DraftKings Fantasy Racing World Championships

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines – DraftKing’s Fantasy Racing World Championships

Fantasy racing fans have a whole summer of NASCAR thrills to enjoy. The ardent fan won’t miss a race if he or she can help it. With a $50,000 top award for the first place finisher, even a casual racing fan should be eager to enter a lineup of drivers every week. That’s what the winner will take home late this summer as the winner of DraftKing’s Fantasy Racking World Championship.

How to Qualify for the Draft King’s FRWC

Starting in February, DraftKings will have a series of qualifiers for a ticket to the FRWC final. There will be a total of 30 spots for the September 1 dash for the big cash. Each of the qualifying spots for the September final will be a different player.

There is only one spot available per DraftKings account, so the field will have 30 different DFS racers racing for the checkered flag. To a spot in this race, play any of the dozens of qualifying rounds and race your way to first place.

Race Day Scoring

The final place of each driver is vitally important. For the winning car, a fantasy racing lineup card earns 46-points. The second place car nets 42-fantasy points, then the point award drops 1-point down only 4-points for the final 40th spot in the final race results.

Be mindful of the place differential score. This is the difference between the drivers pole position at the start of the race and their finishing place in the final results. Logically, it’s important to pick racers who finish high up in the final results.

However, being careful not to lose a lot of points on the point differential score is critical. Racers also score minimal points for fastest laps and laps led. Each lineup card consists of six NASCAR drivers split across a max salary of $50,000. Racing fans who choose wisely can race their way into the DraftKings Fantasy Racing World Championship lineup in September.

Fantasy Racing World Championships Prize Layout

Every qualifying race pays out in different cash increments from the top spot down. Winning a cash prize doesn’t preclude any non-ticket winner from attempting to win a qualifying spot going forward. The winner of the qualifier will use up qualifying round options once you win.

DFS racing fans can still participate in subsequent qualifiers, but if they win again the ticket will go to the runner-up, and they win $0 for that qualifying race. You can race in as many qualifiers as you want. But, strive to get that one ticket into the finals where every entry wins cash, no less than $2,500 of the $250,000 guaranteed total purse.

Racing fans should be revved up for DraftKing’s Fantasy Racing World Championship. There are going to be 30 lucky NASCAR fans who get a chance to start their engines in the September final where a $50,000 top prize will be waiting for the fan who takes the checkered flag.

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