NFL Bye Weeks Schedule 2019

2019 NFL Bye Weeks

The 2019 NFL schedule is released, giving us a look into the new season and all it brings. Bye Weeks start at Week 4, and last until Week 12 again. There are also international games scheduled again, where we usually see teams get the next week off due to the travel. That isn’t always the case, as we saw the Colts play right after a London trip. With Bye Weeks varying, you can have a team get an early one, leaving them to play 12 weeks of football to finish off the year. Teams with later Bye Weeks can get a chance to rest up or get healthy before finishing out a crucial stretch of the season.

Some Bye Weeks have more weight than others. Early on in the season you have just two teams on bye, then as you get into the Bye Weeks, you start to see four teams on bye. If you’re preparing for your draft, check out our Fantasy Football Bye Weeks Cheat Sheet. You can sort by players and teams. Of course, our fantasy teams will feel the Bye Week complications. This is where you can find some early help and plan ahead in drafts and on the waiver wire. Replacements are updated throughout the season, but early on this is just a quick glance to get yourself ready.

2019 NFL Bye Week Schedule

Bye Week
Teams on Bye
Week 4New York Jets, San Francsico 49ers
Week 5Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions
Week 6Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts, Oakland Raiders
Week 7Carolina Panthers, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Pittsburgh Steelers
Week 8Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens
Week 9Cincinnati Bengals, Atlanta Falcons, Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints
Week 10Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars, Houston Texans, New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins
Week 11New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans
Week 12Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, Minnesota Vikings

Notable Bye Week Fantasy Football Players

Week 12:

QB: Patrick Mahomes (KC), Kirk Cousins (MIN), Philip Rivers (LAC), Kyler Murray (AZ)
RB: Melvin Gordon (SD), David Johnson (AZ)
WR: Keenan Allen (SD), Tyreek Hill (KC), Adam Thielen (SF)
TE: Travis Kelce (KC), Hunter Henry (LAC)

NFL Bye Week Fantasy Football Replacements

Week 4 Replacement Players:

QB: Jacoby Brissett (vs OAK)
RB: Dion Lewis (@ATL)
WR: Josh Doctston (@NYG)
TE: Darren Waller (@IND)

Week 5 Replacement Players:

QB: Josh Allen (@TEN)
RB: Nyheim Hines (@KC)
WR: Anthony Miller (@OAK)
TE: Matt Lacosse (@WAS)

Week 6 Replacement Players:

QB: Jimmy Garropolo (@LAR)
RB: Dion Lewisr (@DEN)
WR: Josh Doctson (@MIA)
TE: Chris Herndon (vs DAL)

Week 7 Replacement Players:

QB: Josh Allen (vs MIA)
RB: Dion Lewis (vs LAC)
WR: Deebo Samuel (@WAS)
TE: Jack Doyle (HOU)

Week 8 Replacement Players:

QB: Derek Carr (@HOU)
RB: Jordan Howard (vs BUF)
WR: Geronimo Allison (@KC)
TE: Darren Waller (@HOU)

Week 9 Replacement Players:

QB: Sam Darnold (@MIA)
RB: Matt Breida (@ARI)
WR: John Brown (vs WAS)
TE: Tyler Kroft (vs WAS)

Week 10 Replacement Players:

QB: Sam Darnold (vs NYG)
RB: It’o Smith (@NO)
WR: Tre’Quan Smith (vs ATL)
TE: Tyler Kroft (@CLE)

Week 11 Replacement Players:

QB: Jimmy Garropolo (vs ARI)
RB: Devin Singletary (@MIA)
WR: Tre’Quan Smith (@TB)
TE: Chris Herndon (@WAS)

Week 12 Replacement Players:

QB: Sam Darnold (vs OAK)
RB: Devin Singletary (DEN)
WR: Kenny Stills (@ CLE)
TE: Darren Waller (vs NYJ)

2019 Fantasy Football Bye Analysis

Week 4 Fantasy

Week 4 only brings us two teams on bye, the San Francisco 49ers and New York Jets. There will be some running backs needed, as Le’Veon Bell and the San Francisco committee of backs will be out. There will be some backs to keep an eye on for the early weeks that emerge as better fill-in options. Peyton Barber is an early name to consider. George Kittle is also a big name that will be out. Week 5 isn’t going to bring us many byes either, and you won’t have to do a lot of filling in. Matthew Stafford and Kenny Golladay are fantasy values that will need some filling in. Josh Allen is a name that can bring some rushing upside, and showed a decent floor in the second half of last year.

Week 6 & 7 Fantasy

Week 6 picks up with only really the Colts and Bears being the notable teams on bye, but Oakland will also be on bye. T.Y. Hilton and Antonio Brown are big named wide receivers that will sit out the week, while Tarik Cohen, Marlon Mack, and LeSean McCoy are also in need of a change. Austin Ekeler is going to be a name here to target early, just looking at positive game-scripts where he can open up through the air a bit. This is one of those weeks. The Cardinals wide receivers will be targets against Atlanta, in what should be them playing keep up. Week 7 leaves us down four fantasy relevant quarterbacks. Sam Darnold, Lamar Jackson, Case Keenum, and Eli Manning are going to have to be popular streams this week.

Week 8 Fantasy

It is another minor bye week for Week 8. Dallas and Baltimore are the only two teams on bye. The Dallas bye hurts more, leaving three skill position players out. Baltimore might have some starting pieces to replace, but at the moment not much. We still need to see what offensive rookies come about to help fill in some of these roles, but Derek Carr and company might at least be relevant for streaming weeks. Week 9 takes out some major offenses. Atlanta, New Orleans, and the Los Angeles Rams are all on bye. Lions-Raiders is a game that could bring in some replacement potential, and the same goes for the Dolphins and Jets game.

Week 10 & 11 Fantasy

Six teams are on bye for Week 10, including Houston, Philadelphia, and New England as the bigger fantasy asset teams. Week 11 is also going to see Green Bay, Tennessee, New York, and Seattle all on bye. Prepping for Weeks 10 and 11 is going to be big. A lot will change throughout the first nine weeks of course, but Sam Darnold is a late season streaming add, that is unless he produces to stay picked up. The Falcons-Saints game is going to bring some value wideouts to the table just because of the passing games and scores this game usually produces.

Week 12 Fantasy

The last of the byes will be in Week 12, with Kansas City, Minnesota, Arizona, and the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chiefs are going to leave a lot of people struggling, and the same goes for Los Angeles and Minnesota. Green Bay and San Francisco is a game that can provide replacement value, and the same goes for the Jets-Raiders as well.

NFL Bye Weeks Schedule FAQ

Q: What are Bye Weeks?

A: Bye weeks are a week in the NFL where a team doesn’t play in a game. There is no matchup on the schedule. Timing of the bye week is important not only for real life football, but also for fantasy football drafts.

Q: When do Bye Weeks start?

A: Week 4, which starts on 9/26/19.

Q: When do Bye Weeks end?

A: Week 12, which starts on 11/21/19.

Q: How many teams have a bye week at the same time?

A: It varies by week. Week 10 has the most teams on bye with a total of 6.

Q: Do you offer the ability to search and sort by players and teams?

A: Yes, our NFL Bye Week fantasy football cheat sheet has everything you need.

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