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If you’re new to playing daily fantasy sports, building rosters and competing against seasoned-experts can feel like a challenging assignment. FanDuel appreciates that new players and beginners benefit from a chance to learn the ins-and-outs of fantasy football. To help you learn as you play and begin to develop your own strategies and preferences, FanDuel offers beginner contests. New players start out as at the beginner level. This gives you a chance to compete against players with similar DFS skills. Here’s how the FanDuel Beginner Contests work. Before you can become a beginner, you need to sign up for a FanDuel account. Read our FanDuel Sportsbook Review and use the Lineups Betting FanDuel Promo Code when signing up.

Who’s Eligible for Beginner Contests?

The whole idea of FanDuel’s beginner level is to match players of similar levels of experience. The beginner level is for any new player who has played less than 50 FanDuel contests. There will never be a player in any of the FanDuel beginner contests who has played more than 50. This level is purposefully reserved for the newest daily fantasy sports players. It is FanDuel’s way of helping to level the playing field while you learn the ropes of DFS. FanDuel doesn’t want you to feel anxious while learning how to build lineups and perfect your DFS research skills.

You’ll get 50 chances to gain valuable experience. Now, if you happen to win a big cash prize, you will be moved up a level to “experienced”. As you continue to play contests on FanDuel, your level can change according to how well your lineups perform. The next level after you complete your first 50 contests is intermediate. FanDuel makes it easy to scan the level of the players already entered every contest. Players can see the list with icons that represent “experienced and highly-experienced” players. For your 50 contests as a new player on FanDuel, you’ll never have to compete against either of these levels if you choose not to.

What Types of Contests Are There for Beginners?

FanDuel has three different types of contests set up just for beginning DFS players. This is by design to help you learn how to play any of these three contest types before you move up to the next level. All FanDuel beginner contests have the same lineup construction and points system as standard contests. Here’s a quick look at these three beginner contests.

FanDuel Beginner 50/50 Contests: These contests are a favorite among all DFS player levels, but especially beginners. All you need to do is build a lineup that finishes in the top half of all entries and you’re a winner.

FanDuel Beginner Double Up Contests: The double up contests are a great way to begin to build a bankroll as a beginner. A winning lineup will earn you a bigger prize payout than in a 50/50 contest. You can literally double the amount of the entry fee with a winning lineup card.

FanDuel Beginner Tournaments: Tournaments are the most commonly preferred format for DFS players. They offer big cash prizes for winning lineups. In addition, there is an air of excitement watching your roster of players move up the leader board. The number of players makes it harder to win, but in beginner tournaments you’ll be assured that all the entries will be from your current skill level.

How Do You Find Beginner Contests?

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Finding the list of FanDuel Beginner Contests is simple. Navigate your way to the contest lobby and locate the “Beginner Contests” tab. Click on this tab to open a page listing all the current DFS contests available that beginners qualify for. There are a number of free contests for beginners throughout the week. Make sure to check the FanDuel Players Club section for free opportunities to play.

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Are There Any Tips for Entering FanDuel’s Beginner Contests?

Most of the tips and suggestions for playing in any beginner contest are the same for higher levels of play. Study the scoring system and do some research when building your lineups. One reason for having beginner contests, is to help match players who have similar experience at these two key strategies. Beginners, like even the most advanced veteran DFS pros, should establish and stick to a bankroll strategy. The bankroll strategy you design for yourself will stick with you as you graduate up the ladder to higher skill levels. The final tip for beginners is to enter often, and enter to have fun.

Mix and match some different player strategies to see which ones work for you. Begin to build a set of research tools you’re comfortable with. Again, you can play as beginner with the confidence that the other entries in your contests will be working to develop these DFS skills as well. The playing field will be level. So, if you’ve been putting off getting into the DFS game because you didn’t think you had the knowledge to compete, FanDuel is looking out for you. As a new player, you deserve the right to learn how to play DFS before you get matched against experienced players. FanDuel’s Beginner Contests give you that opportunity.

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