NFL Matchup Previews

Covering your favorite NFL matchups with all the critical depth chart, injury and fantasy news you need. Our matchup breakdowns include betting odds, game play analysis and links to all matchup related pages needed to make smarter bets. With 16 regular season games, each one matters no more than the next. Our NFL Matchup Previews give you an in-depth look on specific games, bringing you unique content that might get overlooked elsewhere. A matchup preview will provide starting lineups for both sides, a team breakdown, injury news, fantasy help, betting advice, and much more. Before games kickoff, be sure to give our matchup previews a look so you don’t miss anything.

New England Patriots At Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Matchup Preview
New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs Matchup Preview
Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints Matchup Preview
Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs 12/13/18: Matchup Preview, Depth Charts, Odds, Daily Fantasy

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