DraftKings Tourney Mania Brackets 2020 – College Basketball Bracket Tournament

Be the Best Bubble Buster in DraftKings Tourney Mania Brackets Contest

We still have a handful of important regular season games, plus exciting conference tournaments left on the college basketball schedule. However, the mania known as March Madness is right around the corner.

To get you ready for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, we’re going to give you all the information you need to know about DraftKings‘ Tourney Mania Brackets contest. We’ll cover how to qualify, the prize pool DraftKings is offering, plus a couple tips on how to turn your bracket from bust to winner.

Tourney Mania Brackets Overview

The final DraftKings Tourney Mania Brackets will begin on Thursday, March 19, and continue through the last quarterfinal game on Friday, March 27. The bracket challenge will have a total of six rounds.

Players will continue to be eligible for the top prize from the round of 64, the round of 32, and the round of 16. The bracket quarterfinals will involve the games of Sunday, March 22. All games on the final Thursday and Friday will make up the bracket semifinals and championship.


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How to Qualify

Between mid-January and March 15, you will have multiple chances to qualify for the ultimate NCAA bracket contest. You can earn up to three entry tickets into the final round. There will be 64 total entries that will compete for a share in the prize pool.

You can participate in as many qualifiers as you wish, but after you earn a third entry ticket, you will only be eligible for any cash payouts for non-winning lineups. Qualifiers are standard DraftKings DFS contests.

Each Tourney Mania Brackets qualifier may have a different entry fee amount. There are also various cash prizes for entries that do not win. The top lineup in each DFS college basketball contest gets an entry ticket into the final 64.

Players, who earn more than one ticket into the bracket final, cannot have more than one entry in any of the contest regions. Qualifiers will be placed into regions. These entry placements will be determined by the terms and conditions of the DraftKings Tourney Mania Brackets contest.

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The Prize Pool

The DraftKings Tourney Mania Brackets contest will have a $168,000 guaranteed prize pool. Prize money will be awarded based on the final results. The entry with the best bracket after all rounds are complete will win the top prize of $50,000.

Second and third place brackets will win $26,000 and $10,000 respectfully. All 64 entries in the bracket final will win cash. Each quarterfinalist wins $5,000. The entry Brackets eliminated in the first round of 64 will win $500.

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How to Win

Each of the entries will battle in a head-to-head bracket style format. The winner will be the best bracket out of all 64 entries. The first key is to earn at least one ticket into the contest. You can improve your chances by maximizing the number of entries you have.

Since three is the limit, one way to improve your odds is to play in as many qualifiers as possible, striving to get three entry brackets. The final part of the strategy is to study the teams as the NCAA final bracket selections unfold.

Like every bracket hopeful, you’ll want to target the big upsets. While picking the winners of each game is how you make it through to the next round of the DraftKings Tourney Mania Brackets, the upset winners that no one else saw coming will boost your chances.

The only sure way to get your bubble busted is not to enter a qualifier. Getting at least one bracket entry into the finals is step one. You can maximize your chances by earning up to three entries. When you get there, grab your chunk of $168,000 by being the best bubble buster in the DraftKings Tourney Mania Brackets.

draftkings nfl 1000 bet

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