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Everything is Peachy on the Georgia Lottery

GA Lottery 250x150Georgia was one of the tougher states to convince lawmakers the benefits a statewide lottery would generate. However, once Georgia officially launched legal lottery sales, they’ve consistently been at the leading edge of lottery technology.

First, we’ll explore the path that Georgia took to forming the Georgia Lottery Corporation, plus tell you how you can take advantage of one of the earliest states to allow online lottery games. We’ll finish by discussing some popular Georgia Lottery games and answer a few common questions.

Georgia Lottery History

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Many Georgia lawmakers watched as neighboring states began to reap the financial rewards of a state-run lottery system. However, many Georgians drew a hard line against anything they deemed to be gambling.

Eventually, through the tireless efforts of legislators, Georgia passed a constitutional amendment to Article 1 Section II Paragraph VIII of the Georgia Constitution. The amendment was passed in November 1992 by public referendum.

Almost immediately after the passing of the referendum, legislators ironed out a separate bill. By the end of 1992, a second bill was introduced and passed by the Georgia General Assembly.

The bill did not require public approval to create the Georgia Lottery Corporation. The GLC still oversees all Georgia Lottery operations today. It is a separate government agency that has no other responsibility.

Rebecca Paul, a name known across the south for her outstanding lottery organizational skills, was entrusted with the first 10 years of Georgia Lottery operations. She would cross state lines in 2004 to help launch the Tennessee Lottery.

The original Georgia Lottery draw game was Lotto Georgia. The game was merged with two other draw games to help generate bigger jackpots. Lotto South ended in 2006, but in 2010, the Georgia Lottery compensated for the loss of its largest cash jackpot game by selling both Powerball™ and Mega Millions™ tickets.

Despite lagging slightly behind some states in launching a lottery, Georgia was quick to activate an online presence.

Bonuses and Promotions from the Georgia Lottery

The Current welcome bonus for the Georgia Lottery is a $125 deposit bonus using a deposit match of 50%. Therefore to get the full $125 bonus you will have to deposit $250 into your account! You can use any form of a deposit to get the bonus.

Everyone with a Georgia Lottery account will also receive periodic coupons for free or discounted Georgia Lottery games. You can sign up to receive other exclusive promotional offers, plus updates and jackpot alerts.

If you opt-in, winning numbers will be sent right to your email. Account-holders can also purchase tickets online for six draw games with an account. Everyone with a Georgia Lottery account can also join the Players Club.

Joining the Georgia Lottery Players Club puts you on an exclusive list for special event notifications. You still do all the normal things that a standard account can accomplish, but Players Club members get exclusive access to the interactive Diggi Games.

Players Club members can also request to be paid automatically for online winning tickets up to $600. Now let’s talk about a few thrilling games you can play on the Georgia Lottery.

Deposit bonus Georgia Lottery

Favorite Georgia Lottery Games and Prizes

The Georgia Lottery’s online games started with a simple set of seven draw-style games. Keno was an instant success. Soon, by using an interactive platform that was part of the Players Club, the Georgia Lottery expanded the online game options.

They are called the Diggi Games. There are over 50 exciting Diggi Games on the Georgia Lottery. Ticket prices and top prize jackpots vary. Let’s look at a couple of favorites. First is the $100,000 top prize Diggi Game Dazzling Diamonds Deluxe.

Digi Games Georgia Lottery

Dazzling Diamonds Deluxe tickets range from $0.50 to $10. The top prize jackpot is an enticing $100,000. Riches of the Runes is another Georgia Lottery favorite. Ticket prizes are the same as Dazzling Diamonds Deluxe.

The top prize for Riches of the Runes is up to $50,000. If you want fun and a huge potential jackpot, you’ll enjoy playing Little Green Men Warp Reactor. The top prize could be out-of-the-world at up to $200,000.

Along with Wheel of Fortune on the Road, Pink Diamond Crossword has the biggest potential cash jackpot. Both have ticket prices that range from $2 to $10, but the possible top prize is up to $200,000.

Georgia Lottery Scratcher Games

Georgia Lottery Frequently Asked Questions

How much revenue does the Georgia Lottery generate for the state?

The Georgia Lottery posted over $12 million in tax revenue alone during the 2019 calendar year. Unlike some state-run lotteries, proceeds from the Georgia Lottery also go to support the state’s pre-K school programs. Additional resources are remitted to the Georgia Hope Scholarship program.

How much does it cost to join the Georgia Lottery Players Club?

The Georgia Lottery Players Club is free. It has an outstanding number of exclusive advantages over a standard account. Players can join interactive games, plus receive automatic instant payments of prize awards under $600 for prize awards on tickets purchased online.

What type of identification is necessary to claim prize winnings from the Georgia Lottery?

For winning tickets bought at a Georgia Lottery retailer, two forms of identification are necessary to claim prizes over $600. A valid driver’s license and social security card are preferred. Winning tickets purchased online require identification to verify social security number and current address.

Can groups or lottery pools play the Georgia Lottery?

Yes. Playing as a group or lottery pool is the exclusive right of the parties involved. Prizes won by groups or lottery pools, can be claimed by a corporation, partnership or trust. A group or lottery pool may also designate a single person to claim a prize.

Are there state taxes on lottery winnings in Georgia?

Yes. Georgia Lottery winnings require federal and state taxes. The GLC reports winners of prizes over $600 to the IRS and Georgia Department of Revenue. The Georgia state income tax rate is 6 percent. The federal tax is 24 percent. Taxes on prizes over $5,000 are deducted when claimed.

Can I play the Georgia Lottery online?

Yes! The Georgia lottery has an app and desktop site that has games on it to play. You do not have to visit in person to play the Georgia Lottery. However, some games like scratchers are not available online with the app and site.

What age do I have to be to play the Georgia Lottery online?

You still need to be 18 years of age to play the lottery online. It is the same age as it is in-person when it comes to the Georgia Lottery. The Lottery will ask for some form of identification to confirm your age when playing.

What are the deposit methods for the Georgia Lottery app?

There are three forms of funding your account with the Georgia Lottery. These methods are debit card, bank account transfer, or PayPal. All of these methods come with zero fees and almost instant processing times. They all also can be used to get the deposit bonus.

Is there an Android App for the Georgia Lottery?

Yes, to get the Android application you will need to find the download link on the Georgia Lottery website. There are currently no Lottery apps available on the Google Play Store, so you will need to go through the GA Lottery itself.

What games can I play with the Georgia Lottery app?

You can play Digi games, or you can also buy into a few different draw games. The digital games available include a wide variety of different forms where you can win thousands in prizes. The draw games available are Cash Pop, Mega Millions, Power Ball, Fantasy 5, and Keno!

Georgia Lottery App Review
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Name: Georgia Lottery App

Description: The Georgia Lottery has taken a huge step by offering online drawings and games. Alongside being able to check your numbers, find local retailers, you can also play the Georgia Lottery online! You must be 18 years of age or older to play the Georgia Lottery.

Operating System: Android, iOS

Application Category: Game

Author: Matthew Amato

  • Games Offered
  • User Interface
  • Support
  • Banking Options


The Georgia Lottery App could be better, but for a state-run lottery application, it gets the job done. You have your games that work well and you can cash out instantly. You also have the ability to find a retailer or check your ticket to see if you have won anything! Creating your account and adding a banking option is very straightforward and easy.

Well Done

  • Support available
  • Can easily take a picture to check your ticket
  • Find local retailers or play online
  • Creating an account and depositing is easy

Needs Help

  • Clunky UI
  • More games to play would be appreciated
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