The Knockout King DraftKings MMA contest

Punch Your Way to DraftKings Knockout King MMA Champion

MMA enthusiasts will be happy to DraftKings is running their promotional MMA Knockout King contest again. It is an event that will have a $175,000 guaranteed prize pool with $50,000 to the winning MMA lineup card in a final to be announced. There are 100 total spots available in the three-round survivor format. You can win a total of three spots in the finals.

Knockout King Qualifying

During the MMA fight schedule over the next few months, you can qualify as many three times to earn a spot in the ring to become the Knockout King. Each qualifying round has an entry fee of $5 and up. Besides a ticket to the Knockout King Survivor rounds, there are multiple cash awards as well. To get a spot in the finals, simply win a qualifier and you’re in.

Knockout King Lineup Card

DraftKings MMA lineup cards have spots for six fighters. Each card can spend a maximum of $50,000 towards fighter salaries. Fighters are listed in order from the highest salary down. Keep in mind, that DraftKings will list each fighter’s average fantasy points per fight (FPPF), plus their won/loss record.

The list shows the opponent for this particular fight on the MMA schedule as well. With a little dutiful research it’s possible to find the right combination of fighters to post a winning lineup card. Every winner you can produce, up to the three-ticket limit, earns you a spot in the finals.

Scoring for the Knockout King

Understanding MMA scoring is important to pick a winning lineup. With a little research, you can save a little salary on a fighter who will net a fair amount of points, even if they don’t win the match. The biggest points are awarded to fighters who win, and win early.

A 1st round victory posts 90 MMA fantasy points to your total. Wins in subsequent rounds continue to score well, but nothing like an early round winner. Fighters also earn points a variety of other ways during each fight.

Advances, takedowns, reversals and especially knockdowns will boost your final total. Doing a little pre-fight card research can help you put together a lineup of winners, plus fighters who are in matchups that will help them generate a solid final total of extra points.

The only way to become DraftKing’s Knockout King is to enter and win a qualifier. There are still prizes in these preliminary bouts even if you don’t net the most MMA fantasy points. One thing is for certain; however, if you don’t enter and throw your best punch, you can’t win. Climb into the ring and punch your way to be crowned DraftKing’s Knockout King.

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