montgomery, Chicago Bears

ADP: 61, Auction Price ($200): $15

Prior to the beginning of the 2019 season, ranked David Montgomery as the 29th running back coming off the board. However he exceeded expectations by scoring 170.4 fantasy points in 16 games this season. The upside with Montgomery is that he is a reliable fantasy asset who rarely missed games due to injury. Moreover, Matt Nagy would be wise to utilize Montgomery more often in order to take pressure off of Mitch Triubisky. Nevertheless his lackluster fantasy production per touch will need to increase before he can be worth RB2 status.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections1213102720230246.515.4
2019 Stats88962518512170.410.7

24. James Conner, Pittsburgh Steelers

ADP: 62, Auction Price ($200): $14

Due to a bevy of injuries, James Conner was inactive for six games. Although even before the injury, Conner failed to rush for 50+ yards in five of his first seven games. As a result, he ranked 32nd in the league for rushing yards per game this season.

The positive news about Connner’s 2019 season, is that he flashed long-awaited receiving skills in Weeks four and six. If Conner can stay healthy, he can probably regain RB2 status with a RB1 upside. However, considering that his offensive line ranked in the bottom three for run blocking efficiency, Conner will need the Steelers’ OL to improve dramatically in order to accomplish this feat.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections83494439422228.814.3
2019 Stats46443425131145.514.6

25. Marlon Mack, Indianapolis Colts

ADP: 66, Auction Price ($200): $14

Marlon Mack had a successful rushing campaign in 2019 after finishing in the top ten with 1,091 yards in just 14 games. Over his three years in the NFL, Marlon has seen consistent increases in his rushing production every year. Interestingly, his receiving output has steadily decreased in every year as well. Consequently, Mack’s fantasy ceiling has stayed relatively flat around 180 fantasy points per year. This season, Mack has a 55.5% snap share as well as a 62.9% opportunity share which further indicates that Mack has a low ceiling. Therefore, he is a RB3 option at best.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections117382017843221.113.8
2019 Stats10918148200181.313

26. Duke Johnson, Houston Texans

ADP: 77, Auction Price ($200): $12

Due to the Houston Texans employing a RB by committee scheme, Duke Johnson had one of the most volatile fantasy seasons in 2019. Johnson rushed for 410 yards, caught 44 targets, recorded 410 receiving yards, and scored five total touchdowns.

For the most part, Duke Johnson is in the same fantasy predicament as Tarik Cohen. Johnson’s main value was as a low-end flex option to replace an injured or otherwise unavailable fantasy starter. If the Texans choose to re-sign Lamar Miller in free agency then Johnson’s fantasy ceiling could be limited to a week-by-week consideration. Although even if they let Miller leave, Johnson’s role will continue to be designated as a flex option in PPR leagues.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections51055850774223.714
2019 Stats410244410311549.6

27. Tarik Cohen, Chicago Bears

ADP: 83, Auction Price ($200): $12

Due to the emergence of David Montgomery, Tarik Cohen had one of the biggest regressions in fantasy football. This season, Cohen rushed for 213 yards, hauled in 79 receptions for 456 yards, and scored three total touchdowns (163.9 fantasy points in PPR leagues). He went from being a borderline top ten fantasy running back to just the 27th-best running back.

Cohen’s regression isn’t surprising considering that opted to utilize a new RB in back-to-back years. Heading into the last year of his rookie contract, Cohen could possibly see his value rise back into top 20 status because of his skills as a receiver. Nevertheless, he’s a risky gamble that should be avoided in standard scoring leagues.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections20316778972210.213.1
2019 Stats21307945630163.910.2

28. Devonta Freeman, Atlanta Falcons

ADP: 90, Auction Price ($200): $11

For the third season in a row, Devonta Freeman has been an underwhelming fantasy running back. Freeman has failed to rush for more than 1,000 yards in three straight seasons, and fantasy owners have now become heavily dependent on his receiving skills. Given that Freeman could become a cap casualty to help the Falcons save money, he’s unlikely to be a RB who’s worth relying on in 2020.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections60775238834203.512.7
2019 Stats65625941042197.614.1

29. Phillip Lindsay, Denver Broncos

ADP: 92, Auction Price ($200): $11

After emerging as a fantastic fantasy sleeper in 2018, Phillip Lindsay was unable to top his rookie performance in 2019. The former Colorado product saw a decline in fantasy output, from 222.8 fantasy points in 2018, to 197.7 points in 2019. Part of Lindsay’s decline can be attributed to a parallel decline in efficiency from the Broncos offensive line. Regardless, Lindsay is slated to be a RB3 option at best next season.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections98753221042201.712.6
2019 Stats101173519600197.712.4

30. Derrius Guice, Washington Redskins

ADP: 95, Auction Price ($200): $10

For the second straight season, Derrius Guice‘s season was cut short due to nagging knee injuries. As a result, Guice was held to just 242 rushing yards, 7 catches, 79 receiving yards and three touchdowns. Heading into next season, Guice could be the riskiest fantasy RB.

The obvious downside to drafting Derrius Guice is that he has missed a whopping 27 games in two years due to knee injuries. Therefore, Guice should only be trusted by fantasy owners as a flex option until he shows that he can endure extensive action. However, Guice has the potential to be a solid RB2 option because of the fact that his new head coach, Ron Rivera, favors running the ball excessively. Also, Guice has the tenacious rushing style that makes him a versatile threat to opposing defenses. Therefore, Guice could surprisingly crack 1,000 rushing yards if he can successfully beat out Adrian Peterson and stay healthy.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections103482314721199.112.4
2019 Stats24227791057.411.5

31. Tevin Coleman, San Francisco 49ers

ADP: 100, Auction Price ($200): $9

Prior to the 2019 season, the main threat to Tevin Coleman’s fantasy value was deemed to be Matt Breida. Initially, Breida was able to usurp Coleman on the 49ers’ depth chart, but Coleman was able to regain the starting role by midseason. Although during the fantasy football playoffs, both Coleman and Breida ceded touches to Raheem Mostert. In fact, Coleman averaged less than three fantasy points per game from weeks 14 through 17.

Heading into 2020, Coleman has been able to be a productive runningback in the playoffs. This is great news because it shows that Coleman is currently in the mix to be San Francisco’s no. 1 RB. Although even if Coleman is the Week One starter, he’ll still have to consistently outperform both Jerrick McKinnon and Raheem Mostert in order to be a RB2/3. Therefore, Coleman is a RB4 until his situation is finalized.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections80782722843196.512.3
2019 Stats54462118010135.49.7

32. James White, New England Patriots

ADP: 103, Auction Price ($200): $9

Surprisingly, James White was one of the most reliable flex options in fantasy football. Despite not serving as the Patriots lead back, White was able to score 10+ fantasy points in all but three of the 16 games he played in this season. However, White was only valuable in PPR leagues because he can be depended upon to haul in a large number of catches but rarely ever has an explosive rushing performance.

James White is unlikely to crack the top-15 fantasy running backs during the 2020 season. Since the Patriots hold a stable of running backs that involves Damien Harris, Rex Burkhead, and Sony Michel, White’s fantasy ceiling is severely limited. Nevertheless, he could serve as draft steal in very deep leagues where owners are in need of a dependable flex back.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections18826162172191.912
2019 Stats26317264551200.213.3

Tier Five Backs

33. Latavius Murray, New Orleans Saints

ADP: 110, Auction Price ($200): $7

While Latavius Murray isn’t anyone’s most coveted fantasy pick, he was the third-best backup RB to roster in fantasy football. Even though the majority of his fantasy success came while Alvin Kamara was injured, Murray was able to step up in big moments. When given an opportunity to start, Murray has proven that he is more than capable of being a productive RB in fantasy.

If the Saints pay attention to advanced analytics, they’ll notice that Murray was more valuable in terms of DVOA and DYAR than his teammate, Alvin Kamara. In fact, Murray’s DVOA ranked in the top ten, which further indicates that the Saints should use him more often. However, until Murray is given a starting role, he should mainly be stashed as a fantasy gem on benches.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections45654542840187.411.7
2019 Stats63753423510157.29.8

34. Matt Breida, San Francisco 49ers

ADP: 114, Auction Price ($200): $7

Once again, Matt Breida’s productivity was limited by nagging injuries in 2019. After looking like a capable RB2/3 during weeks two through five, Breida lost touches to Tevin Coleman, and was never able to regain momentum. Especially after a horrible Week 15 outing, in which he fumbled twice to the Falcons, Breida was benched as the 49ers no. 3 RB.

With the playoffs in full swing, Breida was unable to maximize his opportunities against the Vikings. In fact, he continued to be the Niners’ no. 3 RB, which is incredibly discouraging. As a result, Breida is likely to leave San Francisco in free agency, and won’t have a clarified fantasy status until he finds a new team.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections93942719735172.610.8
2019 Stats62311912012103.37.9

35. DeAndre Washington, Las Vegas Raiders

ADP: 135, Auction Price ($200): $5

Through the first 13 weeks of the season, Raiders running back, DeAndre Washington, was unrostered in the majority of fantasy leagues. However when his teammate, Josh Jacobs, was inactive with a shoulder injury, Washington was able to step up as a shocking RB1 option. During Josh Jacobs’ absence, Washington averaged over 20 fantasy points per game, and showcased potential receiving upside.

With Washington slated a free agent this off-season, he could potentially find a team where he can be a more consistent and productive RB. In fact a team like the Buccaneers, could actually feature him as a lead back if the opportunity presents itself. However, Washington has made it clear that he wants to return to the Raiders in 2020. Obviously his ceiling would be reduced to a RB5 if he returns to backup Josh Jacobs next season, but fantasy owners should pay attention to Washington in the off-season.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections58753228742169.410.6
2019 Stats38733629200121.97.6

36. Royce Freeman, Denver Broncos

ADP: 146, Auction Price ($200): $4

Royce Freeman rushed for 496 yards, caught 43 receptions for 256 yards and scored four total TDs in 2019. For the most part, Freeman served as a complementary back to his teammate, Phillip Lindsay. However, Freeman is unlikely to serve as more than a weekly consideration unless Lindsay gets injured.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections66753228433169.110.6
2019 Stats49634325610142.28.9

37. Raheem Mostert, San Francisco 49ers

ADP: 147, Auction Price ($200): $4

Raheem Mostert is one of the best stories of the 2019 season. He went from being undrafted to the top running back on the San Francisco 49ers. In addition, he came in clutch for fantasy owners late in the season, by averaging more than 18 fantasy points per game during the month of December.

While Mostert certainly has RB2 upside, he will need to beat out a 2020 running back committee that includes Tevin Coleman, and Jerrick McKinnon. Given his lack of receiving production in 2019, Kyle Shanahan is less likely to use him as a three-down back. As a result, fantasy owners will need to pay close attention to the preseason to evaluate where and how Mostert will be utilized in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Regardless, whoever gains the bulk of Niners touches will be a great player to have on his roster.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections78871412730165.510.3
2019 Stats77281418021165.210.3

38. Ronald Jones II, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

ADP: 156, Auction Price ($200): $3

If there is one word that defines Ronald Jones II 2019 fantasy season, it is inconsistent. Similar to the rest of the Buccaneers offensive production, Jones’ output fluctuated between duds and studs quicker than it took Jameis Winston to throw a pick six in overtime. The upside associated with Jones is that he has high receiving output relative to the average back. However, Tampa Bay will need to improve their run-blocking efficiency (tenth-worst in the NFL), and Jones will need to see an increase in his snap and opportunity share if he has any chance of being a great fantasy running back.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections55633437742165.310.3
2019 Stats72463130902166.310.4

39. Kerryon Johnson, Detroit Lions

ADP: 160, Auction Price: ($200): $3

Kerryon Johnson had onne of the most dissapointing fantasy seasons in the NFL. While many analysts and fantasy managers considered Johnson to be an under-the-radar fantasy gem prior to the season, he failed to reach RB1/2 production because of his struggle to gain yards on the ground. Additionally, Johnson dealt with a knee injury that sidelined him for half the season. While Kerryon Johnson’s receiving skills could give him a RB2/3 ceiling, it would be wise for fantasy owners to temper expectations during their drafts.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections81771713422162.110.1
2019 Stats403310127118510.6

4o. Nyheim Hines, Indianapolis Colts

ADP: 168, Auction Price ($200): $2

Throughout the 2019 season, Nyheim Hines only served as a low-end flex option for desperate fantasy managers in the absolute deepest of fantasy leagues. As a rusher, Hines only ran for 50+ yards in one game, and only reached the end-zone twice on the ground. Hines’ true value came as a receiving back in deep PPR leagues when Marlon Mack was injured. With Mack set to return next season, Hines’ ceiling will continue to be a low-end flex when Marlon is inactive.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections9705748860151.59.5
2019 Stats19924432001117.97.4

41. Jamaal Williams, Green Bay Packers

ADP: 173, Auction Price ($200): $2

This season, Jamaal Williams had one of the most underrated fantasy seasons of any RB. Due to his receiving value, he was able to add a huge spark for fantasy managers during Weeks six through nine (18.05 points per game during that stretch). While Williams’ skillset gives him RB2 capability, he is a week-by-week consideration who should definitely be stashed on benches. Although he could be a fantasy steal if he is traded or his teammate Aaron Jones gets injured.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections50432922340143.79
2019 Stats46013925350146.310.5

42. Jordan Howard, Philadelphia Eagles

ADP: 179, Auction Price ($200): $2

The main reason why Jordan Howard fell so low on this list is because of a nagging shoulder injury that kept him sidelined for practically half the season. Prior to the injury, Howard was a workhorse RB3 with RB2 upside against teams with weak run defenses. As the Eagles contemplate off-season moves for 2020, Howard will probably be featured as a goal-line running back who cedes most touches to Miles Sanders. As a result, he’ll effectively be a touchdown-or-bust option barring an injury to Sanders.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections77961510211143.18.9
2019 Stats5256106910111.411.1

Tier Six Backs

43. Adrian Peterson, Washington Redskins

ADP: 181, Auction Price ($200): $1

Somehow, someway, Adrian Peterson was able to prove his doubters wrong yet again. From weeks 13 through 16, Peterson was a quality flex option, who averaged 15.3 fantasy points during that timespan. Additionally, AP was able to accumulate over 1,000 yards from scrimmage for the second year in a row. Heading into 2020, Peterson is under contract through 2021, and will most likely serve as an underrated flex option whenever Derrius Guice is unable to suit up.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections608417102311288
2019 Stats898517147021479.8

44. Carlos Hyde, Houston Texans

Auction Price: 184, Auction Price ($200): $1

This season, Carlos Hyde ran for 1070 yards, scored six touchdowns, and generated 153.2 fantasy points. Despite receiving the overwhelming majority of carries, Hyde was second to Duke Johnson in terms of fantasy production for Houston Texans’ RBs. The two main issues that prevented Hyde from being a solid fantasy RB were that he ranked 31st among RBs for snap share, and that he lacks receiving skills. Therefore, Hyde should only be added as a desperate flex addition in standard leagues.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections686787701124.37.8
2019 Stats10706104204153.29.6

45. Sony Michel, New England Patriots

ADP: 187, Auction Price ($200): $1

This season Sony Michel was one of the most disappointing fantasy running backs across the NFL, and it’s not even close. Despite playing in every game this season, Michel accumulated less than 1,000 total yards, and fell outside the top 30 for RB fantasy points. When you take a look at the advanced statistics, there is almost nothing to look forward to when drafting Michel in 2020. Michel ranks 34th for juke rate, 35th for breakaway percentage, and 29th for DVOA. Therefore, Michel is only worth drafting in late rounds if you are drafting in the deepest of leagues.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections787475610121.37.6
2019 Stats9127129402152.69.5

46. Boston Scott, Philadelphia Eagles

ADP: 189, Auction Price ($200): $1
Before this season, Boston Scott had never accumulated any yardage, received any touches or found the end-zone during an NFL game. However, due to a litany of injuries suffered by almost every Eagles skill position, Scott was relied upon to carry the Eagles playoff hopes on his back, literally. Late in the season, Scott was able to come up big for Philly during Weeks 14 & 17, where he scored 18.8 and 31.8 fantasy points respectively.

While it’s still too early to be definitive, Boston Scott’s late season heroics are likely to get him a roster spot in 2020. Even though he is unlikely to see much action, he could still come off the bench and provide a spark if he can gain Philadelphia’s no. 2 RB spot. Regardless, Scott is penciled to have touchdown-or-bust status for the foreseeable future. Although with the Eagles’ injury history, it’s not impossible for Scott to be a fantasy stud.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections66731410611113.37.1
2019 Stats2455242040196.98.8

47. Rashaad Penny, Seattle Seahawks

ADP: 191, Auction Price $1

Rashaad Penny had a decent sophomore season as the Seattle Seahawks’ backup running back. Penny finished 370 rushing yards, while recording eight catches for 83 yards and four total touchdowns in ten total games. While Penny currently has a lower ceiling than most running backs, he does have a possibility of seeing more production next season if Chris Carson fumbles his opportuinities away. Until we get closer to the start of the season, it’s difficult to predict where Carson’s status is, but it’s safe to list him as an RB5/6 for the moment.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections60331311210108.56.8
2019 Stats37038831175.37.5

48. Jaylen Samuels, Pittsburgh Steelers

ADP: UFA, Auction Price ($200): $0

For the second straight season, Jaylen Samuels was picked up as a mid-season addition because of injuries to James Conner. When James Conner went down during the middle of the 2019 season, many fantasy managers scrambled the add Jaylen Samuels to their rosters. Although, Samuels had his best games serving as a receiving back who complemented Conner in the backfield. Next season, Samuels should remain undrafted by fantasy owners, but he could serve as a mid-season flex for managers that need a weekly replacement.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections201242289111076.7
2019 Stats17514730511104.47.5

49. David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals

ADP: UFA, Auction Price ($200): $0

David Johnson’s fantasy season was a tale of two halves. Prior to Week seven, David Johnson was a surefire RB1 option who was averaging over 20 fantasy points per game. However after week six, Johnson was one of the biggest late season disappointments because he averaged less than three fantasy points per game. Due to the emergence of Kenyan Drake coupled with David Johnson’s extensive injury history, it’s uncertain whether the Cardinals will choose to bring back DJ. Therefore, Johnson will be an undraftable RB until his status is clarified.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections3283221872397.56.1
2019 Stats34523637041141.510.9

50. Peyton Barber, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

ADP: UFA, Auction Price ($200): $0

In 2019, Peyton Barber rushed for 470 yards and caught 16 catches for 115 yards. Throughout the entirety of the year, Barber served as a TD-or-bust RB who lost a significant amount of touches after Ronald Jones stepped up. Although even if Barber somehow becomes a starter in 2020, he’s almost completely unlikely to be even a RB4. Considering that Barber has never generated more than 1,000 scrimmage yards in any given season, and lacks high-end receiving production, he should be left off of most draft boards.

YearRush YdsRush TDsRecRec YdsRec TDsFumblesFPTSFPTS/GM
2020 Projections3233201532195.66
2019 Stats47061611511116.57.3


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