New York Lottery Promo Code – Review & Bonus (Everything you Need to Know)

The New York Lottery – #1 in the U.S. for Lottery Revenue

ny lottery logo 150X150Total sales for state-run lotteries have grown steadily since 2009. After a minimal drop in 2017, lottery enthusiasm resumed its ascension by establishing a record in topping $90 billion nationally in 2019. New York Lottery sales contributed over $10 billion to that record.

Since becoming the second continental U.S. state to launch a state lottery, New York has consistently been a leader in revenue production. Let’s take a look at some promotions and the history of the New York Lottery, plus some exciting games you can play.

Bonus Offers and Promotions on the New York Lottery

One way to get the most out of playing the New York Lottery is to purchase a subscription. A New York Lottery subscription allows you to purchase blocks of draws from three popular draw games. Lotto, Mega Millions™, and Cash4Life™ are available.

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You can also download the New York Lottery App. While there are no online games offered, yet, it appears that New York’s legislators are considering both online casino games and online ticket purchases.

The New York Lottery app will allow you to take advantage of New York Lottery Extended Play for all eligible scratch-off games. With the app, you can also participate in the Collect ‘N Win opportunities for particular draw games.

New York Lottery History

Puerto Rico, while not an official state, holds the distinction of being the first legal lottery in the United States or one of its territories. New York is pretty high up on the order of the earliest continental U.S. states to approve a lottery.

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In fact, only New Hampshire beat New York in the lottery race. Three years after New Hampshire kicked off the first state-run lottery, New York’s legislators put a referendum on the November 1966 ballot.

With over 60 percent of the vote, the referendum was approved. All revenue generated by lottery sales was to be targeted to New York’s education system specifically. Early in 1967, New York’s lawmakers established the Division of Lottery and Lottery Commission.

The New York State Lottery for Education Law placed all responsibility for lottery operations in the hands of the director of the Division of Lottery. Since the first tickets New York Lottery tickets went on sale in 1967, the Division of Lottery has funneled over $34 billion into education.

In January 2010, New York was part of a group of states that collectively started to offer tickets for the two major multi-jurisdictional draw games Powerball™ and Mega Millions™. As sports betting and casino interest grew in New York, changes were made to the Division of Lottery.

All aspects of lottery operations in New York were merged with the New York State Racing and Wagering Board. Legislators created a new governing agency, the New York State Gaming Commission (NYGGC). Let’s take a look at some popular games the NYSGC oversees.

New York Lottery’s Most Popular Games and Biggest Prizes

New York Lottery players have a number of exciting chances to win big cash jackpots. Of course, there are the multi-jurisdictional favorites, Powerball™ and Mega Millions. There is also the in-state drawing for the New York Lotto.

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There are a total of nine drawing game tickets sold. However, one of the most popular is a little like Keno. The New York Pick 10 is a daily drawing. You select 10 out of 80 numbers. Similar to a Keno strategy, you want to hit as many correct numbers as possible.

There are cash prizes for matching six or more numbers. Players also win by not matching any number from that drawing. New York Pick 10 tickets cost $1, and there is a drawing each day at 8:30 PM.

The New York Lottery also has a vast number of exciting scratch-off games. Scratch-off ticket prices range from $1 to $30. Prize jackpots also span a huge spectrum. The $30 tickets for Black Titanium and Colossal Cash could earn a lucky winner up to $10,000,000.

Another extremely popular New York Lottery game is the $10,000 A Week For Life scratch-off. These tickets cost $20, but could pay the winner a huge check every week for the rest of your life.

Money Bags and 3 Times Lucky are two popular scratch-off games. One reason for the appeal is the $1 ticket price. Both of these games also have a nice top prize jackpot of up to $5,000. That would be a healthy payday for a simple dollar ticket purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who oversees New York Lottery operations and establishes the regulations?

In February 2013, New York’s lawmakers merged the operations of the New York Lottery with the New York State Racing and Wagering Board. The new entity who oversees all New York Lottery operations is now called the New York State Gaming Commission (NYGSC).

Can you give a New York Lottery Subscription as a gift?

Yes, New Lottery Subscriptions may be given as gifts. Players must purchase the gift while physically in New York, and subscription users can only play while inside state borders. The player must activate the gift subscription with 7-days, or it will activate in the purchaser’s name.

Can New Lottery tickets be mailed outside the state as gifts?

No, it is against the law to mail New York Lottery tickets, including multi-jurisdictional draw games, across state lines. Only licensed retailers are authorized to sell New York Lottery tickets for all available games, and these games are supposed to be played in New York only.

Are the New York Lottery drawings rigged?

No, The New York Lottery follows a strict series of guidelines for every drawing game. Multi-jurisdictional games follow similar guidelines on a federal level. New York Lottery drawings are videotaped and observed by an independent auditor to guarantee authenticity of the draw.

Are there taxes on New York Lottery winnings?

Yes, the New York State Gaming Commission automatically withholds state and federal income taxes prize awards over $5,000. Taxes will be withheld for prizes over $600 without a social security number or tax ID. New York also withholds income taxes from lottery winnings depending on the winner’s residence.

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