2020 NFL Draft Order & Team Needs: Position Holes to Fill for all 32 Teams

The 2020 NFL Draft season is upon us, and first round coverage begins April 25th. This is a strong draft class with Joe Burrow leading the way, coming off a monster season and National Championship. Chase Young is the top defensive prospect in this draft, likely heading to Washington. Last year the draft was heavily defensive, and this year it is a bit of the opposite. We are seeing a lot of big named wide receivers linked to teams in need of one, and there are talented running backs that could make an impact early. Each team has a set list of needs heading into the new season, and the draft is the first chance of addressing them.

NFL Draft Order 2020

1. Cincinnati Bengals
2. Washington Redskins
3. Detroit Lions
4. New York Giants
5. Miami Dolphins
6. Los Angeles Chargers
7. Carolina Panthers
8. Arizona Cardinals
9. Jacksonville Jaguars
10. Cleveland Browns
11. New York Jets
12. Oakland Raiders
13. Indianapolis Colts
14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
15. Denver Broncos
16. Atlanta Falcons
17. Dallas Cowboys
18. Miami Dolphins (via Steelers)
19. Oakland Raiders (via Bears)
20. Jacksonville Jaguars (via Rams)
21. Philadelphia Eagles
22. Buffalo Bills
23. New England Patriots
24. New Orleans Saints
25. Minnesota Vikings
26. Miami Dolphins (via Texans)
27. Seattle Seahawks
28. Baltimore Ravens
29. Tennessee Titans (Projected)
30. Green Bay Packers (Projected)
31. San Francisco 49ers (Projected)
32. Kansas City Chiefs (Projected)

Team Needs for All 32 Teams

Cincinnati Bengals1. Cincinnati Bengals

Draft Needs: QB, LB, OL, CB

We know where the Bengals are going with the number one pick. They will knock out the quarterback need, but still need to upgrade the offensive line. They will get back Jonah Williams from injury, who they drafted in the first round last season. This Bengals team also had one of the worst defenses in the league, and helping the linebacking and secondary units will be an immediate need.

Washington Redskins2. Washington Redskins

Draft Needs: OL, EDGE, CB, TE, WR, S

Washington has quite a few needs heading into draft season, and the offensive line is a big need. However, Washington will be grabbing the best defensive prospect from this draft, Chase Young. We still are not sure if Washington is sold on Dwayne Haskins, but getting him some help outside of Terry McLaurin is a must if they want to move the ball this year.

Detroit Lions3. Detroit Lions

Draft Needs: CB, EDGE, OL, LB

Out of the early draft picks, Detroit is in a better spots than most teams. Injuries caused them to struggle, and therefor they landed the third overall pick. This team needs to get some help on the defensive side, and a pass-rusher would be a big need. The Lions will have a lot of options to build their defense for next season.

New York Giants4. New York Giants

Draft Needs: CB, LB, S, OL, EDGE

After building on the offensive side over the past few seasons, this Giants team needs to begin to address the other side of the ball. Overall this should be a team nabbing the best defensive prospects on the board, and they will have a top five pick to do so. Look for them to bolster the secondary or add an edge rusher early.

Miami Dolphins5. Miami Dolphins

Draft Needs: QB, EDGE, CB, RB, LB, OL

Where do you begin with needs for Miami? Tua Tagovailoa is likely where they will begin, and they will have three first round draft picks to start building a future contender. The offensive line is a good core start, and protecting Tua will be important. They will also need to add a strong running back, given the production from this season.

Los Angeles Chargers6. Los Angeles Chargers

Draft Needs: OL, QB, LB, CB

It is time to move on from Philip Rivers, and the Chargers have a chance to do that within this draft class. This is a team that has a few needs, but overall they are in good shape. Mostly on the offensive side they will need to address a few needs, and build within the offensive line. I would expect them to make a quick turnaround.

Carolina Panthers7. Carolina Panthers

Draft Needs: DL, CB, S, QB

We will see where the Panthers decide to go at quarterback, but it is a likely position they will turn to someone new. Carolina had a let down in the second half, and upgrading the defensive side is going to be the way to go. They have excellent options at their skill positions, so building on the opposite side of the ball is smart.

Arizona Cardinals8. Arizona Cardinals

Draft Needs: WR, OL, DL, LB, CB

Arizona has begun the turnaround, and with Larry Fitzgerald retiring, the chance to grab one of the top wideouts from this class is there. However, the Cardinals are in need of offensive lineman to protect Kyler Murray. This was also not a great defense, and at each level they will need to continue to build.

9. Jacksonville JaguarsJacksonville Jaguars

Draft Needs: LB, CB, S, WR

Jacksonville drafted well last season, but trading Jalen Ramsey to the Rams is going to create a need for another shut down corner. The need for a linebacker is even bigger at the moment, and a name like Isaiah Simmons would be a great fit if he falls to number nine. I would look for them to add another playmaker on offense later in the draft.

Cleveland Browns10. Cleveland Browns

Draft Needs: OL, S, DL

Cleveland’s real need was a change at the helm, and they did that already. Now it is time to boost the offensive line and add some defensive help given the offense is ready to go. If they struggle again offensively, then things will change, but in the meantime they will give it another go with this group.

New York Jets11. New York Jets

Draft Needs: OL, EDGE, WR, CB

New York needs quite a few positions, and most will look at wide receiver. This is a big one, but they have one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. It will be tough for the offense if they go another season with this same group protecting Sam Darnold and trying to create holes for Le’Veon Bell.

Oakland Raiders12. Las Vegas Raiders

Draft Needs: LB, WR, CB, DL

The now Las Vegas Raiders struggled in the secondary, and there are a handful of corners to grab within the first round. They also need to add another wide receiver, and will have two first round picks to do it with. Look for them to address a need on both sides of the ball early and then look at the front seven later in drafts.

Indianpolis Colts13. Indianapolis Colts

Draft Needs: EDGE, WR, QB, DL

Time will tell if they keep Jacoby Brissett at quarterback, but they should grab a young quarterback from this draft to at least have another option. They desperately need to add a wide receiver to go with him, and then look at the defensive side as well. The Colts struggled to get to the quarterback, and a good edge defender would be a plus.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Draft Needs: OL, CB, DL, QB

We will need to see if they create a need for a quarterback, as Jameis Winston isn’t quite a lock for the Buccaneers future. The lock is that they desperately need help on their offensive line and in their secondary. They had a pretty good front seven last season, but the secondary let them down greatly.

Denver Broncos15. Denver Broncos

Draft Needs: CB, LB, WR, OL

With Noah Fant and Courtland Sutton, they need another wide receiver in the mix to help Drew Lock out. Denver also needs to start adding pieces back into the linebacking and cornerback core as they have leaked out over the last few seasons. Another offensive lineman would be a good investment to help take them to the next level and protect their young guys.

Atlanta Falcons16. Atlanta Falcons

Draft Needs: LB, EDGE, CB

Defensively they struggled with injuries, but overall it shined light on a defense that needs more young talent. An edge rusher, linebacker, and cornerback should be the shopping list for the Falcons this offseason. I will add a secondary need for a running back, as they are very thin behind Devonta Freeman who is another year older with an injury prone past.

Dallas Cowboys17. Dallas Cowboys

Draft Needs: S, CB, DL, EDGE

The Cowboys let themselves down defensively at times last season, and they need a safety from this class badly. A name like Grant Delpit would be an excellent grab, as well as some help on the defensive line. Dallas struggled to get to the quarterback last season. We will also need to see how the passing game shakes out with some looming free agents.

Philadelphia Eagles18. Philadelphia Eagles

Draft Needs: WR, CB, LB

There are glaring needs in Philadelphia, and after we saw the depth at wide receiver, that is where they need to go. There are plenty to draft this season, and a big play guy like Tee Higgins would be a match made with Carson Wentz. The secondary is also something they need to upgrade, where they struggled at times last season.

Buffalo Bills19. Buffalo Bills

Draft Needs: WR, DL, EDGE

Buffalo is also in need of a wide receiver, as they sit with just John Brown and Cole Beasley. This should be their addition in the first round, where they can hammer out the defensive line later in the draft. This secondary is already extremely strong, and add a better pass rush, this is going to be a lethal defense for years to come.

New England Patriots20. New England Patriots

Draft Needs: QB, TE, EDGE, OL, WR

There are a lot of needs for the Patriots right now, who are dealing with an aging Tom Brady, and lacking a strong receiving core. Defensively they were one of the best teams, but could use another pass-rusher. The offense was the big struggle, and this is a class where they can add some quick fixes. We might see a totally new offense in New England very soon.

New Orleans Saints21. New Orleans Saints

Draft Needs: WR, OL, QB, CB

I am still in disbelief that New Orleans has not found a second wide receiver outside of Michael Thomas. Another cornerback to help this secondary take another step would be a great move as well. It will also be time to start looking at someone after Drew Brees, which may be Teddy Bridgewater, but we will put a quarterback in need for now.

Minnesota Vikings22. Minnesota Vikings

Draft Needs: OL, CB, DL

Minnesota doesn’t have too many glaring needs, but they need to continue to improve the offensive line. This season was better, but another body would help. After watching Xavier Rhodes this season, and lacking options behind him, the secondary will be an are to improve through the draft, and there are some strong cornerbacks in this class.

Seattle Seahawks23. Seattle Seahawks

Draft Needs: OL, CB, EDGE

We should see Jadeveon Clowney move on from Seattle and into a bigger deal, which is going to create a hole for a pass-rusher. The Seahawks still need to improve the offensive line, which they have been neglecting the last few seasons. It will be interesting to see which way they go in the first round, as the offensive line is a bigger need.

Baltimore Ravens24. Baltimore Ravens

Draft Needs: WR, EDGE, LB, CB

Baltimore has a few holes for a team that went 14-2, but they got bounced in the playoffs early. They clearly need another wide receiver, and upgrading Willie Snead is a must. The defense is in need of another corner, and a run stopping linebacker too. These are certainly obtainable this year.

Tennessee Titans25. Tennessee Titans

Draft Needs: EDGE, DL, OL

We should see the Titans re-sign Ryan Tannehill, which would put a focus onto the defense. They need a pass-rusher, and an interior defensive lineman. With some injuries on the offensive line, it would also be wise to add another body. They struggled in protecting their quarterback last season, and they can’t go a full year of that again.

Green Bay Packers26. Green Bay Packers

Draft Needs: WR, LB, OL, TE

If Aaron Rodgers is going to finish his career strong, he desperately needs someone more than just Davante Adams. Jimmy Graham is past his prime, and the remaining wide receivers did not pan out. I would also look for the Packers to add a premium linebacker, which is a bit shallow in this draft for where they are picking.

Kansas City Chiefs27. Kansas City Chiefs

Draft Needs: OL, LB, CB

The Chiefs will likely look to the defensive side, where they need a big time linebacker. Another offensive line addition would be helpful, and while they had a strong secondary, a second corner would be an upgrade as well. There are talks about them getting a running back, which would trouble for opposing defenses if they grabbed a name like Travis Etienne.

San Francisco 49ers28. San Francisco 49ers

Draft Needs: CB, S, LB, WR

With some aging names in the secondary, finding their replacements sooner rather than later is a need here. I would look for them to grab some names in the secondary, and possibly an offensive weapon if a big name slips. They hit on Deebo Samuel, but Emmanuel Sanders isn’t getting any younger. Overall the Niners should continue to build on the defensive side.

Pittsburgh Steelers29. Pittsburgh Steelers

Draft Needs: OL, EDGE, TE, QB

Pittsburgh traded their first round pick, so they will need to rely on hitting later in the draft. An offensive lineman is a must here, as we saw the line crumble at times this season. They also didn’t run the ball well behind them. That was partially due to quarterback play, and while Ben Roethlisberger will be back, the future quarterback is not on this team.

Houston Texans30. Houston Texans

Draft Needs: EDGE, DL, CB, OL

Defense, defense, defense. It is what continues to let down this team. Once a strong point, they need about everything at all three levels. The problem is the offensive line still is struggling to protect Deshaun Watson, and nabbing one of the top lineman would be a big plus. Like the Steelers, Houston traded away their first round pick.

Chicago Bears31. Chicago Bears

Draft Needs: OL, TE, QB, EDGE

After a strong season, Chicago finished .500 and have quite a few needs. Chicago needs to upgrade their offensive line, as well as another pass-rusher. Mitch Trubisky is not the answer, and while they won’t get a crack at one of the top names, there are some chances to take on quarterbacks in this draft.

Los Angeles Rams32. Los Angeles Rams

Draft Needs: EDGE, OL

The Rams struggled with their pass rush, and losing Suh hurt their run defense a bit. The offensive line struggled. They won’t have a first round pick, trading it for Jalen Ramsey, but these are deeper positions where they can still fill these needs later in the draft. They will have pick number 52 overall, and I would expect them to jump on an offensive lineman.

Jason Guilbault has been writing and podcasting in the fantasy sports world for over five years. You can find his work at Daily Fantasy Cafe. He is an avid Tottenham fan, and follows the Boston sports teams. When he isn’t diving into stats, he is enjoying the outdoors or down at the local brewery.

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