NFL Odds: Spreads, Moneylines & Totals

The current Super Bowl betting odds for the 2022-23 NFL season feature the Philadelphia Eagles as short favorites against the Kansas City Chiefs. Be sure to compare the odds from different sportsbooks as they can vary significantly. At Lineups, we’ve dedicated our direct access to sportsbooks, data science avenues, and dedicated analysts to provide you with the most up-to-date information and analysis on week-by-week NFL odds. In the tables below, you’ll find odds comparisons from different sportsbooks as well as the best NFL odds on whichever side you believe has the edge.

ML = Moneyline Line Movement = displays the odds line changes per book and per bet from the opening odds to the live odds. Diff = Change in Sportsbook live odds & live odds

Super Bowl NFL Odds Breakdown

Super Bowl - Kansas City Chiefs at Philadelphia Eagles: The Philadelphia Eagles are technically listed as the home team for the Super Bowl, but unlike last year where the Rams had the luxury of playing in their home stadium, this will be a neutral site in Glendale, Arizona. Both #1 seeds in their respective conferences have made it to this point, making for an interesting matchup between the two best teams in the NFL.

If you're taking stock of these rosters from top to bottom, it's difficult to make much of an argument that the Chiefs are the more talented team. The Eagles' roster is incredibly well constructed and really has no flaws to speak of. They arguably have the best offensive and defensive line in the NFL, and they're loaded with skill position talent in the likes of A.J. Brown, DeVonta Smith, and Dallas Goedert.

However, I still have questions about Jalen Hurts. He simply hasn't been tested against elite defenses this season, and while the Chiefs don't have an elite defense in terms of overall personnel, they have two weeks to watch film and expose some of Hurts's flaws. I expect Steve Spagnuolo to have an expert game plan cooked up for Hurts and this offense.

More importantly, this defense is still relatively untested. They haven't faced any top-five quarterbacks by EPA this season, and they have only faced three in the top ten. Those three were Dak Prescott, Jared Goff, and Trevor Lawrence. Prescott's Cowboys put up 40 points, Goff's Lions put up 35 points, and Lawrence turned the ball over five times in a driving rainstorm.

That isn't to say that the Eagles' defense is bad, rather that they are simply unproven. The defensive line will undoubtedly put pressure on Mahomes, but Mahomes is elite at maneuvering the pocket and finding receivers downfield despite pressure. His ankle didn't look nearly as bad as most expected against the Bengals, and with another two weeks of rest, he should be ready to go.

Ultimately, this should be a great back and forth game with big plays on either side. However, I'm rolling with the future Hall of Fame quarterback in Mahomes who has been here before and can beat any defense in the NFL. The fact that we're getting the Chiefs as an underdog feels like a gift, and I love that side of this matchup.

Author: Jacob Wayne

Best Sportsbooks & New User Promos For Conference Championship Odds

With a number of different sportsbooks to choose from this coming NFL season, the best sportsbook for any given game is going to depend on the side your on and when you bet. While the first table at the top does a good job of breaking down the lines for some of the bigger sports books, there's always opportunities for new users to explore other props and lines from the sportsbooks below. With the launches of sports betting in states like Illinois and Arizona over the past year and launches in states such as Ohio and Kansas to come in the next year, the amount of people with access to some of these well-established sportsbook brands will only continue to grow. Click the blue text below for access to each sportsbooks' new user promo as well as updated reviews and app navigation information.

  1. DraftKings: New users signing up with DraftKings have the opportunity to receive up to $1,000 in deposit match money along with $50 in free bets. The minimum deposit to redeem the promo code is just $5 and the money is free to be used on any sport DraftKings offers. The states eligible for the DraftKings promo code are AZ, CO, CT, IL, IN, IA, LA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, PA, OH, MD, KS, TN, VA, WV & WY.
  2. Caesars Sportsbook: Alongside BetMGM, FanDuel, and DraftKings, Caesars sportsbook is one of the premiere brands in the online sports betting industry. Their new user promo — a $1,500 BET ON CAESARS— is one of the largest in the industry. New users can take advantage using the promo code "LINEUPSFULL". The Caesars Sportsbook Promo Code is available in New York, Louisiana, Maryland, Arizona, Michigan, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Colorado, and Iowa with more states likely to come as legalization expands. For current users, Caesars boasts a wide variety of odds boosts, risk-free same game parlays, and "Bet and Gets" — a rewards system whereby users receive free bets for reaching certain wagering thresholds on different events.
  3. BetMGM: Owned by one of the most recognizable brands in the gaming space, BetMGM has one of the widest array of offerings with lines on everything from Korean Baseball to Darts. Their bread and butter, however, remains the NFL — where they've established one of the most responsive live betting ecosystems. New users on BetMGM get the option to make a $1,000 Risk-Free Bet using the promo code "LINEUPS". This bet can be used on parlays, and all winnings can be withdrawn immediately for cash.
  4. BetRivers: Available in AZ, CO, IL, IN, IA, LA, MI, NY, PA, VA, and WV, BetRivers is known for their $250 deposit match upon signup along with routine profit boosts for existing users. To redeem the $250 in deposit match money, new users can simply use the code "LINEUPS" upon registration. If this MLB season is an indication of what's to come this football season, BetRiver will likely be offering profit boosts on same game parlays, along with a number of $10 risk-free bets in return for making $25 wagers.
  5. Bet365: A well-established online sportsbook, Bet365 allows new users to redeem $500 in free bet credits using the code "LINEUPS". If the $500 offer is outside your comfort zone, new users can also get $200 in free bets from simplay placing a $1 bet.
  6. BetFred: Based out of the the United Kingdom, BetFred has made their mark in the US — having gone live in Colorado, Iowa, or Pennsylvania. New users in each of these states is eligible for a $1,002 free bet match as well as a number of different odds boosts during the NFL season. Most recently, BetFred has made the news for partnering with the Cincinnati Bengals.
  7. FanDuel: Riding the wave of their popular fantasy sports platforms, FanDuel has catapulted themselves into a two horse race with DraftKings to be the top online sportsbook. With a $1,000 no sweat bet, new users can wager up to a $1,000 on a bet of their choice with the guarantee that they will get the entire $1,000 back even if the bet doesn't go their way. For exisiting users, FanDuel is offering risk-free same game parlays this NFL season.

  8. PointsBet: An Australian based company, PointsBet has risen to prominance in the US for the shear size of their new user promo — up-to $2,000 in Risk-Free Bets — along with their customizable betting features. PointsBet is currently available in New York, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Iowa, Colorado, Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania with launches in Ohio and Kansas likely to come soon.
  9. FOX Bet: A brand extension of the sports media giant, FOX Bet is owned by Flutter Entertainment — the same brand that owns FanDuel. With a $500 risk-free bet as a new user promo, individuals in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Michigan can take advantage of FoxBet as we head into Week 1 of the NFL Season.
  10. Sports Ilustrated: By rewarding users with $300 in free bets from placing a $10 bet, the Sports Illustrated sports books has one of the easiest to access new user promos. While Colorado is the only place where the SI promo is operational, this is expected to change as Sports Illustrated's mobile interface becomes more developed and more states continue to legalize.
  11. Unibet: Another major European sportsbook and casino brand, Unibet is known for their responsive help center and easy to understand mobile interface. Using the promo code "BETBONUS" new users can receive up-to $500 in risk-free bets.

Ways to Bet on Divisional Round of the NFL Season

Spread Betting: Spread betting entails picking one of the two sides on the sportsbook point spread. Take the Bengals vs Steelers Week 1 game, for instance. The Bengals are currently listed as a 6.5 point favorite (-6.5) on every major sportsbook. If you believe the Bengals are undervalued here, you’ll take their side of the spread in what’s called “laying the points” — i.e., taking the favorite. Conversely, if you believe the Steelers are the better bet at +6.5, you’ll bet them in what’s called “taking the points” — i.e., taking the underdog.

Totals Betting: Totals betting revolves around picking one side of an over/under bet. Take the Ravens vs Jets Week 1 game, for example. The over/under in this game is currently set at 44 — indicating that the sportsbooks believe the combined point total between these two teams will be in the vicinity of 44. If you believe more than 44 points will be scored, you’d bet the over. Alternatively, if you believed less than 44 points will be scored, you’d bet the under.

Player Props: Usually released the Friday before the game starts, player props are typically an over/under bet on a player's game stats. In the Rams vs Bills Week 1 game, for example, a sportsbook may come out and release a line to the effect of “Josh Allen over/under 245 yards”. Similar to totals betting, if you believe Allen is going to go for more than whatever the number is, you would go over, and, if not, you would go under. Anytime touchdown scorer bets are another type of NFL player prop. Anytime touchdown scorer bets are the odds that any individual player will score over the course of a game. Due to the random nature of who scores in most games, you can usually get these odds at a “+” number for anyone outside of a top WR or RB.

Live Bets: Once the game starts, sportsbooks offer updated live odds that reflect whatever has happened so far in the game. Once a team scores or a player gets injured, lines move immediately and if you have a read on the momentum of the game before these live odds change, you can find some value.


How Do You Read NFL Odds?

The key to reading NFL odds is understanding that they are all based around the number 100. If the sign in front of the odds is a "+", then the number indicates how much a bettor makes with a $100 bet. If the sign in front of the odds is a "-", then the number indicates how much a bettor needs to wager in order to make $100.For example, in Week 1 of the NFL season, the Steelers are +230 to beat the Bengals whereas the Bengals are -275 to beat the Steelers. Because there is a "+" on the Steelers, the 230 indicates that a bettor would win $230 from a $100 bet on the Steelers moneyline in Week 1. Conversely, because there is a "-" in front of the Bengals odds, the 275 indicates the amount of money ($275) that a bettor would have to wager to make $100.

How Do NFL Odds Work?

NFL odds can be found on a particular game, a prop bet or futures bet. The odds depicted on a specific bet determine the payout for that winning bet. For example, a +200 winning bet would net the better two times their bet amount and a -200 bet would net them their original bet amount plus a half.

What Do NFL Odds Mean?

NFL odds means how likely a specific occur is likely or not likely to happen. Bets with (-) are more likely to occur than bets with (+) according to that specific sportsbook. The higher the (-) number, the more likely the event will occur, the higher the (+), the less likely.

NFL Odds to Win the Super Bowl.

Odds to win the NFL Super Bowl are calculated at the conclusion of the previous NFL season and are updated as the season progresses. Teams with a better chance of winning the Super Bowl payout less than the team less likely to win the Super Bowl.

NFL Odds to Win the Division.

Odds to win an NFL division are similar to super bowl odds. Instead, these odds are calculated for each individual team to win their respective division. The more likely a team is to win their division according to a sportsbook, the less the payout compared to teams less likely to win.

NFL Odds to Make the Playoffs.

Similar to Super Bowl and division odds, playoff odds are calculated based on how likely a specific team is to make the playoffs. The less likely a team is to make the playoffs, the higher the odds and payout. Teams more likely to make the playoffs offer lower odds and a smaller payout.

NFL Odds to Win MVP

Odds to win the MVP are calculated the same as Super Bowl, divisional or playoff odds. The difference is that these odds are on a single player to win the MVP Award.

What is an NFL Spread?

The spread in an NFL game determines which team is the favorite or underdog by a certain number of points. A team with a -3 is favored to win that particular game by three points. A team with +3 means they are the underdogs by three points. A favorite has to win by at least that many points while an underdog has to "cover" by at least that amount.

What is an NFL Moneyline?

An NFL moneyline determines the odds of each team winning the game outright. The team with the (-) is the favorite and the team with the (+) is the underdog. The (-) pays out less than the (+) team on an equal bet amount.

How Can You Tell the Favorite of an NFL Game?

Whichever team has the (-) in front of their odds on the moneyline, or the (-) points in the spread is the favorite. This team is expected to win the game both outright and by the number of points in the spread. These teams pay out less money than underdogs.

What Are the Odds of Recovering Onside Kick?

In 2017 the onside recovery rate was 21.7 percent. After the rule change in 2018, teams only recovered four of 53 onside kicks for a recovery rate of just 7.5 percent. From nearly one in five recoveries in 2017, that number dropped to nearly one in 14.