PointsBet Maryland: Sportsbook Guide, Launch Status, & Promo Code

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Maryland Sports Betting

Online and mobile sports betting is finally here in Maryland as the state government passed a bill in 2021 adding to retail sports betting, which was legalized in 2020. Maryland plans on opening up to a ton of operators in the state, as up to 60 online operators can be approved, and 30 more retail licenses can be dished out as well. Maryland set a 15% tax rate for retail and online sports betting revenue. Operators will also need to fork out a $250,000 licensing fee. Maryland will still be one of the more operator-friendly states and also did approve in-state college sports betting. 

PointsBet Maryland Update

PointsBet comes from Australia and is partnered with NBC Sports. They have an excellent online sportsbook, and it is projected to be available in Maryland, given the number of operators that can come into the state. With Maryland going online around the beginning of the NFL season, PointsBet should be in the market around that date. They offer a very extensive and clean product, with exceptional customer support and a wide range of betting options. PointsBet is partnering with the Riverboat-on-the-Potomac for market access in the state of Maryland. 


PointsBet Maryland Promo Code (Projection)

Based on the other states where PointsBet is operating, we project that new users will get up to $2,000 in free bets. You can receive up to $500 back if you lose your first fixed odds bet and up to $1,500 back if you lose your first points betting wager.

Projected PointsBet Maryland Promo CodePointsBet Maryland Promo Details
Projected Promo CodeLINEUPS For Highest Offer
PointsBet Promo Code Bonus$2,000 in risk-free bets in Maryland with PointsBet Sportsbook
Promo Details1. $500 risk-free fixed odds bet
2. $1,500 risk-free PointsBetting bet.
EligibilityMust be in Maryland, 21+ years of age, and a new user to PointsBet
PointsBet Maryland LaunchTBD

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PointsBet Maryland Sportsbook Review

Website interfaces are crucial for sportsbooks and how they operate. PointsBet has done a terrific job designing both their desktop and mobile app. A black and red appearance makes it easy on the eyes, and everything is modern and easy to find. The left navigation shows you all the featured games and then more. You have the live section, quick parlays, and you can also see what is upcoming for events. 

Clicking within a game, PointsBet has plenty of player props and game props to wager on in addition to the standard bets. The bet slip is sleek and makes it easy to place wagers. The mobile app resembles much of the desktop site, making it an easy transition. PointsBet also offers a unique points betting feature, where your winnings are more tied to the result of the game. 

Overall, PointsBet has one of the best sites and mobile apps in the industry. They also show on each game where the money is going on each side and the win probability, which isn’t usually seen on a direct sportsbook site. With a strong customer support team, a variety of payout options, and unique ways to wager, PointsBet is one of the best out there. 

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Top 3 Features of PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet Sportsbook has some unique ways to wager on sports, featuring their points betting system. They also have live betting, single-game parlays, odds boosts, and much more.


Points Betting

Sportsbooks offer a lot of the same products, but PointsBet stepped outside of the box with this one. Points betting makes it, so the result of your bet has more meaning. For example, betting the over 200 points in a basketball game means both teams need to combine for 201 points or more, and the wager is won. Now on points betting, every point over increases your payout. If the total ends up at 15 points over, you will get 15x your wager. However, if it comes under, you could end up losing more than you wagered. 



Live Betting

Live betting is one of the major features of most sportsbooks, mainly because it is one of the more popular ways to bet. PointsBet has a solid live page where you can find all of the current live odds to wager on. You can also see the upcoming live games or matches on the right, which have a countdown to when they start. There is no shortage of live games going on each day and at any hours given they have a wide selection of international sports. 

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Single Game Parlays

Single-game parlays have really taken off due to the fantasy sports side of betting now, where many transition through player props. PointsBet added single-game parlays to their site, meaning you can wager on multiple game and player props from just one game. This wasn’t always the case, where you couldn’t pair or correlate your bets from a single game. When you click into the game, you will see a single game parlay tab with all of the odds that qualify for the parlay. 

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Top PointsBet Maryland Future

baltimore ravens

On PointsBet, the Baltimore Ravens are +1400 to win the Super Bowl, which is the 5th best odds of any team. Baltimore has been sniffing around the top of the AFC the last few years and has added some offensive weapons over the offseason. The defense has always been stout, but we will need to see now with a few departures. 

Baltimore is certainly worth a look as a Super Bowl winner, but they have had some tough outs in the playoffs and are not built to play from behind. That has been a problem because they have had quick holes in the playoffs. Oddsmakers look at this team as a contender still, and I don’t blame them. Odds will stay in this range up until later in the year, barring any sort of major injury to a key player. 

maryland terrapins

College Sports Betting

College sports betting is unique when it comes to each state, as some allow in-state college betting and some do not. Maryland did make it clear that in-state schools will be eligible to be wagered on once they go live. That means you can wager on the University of Maryland. The Terps are one of the most popular teams in the area and have some major rivalries in the Big 10. 

PointsBet offers futures and weekly betting on basketball and football. Maryland is in the Big 10 and has made strides to becoming a team to watch in both sports. There is no live betting on college sports, which is generally the rule for most states, as lawmakers found live betting on college sports to be more troubling. There are also no player props for college sports betting, which is universal in each state. 

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PointsBet Maryland FAQ

Is PointsBet Maryland Legal?

Yes, PointsBet is legal in Maryland. The state did legalize online sports betting in 2021 and PointsBet is an operator that has a credible background and passes regulations to open in Maryland. You just need to meet legal requirements to place wagers once it is fully launched.

When Will PointsBet Maryland Launch?

While Maryland did approve and legalize online and mobile sports betting this year, they are working through regulations and approving operators. Maryland is expected to launch sports betting before the end of the 2021 calendar year.

Can I Use PointsBet Outside Of Maryland?

You can’t access the PointsBet app outside of Maryland unless you are in another state that has PointsBet as a partnered operator. That means you can’t travel to a non-legal state and use the PointsBet app to place wagers.

What Are The Requirements To Sign Up For PointsBet?

To sign up for PointsBet Maryland, you will need to first be located within Maryland state lines. If you are outside, you will not be able to sign up. You also must be 21 years or older and be able to quickly verify your identity while signing up.

What Deposit/Withdrawal Options Are Available On PointsBet?

PointsBet has plenty of deposit and withdrawal options available. You can deposit using any major credit card, bank transfers, or PayPal. To withdraw you can use the bank transfers, PayPal, and you can kick it old school with a mailed check.

Do I Pay Taxes On PointsBet Winnings?

Yes, you must pay taxes on any PointsBet winnings exceeding the $5,000 mark. You will pay both federal and state income taxes. The current Maryland tax rate for residents is 8.7% of the winnings and 7% for non-residents.

What Is The PointsBet Maryland New User Bonus?

The projected new user bonus for PointsBet Maryland is two risk-free bets up to $2,000. A risk-free bet means you can place a wager up to that amount and PointsBet will reward a free bet back to your account if you lose.

How Do I Access Customer Support On PointsBet?

To access customer support on PointsBet, you can go through live chat or use their email service. The live chat is one of the best in the industry. You can also go through FAQ to search through questions if they are less pressing.

Is There Live Betting On PointsBet?

Yes, there is live betting on PointsBet. On the main home page, there is a live betting section showing all the current games and odds PointsBet is offering. Live betting will not be allowed for college sports.

Does PointsBet Have A Rewards Program?

PointsBet does have a rewards program, where you can earn a reward point for every $1 placed on a parlay or every $5 on a fixed odds bet. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose the bet, it will go towards your account.

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PointsBet Maryland Sportsbook Review

Name: PointsBet Maryland

Description: PointsBet is the ONLY sportsbook to bring you both traditional betting systems like Moneyline, Spread, Live betting, Over/Under, Parlays and the unique PointsBetting option where the excitement lasts as long as the game does! The more you’re right, the more you win, it’s that simple.

Operating System: iOS, Android

Application Category: Game

Author: Jason Guilbault

  • Interface
  • Variety Of Sports
  • Variety Of Wagers
  • Customer Support
  • Rewards & Promos


PointsBet is one of the best sportsbooks in the industry. They offer a very unique points betting system that is different from any other. This is in addition to their normal sports betting offers and single-game parlays. They have a very friendly new user bonus and also have a rewards system for users that continue to wager on PointsBet. Customer support is friendly and very responsive. They also have a variety of deposit and withdrawal options.

Well Done

  • Single Game Parlays
  • Friendly Interface
  • Customer Support & Live Chat
  • PointsBetting System

Needs Help

  • Big Promo Ad At Top Of Homepage
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