NBA Sixth Man Of The Year Odds 2022-23: Westbrook Unexpected Role Change Causes Chaos

The NBA Sixth Man of the Year odds will be constantly updated throughout the season! The “6MOTY” (Sixth Man of the Year, abbreviated) award is handed out to the league’s best non-starter throughout an entire season. Eligibility requirements for the award are relatively simple: any player is eligible as long as they have come off the bench in more games than they have started for their given team. Last season’s award went to Tyler Herro, who posted an impressive 20.7 points, five rebounds, and four assists on roughly a 45/40/87 shooting split. Herro helped the Heat attain the best record in the Eastern Conference by providing consistent scoring, an aspect of the game that Miami struggled with for most of the season. 

NBA Sixth Man of the Year Odds 2022-23

Below is an odds table of all the favorites to win the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year award for the 2022-23 season. Tyler Herro won the award last year after a dominating 20/5/4 season with an impressive shooting split, but he will likely be shut out this season due to the fact that he will be a consistent starter for Miami. Check out which players are listed below and the players we like to come home with the award this season.

NBA Sixth Man of the Year Odds & Changes Explained

Sixth Man of the Year odds are ever-changing, beginning in the preseason until the award winner is announced during the NBA Playoffs. Usually, you can get favorable odds in the preseason, and the reasoning should be simple: different catalysts can quickly alter the outlook of a future bet, such as the Sixth Man of the Year award. For example, injuries, locker room tension, cold streaks, a trade, or a change in coaching staff can all impact a player’s odds of winning the award. 

NBA Sixth Man of the Year Odds Futures Bettors

The Sixth Man of the Year award is another future bet that is highly speculative; there are not many back-to-back winners of this award in league history. Only three players have won the award in consecutive years: Kevin McHale, Lou Williams, and Detlef Schrempf. NBA futures bettors understand the likelihood of a player winning consecutive Sixth Man of the Year awards is slim and will bet accordingly. Additionally, these futures bettors can notice and acknowledge important trends. For instance, guards have won the award in ten of the past 11 seasons. The only non-guard who won the Sixth Man of the Year award during that stretch was Montrezl Harrell. Another important consideration is that centers do not receive this award; Bill Walton and Roy Tarpley were the only ones to win. Power forwards not named Kevin McHale have not fared much better.

Favorite Sixth Man Of The Year Odds Bets

Surprisingly, Herro will likely not be eligible to be a Sixth Man of the Year after starting in every Heat game thus far in the 2022-23 season. Herro’s absence will open doors for many dark horses this season; we have seen that with Christian Wood and, most recently, Russell Westbrook, who was just moved to a bench role for the Los Angeles Lakers. Check out our complete analysis of the Sixth Man of the Year award and which players have great value heading into the 2022-23 NBA season.

The Favorite: Jordan Poole  

Jordan Poole surprised everyone when he came out of seemingly nowhere (the G-League, to be specific) and put up an astonishing 18.5 points, four assists, and 3.4 rebounds on nearly 45% from the field last year. The hype around Poole began right before the season, but few people believed he could be a 6MOTY candidate that quickly. Poole’s meteoric rise to become one of the best scorers and shooters off the bench in the NBA proves that individual awards can be challenging to predict. Despite Ja Morant winning the Most Improved Player award last season, many believed Poole should have been the recipient. Regardless, Poole should only continue to improve, but the start of this season has been a roller coaster for him. This graph, courtesy of bball-index, details how important Jordan Poole is to the Golden State’s offense through his ball dominance and usage rate from the 2021-22 season.


The Dark Horse: Christian Wood  

Christian Wood was not a lock to be a starter for the Mavericks, but many people assumed he’d step into a starting role almost immediately. However, Wood has been brought off the bench for the Mavs and has thrived in the role, averaging roughly 17 points and eight rebounds per game on a ridiculous shooting split. This is the kind of production that can catapult Wood from a dark horse to a favorite fairly quickly. The Mavericks need consistent scoring outside of Luka Doncic, and they may have just found it!

Out of Nowhere: Russell Westbrook  

In a surprising turn of events, Russell Westbrook not only became an eligible Sixth Man of the Year but has leaped Jordan Poole to be the favorite to win the award on many different sportsbooks. Despite the Los Angeles Lakers’ awful start to the 2022-23 season, Westbrook should still consistently put up solid stats across the board. Through their first ten games, Westbrook has averaged about 16 points, six rebounds, and six assists; however, he has looked much more comfortable in his bench role, where he can play on-ball more and secure a higher usage rate when he steps on the floor.


It’s still early in the 2022-23 regular season, but a few Sixth Man of the Year candidates have jumped out to an early lead: Jordan Poole, Christian Wood, and now Russell Westbrook look like the early-season favorites to win! Christian Wood is an interesting Sixth Man of the Year dark horse with his red-hot shooting through the first month of the NBA season; he looks like the Dallas Mavericks’ perfect bench scorer. Jordan Poole is likely still the favorite for the 6MOTY award, but Westbrook could overtake him in a more convincing manner if his numbers and production increase in his role off the bench for Los Angeles.

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