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Virginia Lottery Promo Code February 2023

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VA Lottery Promo Code


Deposit Match Bonus50% Match up to $100 +20 Free Games of Vegas Cash Drop
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VerifiedFebruary 2023

VA lottery promo code

You’re Going to Love the Virginia Lottery Online and Here’s Why

VA lottery LogoThey say that Virginia is for Lovers, but it’s also for people who love the excitement of playing lottery games. The Virginia Lottery has been thrilling Virginians with chances to win huge cash jackpots for over 30 years.

For the last 20 of those, lottery proceeds have injected billions into the state’s education system. Now lottery enthusiasts can also play online using their PC or mobile device. Let’s take a glance at the Virginia Lottery history and then explain how you can register for a free Virginia Online Lottery subscription to play games and win big cash.

History of the Virginia Lottery

In 1987, Virginia’s General Assembly put forth an amendment to the state constitution on the November ballot. Virginians approved the measure and ticket sales started in September 1988. However, for the next decade, profits from lottery sales went into the Virginia General Fund.

The bulk of the revenue from lottery ticket sales went to capital construction projects. Virginian’s and legislators were both uncomfortable with this method of spending lottery profits. In 1999, a provision was written to divert all lottery profits to Virginia education.

The change was approved by voters in November 2000. Since the change, sales from the Virginia Lottery have funneled more than $10,000,000 to help the state’s education fund. Even unclaimed prize monies help education.


The lottery laws in the state direct unclaimed lottery money to the Virginia Liberty Fund. These monies are used for educational purposes as well. The Virginia Lottery participates in the multi-state nationwide draw games.

Nine Mega Million™ jackpots and one Powerball™ winner have been sold in Virginia. Unlike many states with a lottery system, the Virginia Lottery is a separate and independent agency from the state government.

The government appoints the Executive Director of the Virginia Lottery, but the General Assembly has no jurisdiction on policy or lottery processes. Soon the Virginia Lottery will have additional responsibilities.

They have been entrusted with the job of establishing regulations and guidelines for casino operations and sportsbooks. A full draft of sports betting regulations was released in August 2020.

There will be a final board meeting in September to approve final regulations for physical casinos, including sportsbooks. They have appointed a Deputy Director of Gaming Compliance to handle casinos and sports betting directly.

Virginia Lottery Online Welcome Offer

The Virginia Online Lottery is excited for every new player that registers for a free account. To show their enthusiasm and thank new players, they offer a welcome bonus for each new account. All you have to do is register for an account and make your first deposit.

When you sign up you use the promo code “LINEUPS” the Virginia Lottery Online will grant you a 50% Match up to $100 & 20 Free Games of Vegas Cash Drop with your first deposit.

VA lottery promo code

How to Register for a Free Virginia Online Lottery Account

When you register for a Virginia Online Lottery account, you are actually signing up for a subscription. This is a little different terminology from what some states use. However, the bottom line is the same.

When you finish the basic three-step process of setting up a Virginia Online Lottery subscription, you’re one step away from winning. Let’s start by getting you registered, and then will talk about some fun games with huge jackpots.

Step 1: Create an Account

• Email
• Password
• Choose to opt-in our out for various email notifications

Step 2: Personal Information

va lottery register

• First Name
• Last Name
• Date of Birth
• Address
• Phone Number
• Last four digits of your social security number
• Agree to Terms of Service

Step 3: Confirmation

• Confirm that you are over 18 years old and that all your information is correct.
• Click SUBMIT

You’re all done. That’s all there is to securing a subscription to set up an account on the Virginia Online Lottery. Now, let’s take a look at some exciting games on the Virginia Lottery online and how to claim the prizes you’ll win playing these games.

Types of Games on the Virginia Lottery Online

There are a number of game categories you can play on the Virginia Lottery Online. There are 3 different draw games and instant games that you can play on” Mega Millions, Powerball, Cash 4 Life, and over 25 different instant games are available to play online. New instant games are launched every few weeks.

va lottery instant games

The Virginia Lottery is also one of the states that participate in the Cash4Life draw game. You can also purchase tickets and check winning numbers for the national draw games, Powerball and Mega Millions. The Virginia Lottery Online also has a wildly popular Keno game. Drawings are held every four minutes.

In addition to draw games, there are dozens of games in the Scratcher category. You can filter Virginia Lottery Online Scratcher games by ticket price and game category. Game categories include extra chance scratch tickets, promotional games with special prizes, plus new games.

Finally, there are four games under the Print ‘N Play category. There is the Rolling Jackpot, Bingo, Blackjack and a Crossword game. Let’s take a look at a few games with the higher top prize jackpot potential.

Virginia Lottery Prizes

Of course, the big national draw games are going to produce the biggest jackpot prize amounts. Cash4Life is another draw game with a large jackpot. The jackpot is spread over your lifetime, but you’ll get cash every month for the rest of your life.


The next category of games with big prize jackpot potential is the scratchers. There are dozens of fun and exciting scratch-off games. Most are theme-based matching symbol designs. Let’s break them down by how big your top prize jackpot could be.

• $10 Million – Extreme Millions is a $30 per ticket scratch-off game at the Virginia Lottery Online. It is the single highest potential jackpot of any lottery game other than national draws.
• $7 Million – Next in line with the biggest top prize is the $30 ticket for the 100X the Money scratch-off.
• $5 Million – There are three scratch-off game choices with a $5,000,000 top prize. 50X the Money, $5 Million Dollar Series, plus a second version of 50X the Money.
• $4 Million – Super Cash Frenzy is a $10 scratch-off game that could pay one lucky winner up to $4,000,000.

The Virginia Lottery Online scratch-off game category has more than two dozen games with potential top prize jackpots of up to $1,000,000. There are also $1 and $3 ticket games that pay out as much as a quarter-million to a lucky winner.

The Print ‘N Play games don’t have million-dollar prize jackpots, but they are exciting ways to win big cash payouts. High Roller Bingo tickets cost $10 with a top prize award of $75,000. Crossword puzzle fans can enjoy a $10 ticket that has the same $75,000 potential jackpot.

The Rolling Jackpot game is similar to the draw games in relation to the jackpot. The jackpot amount increases until someone wins. There are $2, $5 and $10 tickets. Each ticket wins a corresponding percentage of the minimum $50,000 jackpot.

These are some fun games, many with life-changing top prize potential. Now let’s explain how easy it is to claim your prizes when you hit one of these big winners.

How to Claim Your Prizes

There are a series of steps anyone can take to claim prizes up to $600 at a retail outlet. The Virginia Lottery also has a detailed question-and-answer page for large cash prize payouts and how to claim those prizes. However, the first step is to confirm you have winning numbers. You can check your winning numbers directly on the website or app.


Claiming online prizes is simple as well. Withdrawal of prize winnings is done through your Virginia Online Lottery Wallet. First, from your My Account page select Withdraw. Follow the three-step process to request a prize claim.

The Virginia Lottery must approve all withdrawals from your account. Once approved, claimed prize awards can be processed by your banking institution. Most prize claims usually post to your bank account within 3 to 5 business days. It’s that simple.

Virginia Lottery Website Review

The Virginia Online Lottery website loads exceptionally fast. The site’s impressiveness does not stop with a fast page load speed. This is one of the most colorful, yet strategically designed lottery websites online. There is a near-perfect blend of colors and use of white space. The icons are situated to allow easy scrolling from multiple zoom levels. There is a menu bar spanning full page width. The Virginia Online Lottery used a white background with black text.


It is rare to find a menu bar that simplifies the color structure for readability. There is a blue top header with useful information for existing players and new customers to the site. You can quickly view winning numbers from various lottery games.

A generic person icon accents the important Play Now button. Login and register are located to the right of the Play Now link. They included a text on the left-hand side, just below the main menu, to link back to the all-important homepage.

The construction layouts for the important top portions of the Virginia Online Lottery website earn a grade of outstanding. As we scroll down through games and additional information, it continues to impress.

There is a large PLAY NOW linked text in the middle of an engaging image background. Below this direct access option for playing games, is a white button tab with information on How to Play Online.

The Virginia Online Lottery website continues to make items of importance clear and visible. This same block posts the welcome bonus . Scrolling down the page, there are rows of colorful icons for various popular games.

The game title, top prize, and ticket price range are listed for each. Players can get right down to playing for cash or view an instructional demo to test out each game. As the homepage nears the informative bottom footer, the Virginia Online Lottery made certain to post how you get help, plus the legal guidelines and rules.

Each page on the Virginia Online Lottery website continues with the same general layout. The colors are vivid and the use of white space and blended text styles exceptionally readable. This is one of the most user-friendly lottery websites on both PC and mobile devices.

Virginia Lottery Mobile

The VA Lottery mobile app is available on both Apple and Android devices.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can games be played on the Virginia Online Lottery using phone?

Yes, the Virginia Online Lottery subscription, plus downloading the Virginia Lottery App allows players to buy tickets for all draw games, plus purchase, play, and win on any online versions of instant games. Players can also scan tickets and enter eXTRA Chance drawings using a mobile device.

What are the methods for adding money to a Virginia Online Lottery account?

The Virginia Online Lottery offers three methods to add funds to an account. Players can use a debit card, but should verify the bank allows lottery game purchases using a debit card. Players can also add funds from a PayPal account or via an ACH bank transfer.

Why does the Virginia Online Lottery request the last four digits of a social security number?

The last four digits of a social security number are for age verification, plus to ensure the authenticity of all player information. It helps prevent illegal access of financial information. The last four digits of a social security number also help to guarantee account integrity.

Who receives the profits generated by the Virginia Lottery?

The Virginia Lottery funneled over $650 million in funding to education in 2019 alone. Since the switch from the general fund in 1998, education has received over $10 billion from lottery proceeds. The money helps support school breakfasts, textbook upgrades, plus a number of in-school programs.

Are there any deposit limits at the Virginia Online Lottery?

The Virginia Online Lottery strives to promote responsible gaming. To adhere to this principle, account deposit totals are limited to no more than $5,000 during any 30-day period. Players can set lower limits as part of the responsible gaming initiative.

Do players need to be in the state to play the Virginia Online Lottery?

Yes, the Virginia Online Lottery system requires Geo-location to be enabled to play online. This could be Wi-Fi, GPS, or GSM network verification. Players must enable Geo-location to confirm they are in the state when registering for a free subscription, making a deposit, or playing any game.

Are lottery winnings taxed in Virginia?

Yes, lottery winnings are taxed according to Virginia’s individual income tax laws. There are no taxes due on the first $599 in winnings. Prize awards under $5,000 are not subject to automatic withholding, but winners must pay 4 percent. Withholding rates apply to all lottery winners over $5,000.

VA lottery promo code

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Name: VA Lottery App

Description: You're going to want to use promo code LINEUPS as soon as we are able to launch our partnership with Virginia Lottery. The VA Lottery bonus provided by is guaranteed to be the highest available online. The bonus is 50% Match up to $100 & 20 Free Games.

Operating System: Windows, iOS, Android

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Virginia Lottery Promo Code Review

The Virginia Lottery Online will grant you a 50% Match up to $100 & 20 Free Games of Vegas Cash Drop. There is no play-through restriction to secure this welcome offer. All you need to do is make a minimum first-time deposit of $10 and the free money is yours.

Well Done

• Easy-to-read main menu with every important option listed
• Multiple tabs and button linked to the Play Now option
• Clearly posted options for help and support, including contact form, live chat and phone support
• Extensive footer menu with text linked to more than three-dozen internal pages.
• Clean and crisp page layout with outstanding use of colors, font style and white space.

Needs Help

• There is a limited variety of instant-type games
• Once a deposit is confirmed in a Virginia Online Lottery account, this money cannot be withdrawn.

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