Texas Online Sports Betting: Is it Legal?

Sports betting is not legal in Texas. In fact, Texas is one of the few remaining large market states that has yet to legalize sports betting. With an abundance of sports teams and a few major cities, Texas would certainly benefit from legalized sports betting. There has been some back and forth in the last few years, but nothing has gotten close to passing at the Senate level yet.


Texas Sports Betting News

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently spoke out in favor of legal sports betting in Texas. 

Texas’ Sports Betting Alliance said they are very focused on legalizing sports betting in Texas in the current legislative session, which began on Jan. 10 and ends on May 29.

Earlier in November, Democratic state Sen. Carolyn Alvarado filed SJR 17, a bill that would create the Texas Gaming Commission to authorize casino and sports gambling in the state. Then, at the end of November, former Gov. Rick Perry joined the Sport Betting Alliance and pledged his support for pushing for its legalization.

While its unclear what the 2023 legislative session holds, sports betting is definitely on the docket.

Texas Markets & Sports Teams

Texas is a key state for sports betting. We have already seen states like New York, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania embrace legalized sports betting and casinos while Texas remains stagnant in pushing forward. Given the large state has multiple markets, retail sports betting would be interesting. They could allow professional sports venues to operate as sportsbooks, and many sportsbooks would be lined up to begin operations in Texas.


dallas cowboysDallas is one of Texas’s largest cities and is home to three professional sports franchises. You have the Dallas Mavericks, Cowboys, and Stars. All three have been very competitive over recent years, and the market is also big for those visiting. Cowboys Stadium is already a major hotspot. If the recent bill passes that includes professional sports venues allowing retail sports betting, Cowboys Stadium would certainly benefit, alongside the Stars and Mavericks. You also have SMU, located in Dallas, as Texas is loaded with college sports in all the major markets. The Texas Rangers are located in Arlington, just outside of Dallas, who just built a brand new stadium in hopes they can begin to get back to winning ways. FC Dallas is also just outside the city in Frisco. Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, has given an endorsement of sports betting, and he is one of the more influential team owners.


astrosHouston is another major market for sports betting as it holds three professional teams as well. The Rockets, Astros, and Texans all play in Houston. The Houston Astros have been a powerhouse in the American League over recent years, while the Rockets moved on from their centerpiece, James Harden. The Texans have been struggling, and we will see if Deshaun Watson ends up following in Harden’s footsteps and leaves Houston. There are also some colleges in the area with the University of Houston and Rice, both known for producing quality football players. Houston also has an MLS team, with the Houston Dynamo.

San Antonio

san antonio spursWhile San Antonio doesn’t have multiple professional sports teams, it does have one of the most successful NBA franchises. The San Antonio Spurs might be going through some rebuilding, but Spurs fans have been largely watching playoff basketball for the last few decades. The University of Texas also has a campus here, but it is not their main one. San Antonio also has a semi-professional soccer team and has been launching bids for an MLS team.


texas longhornsAustin’s city has become one of the most popular cities globally with its beautiful scenery and vibrant nightlife. The food and music bring plenty of visitors as this has become a bit of a transplant city. You will find people from just about everywhere. As far as sports go, that means fans from all over. If you are in Austin, watching Texas Longhorn football is what you do on Saturdays. The main campus is stationed here, and the city also just finalized their MLS team, FC Austin.

College Sports Betting

The state will have a few options for the NCAA and how the state decides to deal with college sports betting. This is something that would need to be regulated in some regard, as most states do not allow live betting when it comes to college sports. Texas would likely go the same route as a majority of states have. Texas would unlikely ban all college sports betting but what is important is how they view the in-state schools. Some states have banned wagering on in-state schools and have allowed everything outside of the state. With Texas having such a large pool in college sports as Texas Tech, Texas A&M, and Baylor, all have strong followings. There is a rather large market here. This isn’t even adding in the Texas Longhorns and then the smaller schools. Optimally Texas would ban live college sports betting and allow everything else to function normally.

Possible Sportsbooks To Operate In Texas

There are a few sportsbooks that would jump in early as Texas still needs to legalize sports betting. With the state being as large as it is, they would certainly provide many operators, especially if sports teams were able to partner up. Here are some of the leading sportsbooks currently. These sportsbooks could also open sports betting locations.

betmgm-115x115DraftKings Sportsbook Starting as a daily fantasy sports site, DraftKings pushed their chips into the sportsbook world and have made out a huge winner. With one of the best sportsbooks around and the combination of fantasy sports, they have a huge edge on the field. They have strong customer service and an endless amount of props.

FanDuel Sportsbook Much like DraftKings, FanDuel was the other side of the competition when it came to daily fantasy sports sites. FanDuel has a quality product and provides one-game parlays where it is a unique way to wager on one game with multiple props. They have established themselves as one of the top sportsbooks.

BetMGM You likely have heard the name from their brand in Vegas, but they are new to the sportsbook world like most. Already having an established image has made it easier for them to break into the scene, but they have followed it up with a quality mobile and desktop product.

WynnBet – WynnBet is a branch off of Wynn Resorts and has a lot of momentum in the sports betting world. They are moving into a majority of legalized states and have begun partnering with sports teams and data companies. While the mobile and desktop interface needs a bit of work, WynnBet is certainly an up and comer in sports betting apps.

Offshore Sportsbooks

At the moment, offshore sportsbooks like Bovada are the only way for Texas residents to bet. Offshore accounts have been servicing many Americans over the last decade as sports betting was restricted for most. These sportsbooks come with some warning as they are not legally obligated to pay out account balances or winnings. While this is rare, you don’t have that same risk with regulated and domestic sportsbooks.

Texas Daily Fantasy Sports

FanDuel Fantasy AppTexas residents have been able to play daily fantasy sports from the beginning of their operations, as long as they are 18 years of age or older. Both FanDuel and DraftKings operate within the state as daily fantasy sites, but currently, you can’t be a sportsbook member in Texas. You still can view odds and what they have to offer but can’t place any sort of wager. While the sites battled legal trouble on a national level, that is, water under the bridge as fantasy sports has been removed from the list of gambling.

Texas Sports Betting FAQ

Is Sports Betting Legal In Texas?

Sports betting is not legal in the state of Texas unless you are using an offshore site. But currently, Texas has not legalized domestic sports betting, meaning you can’t bet on a site like DraftKings or BetMGM while in the state of Texas.

When Will Sports Betting Be Legal In Texas?

It is unclear when sports betting will be legal in Texas. There have been mixed reviews amongst the Texas legislators, and a bill came in 2021, but failed. Stay updated over the next few months, following the midterm elections.

What Are Texas Sports Betting Laws?

Currently, Texas has outlawed sports betting, both retail and mobile, in the state. Since the federal ban has been lifted, Texas has been one of 30 states who have yet to allow legalized sports betting in any fashion while in state lines.

Are There Casinos In Texas?

There are no commercial casinos in the state of Texas. They are prohibited. There are only two casinos located in Texas that offer electronic games and are operated by Native American tribes. You can’t bet on sports at tribal casinos in Texas.

Can I Bet On Offshore Sites In Texas?

Yes, any resident that is 21 years or older can use offshore sites. This means sites like Bovada are legal in Texas and have been a way to sports bet for many years as the ban was just lifted in 2019.

Is There Online Betting In Texas?

There are no online sports betting in Texas. That means you cannot bet on any mobile or desktop device. Online sports betting has been legalized in multiple states since the new year, and bills have included it in Texas, but no actions have been made.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal In Texas?

Yes, you can legally play daily fantasy sports while in Texas as long as you are 18 or older. DraftKings, FanDuel, and Yahoo all can be played while in state lines with no consequences.

Is FanDuel Betting In Texas?

FanDuel Sportsbook is not operating in the state of Texas but would certainly be one of the early operators if Texas ever does legalize sports betting. FanDuel is one of the top sportsbooks and most trustworthy in the industry.

Is DraftKings Betting In Texas?

DraftKings sportsbook is not allowed in Texas. You can access the site for daily fantasy or view odds, but you can’t wager any sort of money. DraftKings has become a world-leading sportsbook since operations began.

If Legal Sports Betting Passes In Texas, When Would It Launch?

Based on other states, if Texas was to legalize sports betting, they would need to finalize taxes, operator fees, and other regulations before allowing it. This can take a few months or up to a year before residents would be able to place their first bets.

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