NFL Bye Weeks Schedule 2020

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2020 NFL Bye Weeks

The 2020 NFL schedule will be released around March 2020, giving us a look into the new season and all it brings. Bye Weeks start at Week 4, and last until Week 12 again. There are also international games scheduled again, where we usually see teams get the next week off due to the travel. That isn’t always the case, as we saw the Colts play right after a London trip. With Bye Weeks varying, you can have a team get an early one, leaving them to play 12 weeks of football to finish off the year. Teams with later Bye Weeks can get a chance to rest up or get healthy before finishing out a crucial stretch of the season.

Some Bye Weeks have more weight than others. Early on in the season you have just two teams on bye, then as you get into the Bye Weeks, you start to see four teams on bye. If you’re preparing for your draft, check out our Fantasy Football Bye Weeks Cheat Sheet. You can sort by players and teams. Of course, our fantasy teams will feel the Bye Week complications. This is where you can find some early help and plan ahead in drafts and on the waiver wire. Replacements are updated throughout the season, but early on this is just a quick glance to get yourself ready.

2020 NFL Bye Week Schedule

Notable Bye Week Fantasy Football Players

2020 Fantasy Football Bye Analysis

NFL Bye Weeks Schedule FAQ

Q: What are Bye Weeks?

A: Bye weeks are a week in the NFL where a team doesn’t play in a game. There is no matchup on the schedule. Timing of the bye week is important not only for real life football, but also for fantasy football drafts.

Q: When do Bye Weeks start?

A: Week 4.

Q: When do Bye Weeks end?

A: Week 12.

Q: How many teams have a bye week at the same time?

A: It varies by week. Week 10 has the most teams on bye with a total of 6.

Q: Do you offer the ability to search and sort by players and teams?

A: Yes, our NFL Bye Week fantasy football cheat sheet has everything you need.

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