Philadelphia Phillies All-Time Starting Lineup/ Roster

Looking at the Philadelphia Phillies lineup, the one constant factor seems to be speed. With the exception of the catcher position, each other batter has at least 142 career steals for the team. It’s a good mix of lefties and righties for the Phillies and they’ll look to deploy a strategy of hitting and stealing to win games. There might not be a power on this team which may eventually become a problem if their hitters can’t get on base constantly. Four time Cy Young winner Steve Carlton takes the mound for Philadelphia in this matchup

Starting Lineup

1. Jimmy Rollins, SS (S)
2. Ed Delahanty, 1B (R)
3. Bobby Abreu, RF (L)
4. Mike Schmidt, 3B (R)
5. Chase Utley, 2B (L)
6. Sherry Magee, LF (R)
7. Darren Daulton, C (L)
8. Richie Ashburn, CF (L)
9. Steve Carlton, P (L)


Darren Daulton
1983, 85-97: 858 Runs, 134 HR, 567 RBI, 48 SB, .284 BA/.342 OBP/.436 SLG

There’s not really a correct pick at the catcher spot with three different candidates receiving consideration. Jack Clements is by far the best hitting option though his defense is very poor. Carlos Ruiz is up for consideration simply for his defensive abilities but for the most part, struggled with the hitting stats. Darren Daulton is the final player for consideration and he’s the likely pick. His defensive numbers are good, though not elite, and the offensive skill set is right about average. He’s got some power and RBI potential but for his career, wasn’t a consistent bat.

Honorable Mentions: Jack Clements, Carlos Ruiz

First Baseman

Ed Delahenty
1888-01: 1,368 Runs, 87 HR, 1,288 RBI, 412 SB, .348 BA/.415 OBP/.508 SLG

While his career started slow, Ed Delahenty quickly rose to great ranks and became one of the best contact hitters of his time. In 1899, he led the league with a batting average of .410 that in today’s world is totally unheard of. He has a great knack for getting a base and was a steal threat for his entire run with the team. There’s no doubt we’ll be putting him near the top of the lineup and relying heavily on Delahenty to get on base and just run.

Honorable Mentions: Dick Allen, Fred Luderus

Second Baseman

Chase Utley
2003-15: 949 Runs, 233 HR, 916 RBI, 142 SB, .282 BA/.366 OBP/.481 SLG

Many remember Chase Utley for his infamous slide as a Dodger in the 2015 playoffs that in a way, might have lost the Mets a championship. As a member of the Phillies, Utley was always known as one of the hardest competitors at his craft and an elite second baseman. He displayed great hitting skills during his prime and a great amount of power for the position. He’s a middle of the order bat and without a doubt, one of the best to ever wear the Philadelphia uniform.

Honorable Mentions: Tony Taylor, Juan Samuel


Jimmy Rollins
2000-14: 1,325 Runs, 216 HR, 887 RBI, 453 SB, .267 BA/.327 OBP/.424 SLG

Throughout his time with the Phillies, Jimmy Rollins was one of the most efficient base stealers of the decade. The switch hitting shortstop was one of the best leadoff men during his prime and looks to repeat a similar role with this team. He’s got a pretty good power for the leadoff spot and should actively be looking to score runs. His quickness and healthy track record will be something Phillie fans can look forward to in their leadoff man.

Honorable Mentions: Larry Bowa, Granny Hamner

Third Baseman

Mike Schmidt
1972-89: 1,506 Runs, 548 HR, 1,595 RBI, 174 SB, .267 BA/.380 OBP/.527 SLG

Rounding out the infield is the man at the hot corner, Mike Schmidt. A lifelong Phillie, Schmidt was the man who could do everything for the franchise. The three time MVP was an all around talent who can both field and hit. His defensive metrics always rated him as one of the best gloves at the position and he eventually finished his career with 10 Gold Gloves. Offensively, he was always a force at the plate and led the league in homers in eight different seasons. He’s going to slot right into the heart of the lineup and give the Phillies team one of the best third baseman in all of baseball.

Honorable Mentions: Scott Rolen, Willie Jones

Left Fielder

Sherry Magee
1904-14: 898 Runs, 75 HR, 886 RBI, 387 SB, .299 BA/.371 OBP/.447 SLG

Another player from nearly a century ago, Sherry Magee was always known for his great contact ability and speed. He’s a good coverage outfielder for defense and offensively, he’s gifted with his quickness. However, he’s also a great bat with tremendous hitting tools and even almost won the Triple Crown in 1910. While he does have speed, Magee was also an RBI man for many years and actually led that category for four years through his career.

Honorable Mentions: Billy Hamilton, Del Ennis, Von Hayes

Center Fielder

Richie Ashburn
1948-59: 1,114 Runs, 22 HR, 499 RBI, 199 SB, .311 BA/.394 OBP/.388 SLG

Hall of Famer Richie Ashburn is the center fielder for the Phillies after becoming one of the best top of the order bats in Philly history. He played over 140 games each year during his time in Philadelphia and was always seen on base during those times. He was great at stealing bases and often found himself with one of the higher batting averages across the league. Wherever he hits in the lineup, there’s a good chance he’ll make an impact with his contact ability and speed.

Honorable Mentions: Roy Thomas, Cy Williams, Garry Maddox

Right Fielder

Bobby Abreu
1998-06: 891 Runs, 195 HR, 814 RBI, 254 SB, .303 BA/.416 OBP/.513 SLG

While never known as an elite player, Bobby Abreu was always one of the more consistent bats anywhere he played and always posed a threat in the lineup. He as a great five tool player for the Phillies and always had a knack for stealing bases and making great contact. He’ll make for an ideal bat in the #2 hole of the lineup as he provides an interesting mix of contact and speed. Don’t forget about his power numbers either as he hit in the double digits in every full season with the club.

Honorable Mentions: Johnny Callison, Chuck Klein, Sam Thompson


Steve Carlton
1972-86: 241-161 Record, 3.09 ERA, 7.4 K/9, 3.0 BB/9

The toughest call on the entire roster is at the pitcher spot. Steve Carlton and Robin Roberts are both Hall of Famers with incredible stats over their respective careers. Roberts was a workhorse for his entire career and a versatile player during his prime. He led the league in wins for four straight years and quickly lost the most games in the next two. Carlton was a dominant starter in the 1970s and established himself as a dominant ace for the Philadelphia staff. You could go either way here but the pick is the lefty, Steve Carlton.

Honorable Mentions: Robin Roberts, Pete Alexander, Cole Hamels


Charlie Manuel

Longtime skipper Charlie Manuel will be asked with leading the Philadelphia All Time Lineup. He’s the leader in franchise wins at 780 and helped Philadelphia win it’s most recent World Series title just over a decade ago. He helped manage some great Phillies teams including five straight first place finishes. His career accomplishments include two straight World Series appearances and the second title in club history. After a rough couple of seasons, Manuel was let go after the 2013 campaign.

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