MLB Matchup Previews

The baseball season is a grind, as it stretches across half a year, teams playing 162 games and hoping for more. Our team of writers are in for the long haul as well, covering important matchups and your favorite teams. Each game is going to bring new matchups and news to analyze. Get the run down of how the team is performing of late, how they matchup with the opponent, and also get an in-depth look at some betting information about the game. Each preview is unique to a specific game, and not just an overlook of the series. Starting lineups are provided for both teams within a preview, as we cover both teams to bring our top analysis on. With 30 teams in the big leagues, we stretch ourselves across each and every one of them.

Houston Astros vs. Arizona Diamondbacks: Predictions, Odds, Best Bets, Starting Lineups (9/29/23)
Yankees vs. Blue Jays: Predictions, Odds, Best Bets, Starting Lineups (9/27/23)
Houston Astros vs. Seattle Mariners: Predictions, Odds, Best Bets, Starting Lineups (9/26/23)
Colorado Rockies vs. Chicago Cubs: Predictions, Odds, Best Bets, Starting Lineups (9/22/23)
Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Yankees: Predictions, Odds, Best Bets, Starting Lineups (9/21/23)
Tampa Bay Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles: Predictions, Odds, Best Bets, Starting Lineups (9/14/23)
Washington Nationals vs. Pittsburgh Pirates: Predictions, Odds, Best Bets, Starting Lineups (9/14/23)

What Goes Into Our Matchup Previews?

If you are curious about the meat and potatoes of the preview, our writers dive into a specific game to analyze each team and the matchup. To lead things off, we find out where you can watch and listen nationally and locally. The matchup breakdown gives a quick recap of prior meetings and what has gone on in the season already. Each game is going to have a few talking points to go over, like say Bryce Harper struggling over his last ten games. Pulling lineups from our updated lineups page will give you a look at how teams are projected to lineup for the given game. Whether you need to know for fantasy, or are just a Cubs fan trying to find out if Kris Bryant is projected to be in the lineup, we have you covered.

Each team will get their own analysis section, where we take a deep dive into how they matchup for tonight’s game. A pitcher might have a pitch arsenal that can give the other team some trouble, or that pitcher might have just three average pitches that puts the opposing offense in a good spot. Highlighting some standout and struggling players is our goal to showcase where they fall in a matchup. Players that are injured will require fill-in players, which will also be highlighted within the analysis. Overall we want to cover every angle of the game, providing you the knowledge to carry on.

If you are curious on betting odds and stats for a matchup, there is a section at the bottom of the page to show who is favored, and what the run total is set at. The Cubs could either be -250 home favorites, or +115 road dogs. We touch on our thoughts for why the lines and totals were set that way, and also how to target them if you are looking to bet. We will be finding the stats to back up the analysis, as well as using projections and predictions to lead you in the direction of some money. Combining the betting analysis with the game analysis, you should leave with a pretty good grasp of the game.