New York Yankees All-Time Starting Lineup/ Roster

The New York Yankees are by far the most storied franchise in all of baseball. They have an unparalleled 27 championships while no other team even has 11. They field the best all time team and the talent they have is way beyond any other franchise. The lineup is elite and on the mound, Whitey Ford is no joke either. The most lethal all time team should have no probleming matching up against any other lineup or pitching staff.

Starting Lineup

1. Mickey Mantle, LF (S)
2. Derek Jeter, SS (R)
3. Lou Gehrig, 1B (L)
4. Babe Ruth, RF (L)
5. Joe DiMaggio, CF (R)
6. Alex Rodriguez, 3B (R)
7. Yogi Berra, C (L)
8. Bernie Williams, DH (S)
9. Willie Randolph, 2B (R)
Whitey Ford, P (L)
Manager: Joe McCarthy


Yogi Berra
1946-63: 1,174 Runs, 358 HR, 1,430 RBI, 30 SB, .285 BA/.348 OBP/.483 SLG

The Hall of Fame catcher was one of the most dominant catchers of all time. Yogi Berra was always one of the best for the Yankees and consistently put up seasons of 20+ home runs and 100+ RBI. He’ll make for a great offensive minded backstop for New York squad and will make for a great power hitter for the bottom half of the lineup. The storied catcher was selected to 18 All Star game appearances and has 10 World Series rings, more than anyone.

Honorable Mentions: Bill Dickey, Thurman Munson, Jorge Posada

First Baseman

Lou Gehrig
1923-39: 1,888 Runs, 493 HR, 1,995 RBI, 102 SB, .340 BA/.447 OBP/.632 SLG

A member of the famed Murderer’s Row, Lou Gehrig was one of the most prolific batters of the 1930s and a great all around player. He has a great eye at the plate and will be yet another key part to the lineup. Look for Gehrig to be an RBI machine from his spot in the lineup and one of the most consistent hitters of all time. He’ll pair along with Babe Ruth in the 3-4 spots of the lineup and become the most dangerous lefty duo in history.

Honorable Mentions: Don Mattingly, Wally Pipp

Second Baseman

Willie Randolph
1976-88: 1,027 Runs, 48 HR, 549 RBI, 251 SB, .275 BA/.374 OBP/.357 SLG

A 6 time All Star, Willie Randolph was a key component for the New York lineup for much of the 1980s. While he doesn’t have the same pedigree as some of the other hitters in the lineup, Randolph was a great contact hitter and a steal specialist early on. He’s a lock to hit at the bottom part of the lineup though that doesn’t mean opposing pitchers shouldn’t be scared of him. Expect a batter with a good eye at the plate and someone who makes the Yankees lineup complete.

Honorable Mentions: Tony Lazzeri, Robinson Cano, Joe Gordon


Derek Jeter
1995-14: 1,923 Runs, 260 HR, 1,311 RBI, 358 SB, .310 BA/.377 OBP/.440 SLG

After debuting with the Yankees in 1995, Derek Jeter quickly became the captain of the squad and one of the most famous athletes of the next decades. While his flashy defensive plays were a sight to see, so too were his offensive displays. He was a model top of the order bat and the best all around shortstop of his time. He could hit for power, steal a bunch of bags every year, and get on base fairly consistently. We’ll put #2 right into the #2 spot of the lineup and let him continue his impressive hitting displays.

Honorable Mentions: Phil Rizzuto, Roger Peckinpaugh

Third Baseman

Alex Rodriguez
2004-13, 15-16: 1,012 Runs, 351 HR, 1,096 RBI, 152 SB, .283 BA/.378 OBP/.523 SLG

After competing against Jeter during the early parts of his career, Alex Rodriguez inked a contract with the Yankees and shifted from short to third. While he does have a career that was filled with controversy, Rodriguez was one of the best all around hitters during the earlier parts of his career. After coming to New York, he remained a dominant hitter in the lineup and great defense. He would win 2 more MVPs in the Bronx and received an invite to the All Star team almost every single season.

Honorable Mentions: Greg Nettles, Gil McDougald

Left Fielder

Mickey Mantle
1951-68: 1,676 Runs, 536 HR, 1,509 RBI, 153 SB, .298 BA/.421 OBP/.557 SLG

Starting off the outfield is former center fielder, Mickey Mantle. However, we’ll place him at his secondary position to make room for more sluggers and make this Yankees team has one of the most feared offenses around. He’s got speed for the leadoff spot and makes enough contact to justify taking up that lineup spot. Additionally, he’s got some great pop and should immediately start off the 1st inning with a bang. The Hall of Famer also won the MVP award three times and was selected to a staggering 20 All Star Games.

Honorable Mentions: Roy White, Charlie Keller, Brett Gardner

Center Fielder

Joe DiMaggio
1936-51: 1,390 Runs, 361 HR, 1,537 RBI, 30 SB, .325 BA/.3398 OBP/.579 SLG

Starring in center is Joe DiMaggio who won MVP awards in three separate seasons and was one of the most lethal bats in New York history. He had tremendous bat skills and was selected to the All Star Game in every single season of his career. While he did serve three years of military service in the middle of his prime, he put up respectable numbers after returning from the military and should be a great hitter anywhere we put him in the lineup.

Honorable Mentions: Earle Combs, Bobby Murcer

Right Fielder

Babe Ruth
1920-34: 1,959 Runs, 659 HR, 1,978 RBI, 110 SB, .349 BA/.484 OBP/.711 SLG

Slotting in at right field is a player from the worst ever trade in the history of the sport. Babe Ruth is not only a great pitcher but also one of the most dominant hitters during his time. His legacy spanned several decades and went down in the history books as one of the best sluggers the sport has ever seen. His power numbers were off the charts and every single other category is equally as impressive. For his career, he was ranked top 10 in nearly every single hitting category.

Honorable Mentions: Tommy Henrich, Hank Bauer

Designated Hitter

berniewilliamsBernie Williams
1991-06: 1,366 Runs, 287 HR, 1,257 RBI, 147 SB, .297 BA/.381 OBP/.477 SLG

Center fielder Bernie Williams will occupy the DH spot after spending time there for 10 of his 16 seasons in the bigs. He was a great middle of the order bat for New York though he never put up any big seasons compared to other Yankee greats. He’s a very consistent bat in the lineup and will be counted on for his durability and pure hitting ability. He had seven straight seasons of scoring at least 100 runs won his lone Silver Slugger in 2002. Among his other awards, he’s a 5 time All Star, 4 time Gold Glover, and 4 time World Series champ.


whitefordWhitey Ford
1950-67: 236-106 Record, 2.75 ERA, 5.6 K/9, 3.1 BB/9

While Mariano Rivera is the best closer of all time, he can’t quite start for the Yankees and instead, we’ll turn to Whitey Ford. Andy Pettitte was another strong candidate for the starting gig, he did struggle at the end of his tenure with New York and spent a few of his prime years with the Astros. Hall of Famer Whitey Ford is the pick here after he complied a marvelous career and was a workhorse for many seasons. He only won the Cy Young once in 1961 but was well awarded for his many seasons of success.

Honorable Mentions: Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Ron Guidry


Joe McCarthy

With such a storied franchise, the Yankees are bound to have a bunch of great options at the manager spot. Joe Torre was one of their great managers in recent years who helped his squads to four World Series rings. However, Joe McCarthy did him one better and led his New York teams to seven rings. He holds the franchise wins record at 1,460 wins and places 8th all time with 2,125 career victories. During his career, McCarthy was known for his tough managerial practices which helped establish as the most feared team during his tenure from 1931 to 1946.

Originally from San Francisco, California, Justin Yeung has grown up as an avid Giants and Warriors fan, watching them both through the good and bad times. Currently, he is a junior attending the University of California, Irvine majoring in business economics and minoring in management. When he’s not in class, you’ll often find Justin at various sporting events and pursuing his goal of visiting all 30 Major League stadiums.

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