NBA Player Props: Today’s Best Bets & Picks

NBA player props are one of the many ways to bet on an NBA basketball game. Sportsbooks will set various props for players that have to deal with their statistical outcomes during a single game. For example, LeBron James could have a 27.5-point prop set, where you can either take the over or the under on his points. There are also NBA player props for other stats like assists, rebounds, blocks, steals, and more, so take a look at our staff’s favorite daily props below!

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Today’s NBA Player Props Picks

Each day the NBA experts of our LINEUPS team will update their favorite NBA player props for the day’s slate. Given the wild state of NBA news and injuries, it is best to view this page between 5-7 PM ET, where most of the major news has broke and NBA player props have been posted. You can also find game and player prop videos at the LINEUPS YouTube Channel.

Updated: 1/28/23  – 12:42 PM PST

Writer’s NBA Player Prop Records

Jason Guilbault: 1-1 (+0.20) Units

Andrew Norton: 55-41 (+16.33) Units

Malcolm Brogdon o14.5 Points (-118 FD)

In this rivalry game between Boston and Los Angeles, Malcolm Brogdon has the most advantageous matchup of any player. Brogdon will be defended by Russell Westbrook for a large portion of the game, and Westbrook is a below-average defender. As a matter of fact, the Lakers allow the second-most points to opposing point guards, giving Brogdon a clear advantage. Additionally, Brogdon has been logging more minutes with Marcus Smart sidelined. In his past three games, he has averaged 35 minutes, which is quite a bit relative to his season average of just over 24.

Author: Andrew Norton

Lauri Markkanen o33.5 Points + Rebounds (-106 FD)

Lauri Markkanen has played like an All-Star all season long, and there is no reason that he shouldn’t continue that in this matchup against a short-handed (and shorter) Dallas Mavericks squad. The Mavericks will be without Luka Doncic, Maxi Kleber, and Christian Wood. The absence of Wood and Kleber leaves the Mavericks incredibly thin in their already weak frontcourt. Dallas has allowed the fourth-most points and fifth-most rebounds to opposing power forwards this season, and without Wood and Kleber, it doesn’t have the size or strength to keep up with Markkanen, who will be several inches taller than anyone guarding him.

Author: Andrew Norton

NBA Player Prop Betting Strategy

There are several different ways to attack betting on player props, but there are some general rules of thumb to follow regardless of the styles of props you are betting on.

Following NBA Starting Lineups

Projected and confirmed NBA starting lineups play a big part in how we go about betting player props. The influx of injury and rest news is going to be a daily routine for checking on player props. Find out who is in and out of the lineup will dictate the prop market heavily. Usage and production can shift based on players being in or out of the starting lineup.

Studying Matchups & Usage

Player props are very driven by a player’s usage and role on the team. If you are looking at assists, you will want someone in a ball-handling role comparatively to someone who is more of a spot-up player in the corner.

You will also want to look at the matchup of the opponent. If you are betting on rebounds, looking at how that player is used in a rebounding role can be furthered on who they are going up against. Our NBA team rankings for stats can help you there.

Shopping Odds

Sportsbooks are going to give you different odds and values across the market. This is where the tool comes in handy as you can see what the props are across the major sportsbooks in your state on top of where you can get the best odds.

Types of NBA Player Props

There is no shortage of NBA Player Props to choose from in most major sportsbooks. Check out a complete list below of the available player props (overs and unders) from sportsbooks like DraftKings, BetMGM, FanDuel, PointsBet, Caesars, and many others!

  • Points
  • Rebounds
  • Assists
  • PRA (Points, Rebounds, and Assists combined)
  • Points and Rebounds
  • Points and Assists
  • Rebounds and Assists
  • Steals
  • Blocks
  • Stocks (Steals and Blocks)
  • 3PM (Three-Pointers Made)
  • Turnovers

NBA Player Props: Futures

Not all of the NBA player props available are for single games. There are also NBA player prop futures, including all of these single-season awards below! Season-long futures are undoubtedly for patient bettors as they don’t payout (if they win) for many months. 

NBA Player Props: Draft And Free Agency

Avid professional basketball fans and bettors often can’t help but place wagers on the NBA Draft or a free agent’s potential destination. While these are a bit different than the other two categories above, they still could be considered player props as they revolve around particular players. Check out the different NBA Draft and free agency props below!

  • Head-to-Head: Drafted First
  • Player To Be Drafted Top 10: Yes or No
  • First Overall Player Drafted
  • Top 3 Exact Order, Top 4 Exact Order
  • Player To Be Drafted First Round
  • Player Draft Position (Over/Under)
  • Player Free Agent Destination

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New To Online Sports Betting?

If you are new to online sports betting, there are a handful of ways to safely dive in. Of course, it starts with being in a legal online betting state and 21 years of age or older. If you are curious as to what states have sports betting or states that could be legalized soon, visit our US Sports Betting Page.

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How To Join A Sportsbook

If you are looking to join a sportsbook, there are a few different routes you can go just from this page. Within the NBA Player Props search tool, you can click on one of the props, and it will bring you to that sportsbook. Don’t worry; you will get the best new user bonus or promo to get you started on the right foot. You can also click through any of the banners on this page and get that same new user bonus to begin the signup process.

Most of the sportsbook signup processes are pretty standard. You must be within a legal online betting state, be 21 years or older, and verify your identity through providing basic information and your SSN.

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NBA Player Props Betting FAQ

What Are NBA Player Props?

NBA player props are a type of bet where you can wager on a player getting over or under a specific stat amount. That means if a player has a point prop of 19.5, you would bet whether that player gets over or under that amount. You can find player props for most NBA stats.

How Do I Find NBA Player Props?

The easiest way to find player props from this page is by using our NBA player prop search tool. Just type the player’s name in, and their props will populate. You can also go to any of the sportsbooks and find props within the game section on their NBA tabs.

What If I Bet An NBA Player Prop And The Player Doesn’t Play?

If you place a bet and that NBA player does not record a minute on the court, most sportsbooks will void the bet. That means you will get your wager back. However, if they record one minute and leave the game, it stands as if they played. Each sportsbook has its own rules, so be sure to verify.

What Does PRA Stand For?

If you see the abbreviation “PRA” on this page, it stands for points, rebounds, and assists. There are props that set a total for their points, rebounds, and assists combined. It is a shortened way of saying that.

Do Overtime Stats Count For NBA Player Props?

Yes, overtime stats do count towards NBA player props. Any stat that is recorded during regulation or overtime will go towards the player prop that you wagered on.

Why Are NBA Player Props Missing From A Game?

If you are searching for NBA player props and they are missing from a game or even a few games, that is because there is an injury or some sort of news pertaining to the team, and sportsbooks have yet to release any props.

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