Betway Sportsbook Promotional Code (2021 MAX Offer)

Betway Overview

Betway Logo 150x150 1Betway Sportsbook has arrived in the United States market. For years Betway was considered one of the best international and European sports betting platforms, but now the North American market will be able to try it out for itself. Betway is currently live in Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Betway has also launched its online casino in Pennsylvania, meaning that the Keystone State will have both online sports betting and casino games offered by Betway.

Betway is giving out a $250 risk-free bet when you sign up for the new sportsbook. This offer is live in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

Betway Promotional Code

The best Betway promotional code gets you a $250 risk-free bet following your first deposit with the sportsbook. A risk-free bet means that your bet slip is insured up to $250. If you lose, then Betway will credit your account for that bet slip, up to $250, with Betway site credits. This offer is extended to all users that sign up with Betway Sportsbook in the United States

Betway Promotional Code

June 2021 ($250 MAX Bonus)

New User BonusRisk-Free Bets up to $250
States with Betway SportsbookIndiana, Pennsylvania, and Colorado
States with Betway CasinoPennsylvania
Expiration DateExpires: 10/31/21
EligibilityMust be a new user to Betway Sportsbook to get a $250 risk-free bet
RestrictionsYou must 21 years of age or older to make a Betway Sportsbook account. You must be in a state with a licensed Betway Sportsbook to sign up.

Guide to Betting on Betway

Betting with Betway is not a complex process. The online sportsbook makes it very straightforward to sign up. A huge plus of the sportsbook being online means that you can sign up and wager anywhere in states that offer Betway sportsbooks. There is no travel necessary at all. This process can be done all on your computer or mobile device from your home.


Download Betway Mobile App or Visit the Website

The first step to playing on Betway is finding the online sportsbook. You can download the mobile app both for iOS or Android if you wish to proceed on your mobile device. However, you can also visit Betway’s website, where the online sportsbook is available for your computer and desktop. Note that the Android download link can be found on Betway’s mobile site as restrictions with the Google Play Store may inhibit you from downloading the sportsbook there.

Betway Apple App


Creating a Betway Account

To create your Betway account, you first must make sure that you are physically in a state with a legal and licensed Betway Sportsbook. Then, you also must be 21 years of age or older. If both of those things are true, you should have no trouble creating your account.

You will need to provide Betway with some personal information like email, birthdate, full name, and the last four digits of your social. All of this information goes into confirming your identity as a legal bettor. If Betway cannot confirm your identity, it may ask for further proof of identity. However, in most cases, there should be no issue in creating your account.

Betway signup 2


Depositing Money into Betway

Betway offers several different forms of banking options once your account has been created and your identity confirmed. You can choose any one of these banking options to add money to your account. Deposits will quickly enter your account where it can then be used to place wagers.

Some of the options that you can expect in most states are PayPal, bank transfer, credit card, and debit card. For getting your money out of your account, PayPal and bank transfer will be the primary forms of doing so.

Betway Banking


Placing a Wager on Betway

Once your account is created and your money has been deposited, you can now place some wagers on Betway Sportsbook. When placing a wager the first thing you have to do is find a bet that you want to place. You can do so by selecting one of the many categories that Betway organizes its wagers into. You can choose the sport, then league, then type of wager that you want to place.

When you find a bet you like, you simply need click on it for it to be added to your bet slip. The bet slip is where you will formally place the wager. Here, you can type the amount of money you want to bet, and the bet slip will do the math on your potential payout for you. Then, if everything looks good, you can confirm your wager.

Betway betslip

Betway States

Betway has entered the Indiana, Colorado, and Pennsylvania markets. The sportsbook is already operational in several other countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, Malta, and Italy. The United States, however, is a completely different market, where each state acts very much on its own in regards to sports and casino betting.


Betway Pennsylvania

Betway Pennsylvania is one of the original three states that Betway has launched its sportsbook in, in the United States. Betway Pennsylvania boasts both an online sportsbook and an online casino in the state. The sportsbook was able to get licensed through its retail casino partner, Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania was the first state in which Betway was able to show off its enticing online casino. Not only can you wager on an NFL game, but you can also play virtual poker using the same linked account. Betway Pennsylvania is offering a great $250 risk-free bet when you sign up today.

Betway Indiana

Indiana flagBetway Indiana marked the inaugural state for Betway America. Betway Indiana partnered with Belterra Casino Resort in order to become licensed in the State of Indiana. The sportsbook can now be played anywhere in the state from your mobile device or computer. The legal betting age in Indiana is 21 years of age or older.

For now, only the online sportsbook is being offered in Indiana. The new user sign-up bonus for Betway Indiana is the $250 risk-free bet that is awarded following your first deposit. There are also many more promotions being offered to the Indiana market, just check the promotions tab for details.

Betway Colorado

Colorado was one of the first three states to be announced by Betway when it joined the United States. Betway is live in Colorado due to its partnership with Famous Bonanza Casino and G.F Gaming corporation. Betway was able to receive its licenses and now offers sports betting to all legal bettors who are physically in Colorado. You can play on the app or on the desktop version of the sportsbook.

New users to Betway Colorado can enjoy a completely free $250 risk-free bet when you sign up with the sportsbook. There is no catch; if you lose the bet, you will be refunded with site credits. You cannot lose with this risk-free bet.

Betway New Jersey

Betway New Jersey is on its way. You will be able to play on both the Betway Casino and Sportsbook while in New Jersey. You can enjoy slots, table games, and more, as well as bet on sports. Plus, you get to do it all on one platform and one account. This will not be Betway’s first time in the casino game as it offers online casinos in many other countries.

Betway Sportsbook Overview

Betway Sportsbook is a big name in the international sporting world. Its arrival to the United States is a massive deal, and with it comes years of professionalism and experience in the online sports wagering realm.

Betway Mobile App

The Betway mobile app is one of the best on the market. It receives incredible praise in the United Kingdom and other countries for being one of the easiest to use. The team at Betway has brought that same design and functionality to the United States. Betway has already firmly placed itself among the top of the US platforms when it comes to mobile wagering. The app is simply outstanding.

One of the worst issues with mobile sports betting is the app freezing or stalling. However, this really is a non-issue with Betway due to their experience in the space. The app runs just as well as the best mobile apps out there.

Betway Mobile app preview

Betway Desktop Site

The Betway Sportsbook does not disappoint on your computer’s browser. The platform takes good advantage of real estate without cluttering the user interface. Finding wagers, support, account management, banking options, and more are all very straightforward. It is also very easy to build big bet slips on the desktop site due to the ability to clearly see all the possible wagers and your bet slip at once.

The only complaints to be made may be increasing the size of the actual bet slip itself and the font choice. The font is somewhat harder to read and is very reminiscent of an early-2000’s site. With just a minor update to the font and an expanded bet slip, this could be one of the very best sportsbook desktop sites.

Betway Desktop design

Betway Support

There are two main ways to get support with Betway Sportsbook in the United States. The first is an FAQ, which may be the best FAQ list on the market. It answers hundreds of questions with short but concise answers. Of course, there is also a quick and speedy live chat service to help with more personal and unique issues.

Betway Sports

nba logo 100Betway offers all the major sports that you would expect from both an international and American sportbsook. You have your classics like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, but there are also tons of other events as well. Tennis, golf, boxing, racing, rugby, and even table tennis are all available on Betway.

Betway is actually an official gaming operator of the NBA and uses official NFL data for their wagers. Not to mention that they are partnered with the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Clippers, Brooklyn Nets, Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, and New York Islanders. It is clear that this is a trusted sportsbook and sports betting brand.

Betway Casino

The casino has the same signup and deposit process as the sportsbook, which makes it easy for new users to join up and play. Currently, you can play through the Betway Casino while in Pennsylvania, while other states are awaiting launch. The Betway Casino is one of the major highlights of the company, with a wide offering in games. Betway Casino is available via desktop and mobile.

Betway Casino Games

Betway has hundreds of casino games. This includes loads of slots ranging from small ones to massive multi-million dollar jackpot slots. There are also virtual table games like virtual poker, roulette, and more! Betway offers live dealer games in some countries, but it is not currently available in the United States.

Betway Online Caisno

Betway Sportsbook FAQ

Is Betway legal in the United States?

Yes, Betway is a legal and licensed operator in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. However, the sportsbook is currently only operational in those states, which means you cannot use it in any of the other 47 states. You can use Betway in several other countries.

What states have Betway sportsbooks?

The three states that currently have Betway Sportsbooks are Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. New Jersey is awaiting both the sportsbook and the casino. In Pennsylvania, you can access both the casino and sportsbook.

What is the new-user bonus for Betway?

The new-user bonus for Betway is a $250 risk-free bet. You receive this bonus following your first deposit. This means that your eligible bet slip is insured up to $250 with this bonus. If you lose the bet, you will be refunded with site credit.

Is Betway safe to use?

Yes, Betway is legal and licensed in all of the states that it offers its sports betting platform in. Betway is also a trusted name in the gaming world, as it is used by thousands of people. Betway passes our 3-point check system here at Lineups.

Can I bet when visiting a state with Betway?

Yes, you do not have to be a resident of Colorado, Indiana, or Pennsylvania to bet in those states. As long as you are physically within the state’s borders, you can wager on sports with Betway. You can also create an account while visiting.

Does Betway have an Android app?

Yes, the Android app is available via Betway’s mobile site. Simply go to Betway’s US mobile site and click on the Android button. There, you can find all the links and instructions you need to get going on your Android device.

Can I place parlays with Betway?

Yes, Betway has parlay wagers, including round robins and teasers. These are easy to make. Simply add multiple wagers to your bet slip and click on the parlay option at the top of your bet slip. That is it. This will turn your bet slip into a parlay wager.

Can I bet on NCAA games with Betway?

Yes, collegiate wagers are allowed in the states that Betway offers its sportsbook in. You can wager on both NCAA men’s football as well as NCAA men’s basketball. There will be more collegiate sports offerings in the future from Betway.

Is Betway an offshore sportsbook?

No. While Betway has an international sportsbook and offices all over the world, the Betway Sportsbook in the United States follows all laws, regulations, and is licensed in the states that it operates in. Betway is not an offshore sportsbook.

Can I have multiple Betway accounts?

No. Betway limits your sportsbook to one account, and you are the only person allowed to wager on your account. This is one reason why you have to verify your identity when betting online with Betway. You are tied to your one Betway account.

Betway Sportsbook America
Betway Logo 200x200

Name: Betway Sportsbook United States

Description: Betway Sportsbook, the famous European sportsbook, has been brought to the United States and is now offering wagers in three states, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Colorado. Betway has a world-renowned reputation when it comes to igaming, this includes online sports betting and online casino games. Very few brands boast a better reputation than Betway Sportsbook.

Operating System: iOS, Android, Windows, OSX

Application Category: Game

Author: Matthew Amato

  • Design
  • Promos
  • Wagers
  • Support


The Betway Sportsbook checks a lot of the boxes when looking at what makes a good online sportsbook. The first massive tick is the mobile design. The design is already one of the very best in the American market. The amount of wagers and odds pricing is solid, and the new-user bonus is somewhat competitive.

Well Done

  • Design and User-Interface is stellar
  • Tremendous brand reputation
  • Tons of sports to wager on
  • In-play wagers
  • Ongoing promotions

Needs Help

  • Could use more support options
  • The desktop site could be easier to read
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