Top 10 Best College Football Facilities In The Country

1. Clemson

clemson tigersA major key in football recruiting nowadays is the team facilities, and Clemson is at the top of our list in that department. They have been near the top of the rankings for the last couple of years and have brought in some of the best recruiting classes in the country. The Tigers facility cost a cool $55 million and opened in 2017. The projected includes two bowling lanes, a golf simulator, multiple pool and ping-pong tables, and an outdoor basketball court. That isn’t all though there is even a 9 hole mini golf course on the complex. We can go on and on about this facility but trust me it is the best in the country. Whether it’s the mini-golf or the state of the art weight room, Clemson will have anything a player would ever want.

2. Oregon

oregon ducksOregon is known for having the best jersey combinations with some of the most unique styles college football and there facility is no different. This projected was funded by Nike founder Phil Knight and cost $68 million dollars for 145,000 square feet of paradise. You are greeted in a huge lobby area with 64 TVs that can project a single image that will instantly let you know that you are in a premier facility. A lot of these facilities have sort of the same things but Oregon uses materials such as Brazilian hardwood for their weight room and Italian leather in their players lounge. This players’ lounge includes six gaming stations and the facility overlooks the main Oregon practice fields. If you bring a 17 year old kid to see this place you are definitely going to get the upper hand in recruiting.

3. Texas A&M

texas a&m aggiesTexas A&M plays at one of the biggest stadiums in all of college sports so it would make sense after a $500 million dollar stadium renovation that they would also upgrade their football facility. The Bright Football Complex underwent a renovation that cost $20.8 million and it doesn’t disappoint. The place includes displays the path Texas A&M alums have taken to the NFL as well as a uniform combination creator. The main draw of this facility is the player locker room that features the player name, photo, and other information such as their twitter handle. That paired with the barber shop is all a football player could ask for. Even though there hasn’t been a lot of on-field success they are still living nice in College Station.

4. South Carolina

south carolina gamecocksAnother SEC team that makes our list is the South Carolina Gamecocks 110,000 foot Cyndi and Kenneth Long Family Football Operations Center. The “operations center” cost a cool $50 million dollars and has everything that a team would need to be successful on the field and have a little fun on the site. The place includes a 20,000 square football weight room that stretches across two stories as well as a nutrition area that is always stocked with healthy options for the players. If a player wants to unwind they have multiple gaming stations, as well as a recording studio. Like Texas A&M, South Carolina hasn’t seen a lot of success on the field in terms of competing for titles but their training complex make it seem like it.

5. Ohio State

ohio state buckeyesOhio State has an older facility but it continues to receive massive expansions so it can keep up with some of the big names in college football. Ohio State is consistently competing for national titles and they have rewarded their players with everything they could ask for when they are getting ready for the next game. It has it all including, cryotherapy chambers, sleep pods, and many other recovery tools for athletes. If a player wants to unwind after a long day of practice they can enjoy the arcade, golf simulator, basketball court, or get a haircut at the barbershop. If you want it Ohio State probably has it.

6. Alabama

alabama crimson tideAlabama obviously has one of the best football programs in the country pretty much making the college football playoff in every season. However, their facility comes in at number 6 on our list, but that doesn’t mean they have some low tier training center. The facility was recently renovated for $9 million dollars and includes arcade games, pool tables, super large hot tubs, and a players lounge that looks like a place you can spend your whole day in. Like a lot of locker room, the Alabama one features each player name illuminated above their spacious lockers that players from the old days could only dream of having. It may not have the glitz and glamour of some other places but Alabama’s success doesn’t lie.

7. Oklahoma

oklahoma soonersOklahoma has been a program that is a mainstay near the top of the rankings and at the top of the Big 12 conference. This has paid off and they now spend their time at a brand new 132,000 square foot football complex. 32,000 square feet of the place is a training facility that is more than 3x the size of what they had in the previous complex and even features a 70 yard training area. They also pay homage to those who came before them with their Heisman hallway and displays of the notable achievements in the history of the program. Even head coach Lincoln Riley’s office looks like something that you would see in the White House not a college football complex. As Oklahoma’s success continues on the field they will continue to pour money into this complex and their stadium that has seen numerous renovations in recent years.

8. LSU

lsu tigersBefore winning the national championship this season, LSU renovated their training complex through $28 million dollars of private donations to the athletic department. If they wanted to compete with the big boys in the SEC this move had to made to keep recruits coming there and it seems to have worked. In the locker room LSU has lockers that have a ventilation system to keep players cool and are built with bacteria-resistant surfaces. This place is special to anyone who gets to see it includes the Tyrann Mathieu players lounge after he made a significant donation to the program. As a whole, this is one of the premier facilities in all of college football.

9. Texas

texas longhornsTexas football hasn’t gotten back to the glory days that we saw early in the 2000s but they still generate huge amounts of money and their facility shows it. There actual complex has a lot of the things we see at other programs but they made big news after debuting their new $7 million dollar locker room in 2017. They reportedly cost $8,700 for each individual locker and if you saw these things you would know why. Instead of using wood each locker is made of stainless steel and include some of the same anti-bacterial features that we saw at LSU. Also, above each locker there is a 37 inch TV that displays the player picture, name, and other notable information. Whether any of these things or the ventilation system for the helmet and pads, the locker room alone will turn prospective players heads.

10. Michigan

michigan wolverinesMichigan used some of the money from their new Jordan sponsorship deal to open a 280,000 square foot performance center that cost a cool $168 million dollars. This isn’t just for football but it is still one of the best all-around places in the country. Specifically for football Michigan got a $14.8 million dollar upgrade and a weight room that puts other universities to shame. Michigan may be underperforming on the field but they aren’t struggling for cash and we will likely see some big things from them in the future.

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