DraftKings NBA Championship Series

Step Up Your Game to Swish Your Chance at NBA Finals Tickets

Beginning on Monday, March 4, DraftKings rolled out their new NBA Championship Series daily fantasy contest. You can play in as many or as few of the individual contests in the series, but with four; you’ll earn a ticket into the exclusive contest where there will be tickets to an NBA Finals on the line.

Contest Schedule

The DraftKings NBA Championship Series is scheduled over a five-day period beginning on Monday. There are a total of 22 different options, each with entry fees to appeal to all levels of DFS intensity. There are entertaining contest names like the Medium Bounce Pass, Slam Jam, Rainmaker, and the Pull Up Jumper.

Lineups and Scoring

Each contest in the DraftKings NBA Championship Series uses DK’s classic NBA point system. Points scored accumulate just like real points in the game. However, three-point shots made and an extra half-point.

Rebounds, assists and steals all earn more than one fantasy point each, 1.25, 1.5, and 2.0 points respectfully. Blocked shots earn the same as steals, so having a lineup supported by nifty ball thieves and dominating shot-blockers will really boost your point total.

The final key to getting a lineup in the money is to not forget about big game performance bonuses. Superstars who post double-doubles or triple-doubles net an extra 1.5 and 3.0 points for each accomplishment.

Entry Fees and Prize Structure

You can pick from contests with entry fees as low as a dime, all the way up to the $5,300 entry into the $670,000 Thunderdome Championship. Micro Day on Thursday offers the entry fees with the most value.

This is where you can jump in the $2,000 Micro Dime Time. Winning lineup takes home $50 with winners paid all the way down to the 6,465th best lineup. Prize pools range from the $2K Dime Time all the way up to the $1,000,000 Championship Series Finale.

Each prize pool is broken down with cash awards deep into the final standings. The biggest prize to eye, however, is the entry into the playoff for NBA Finals tickets.

You post multiple entries in any of the series contests leading up to the big finale. Remember, just like any of DraftKing’s standard NBA contests, all lineup cards must fit under the $50,000 salary cap.

You’ll want to scour the board for the superstars you think will have the biggest nights, plus calculate your salary to bank those productive sleepers into your lineup. One thing for certain, if you don’t toe up to the line, you won’t stand a chance to swish your shot at a seat for an NBA Finals game.

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