DraftKings Glossary: Guide to DraftKings Terminology

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If you don’t understand the terminology, you won’t know what to look for on DraftKings.com. We have an all encompassing Daily Fantasy Sports Glossary as well should you want to polish up on all the DFS terms. The DraftKings terms below are specific to DraftKings.com and should cover everything you need to know that is DraftKings specific.

DK Loyalty Program- A program that features crowns, XP levels, and rewards for users who play on the site.

Experience Badges- A badge that grades a select user’s experience on the site.

Beginner Contests- Contests that only allow users who have played less than 50 contests.

Casual Contests- Contests that exclude players who have experienced badges.

Leagues- A way to play private contests and keep track with friends.

Achievements- Pre selected tasks that you can complete to earn crowns.

Missions- Specific site issued tasks to play certain contests.

Daily Rewards- Site issued rewards for logging in and playing contests.

Bronze- A level where you earned over 100 crowns per month.

Silver- A level where you earned over 500 crowns per month.

Gold- A level where you earned over 2,000 crowns per month.

Platinum- A level where you earned over 10,000 crowns per month.

XP Levels- A set of tiers to show how much you have earned for XP and played over time.

Contest Tickets- Site issued tickets that allow you to enter a specific contest without charge.

Crowns- Crowns are points earned for playing money contests on DraftKings.

DK Live- DraftKings site section for live scoring and video content.

Daily Fantasy Edge- A DraftKings daily fantasy sports Podcast

Refer a Friend- A program that allows you to get rewards for having someone sign up for the first time.

Bo2- Best of 2 series

Bo3- Best of 3 series

Bo5- Best of 5 series

Bo7- Best of 7 series

FPPs- Frequent Player Points

FT#- Fighter number in MMA contests. 1 is Main Card

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