2019 College Football CFB Rosters

If you are not a College Football fanatic, figuring out rosters can be a little bit overwhelming. A College Football team consists of 85 players, which is about 30 more than an NFL team. You also have over 100 college teams to keep track of. Feel free to use the search bar to quickly get to a team, and you can also go back and see 2017 team rosters. Clicking into a roster will bring you to the team roster page. This will give you some information on the head coach, and also offensive and defensive coordinators. Our Lineups crew also gives a breakdown on what to expect for the season and production from this roster.

Teams often will use multiple skill position players at a single position throughout the game, which can make it tough to track at times. For example, Alabama will use Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts under center. We have also seen a team like Notre Dame rotate three or four running backs in the game and then stick with the hot hand. It is a good idea to get familiar with those names that rotate in and out often. With players being eligible to play four to even five years, you can check out who is line for a starting role in the future, or see who could be on their way out. If you are an NFL fan and are looking for some player info before the draft, you can see what position and their body type.

With CFB DFS and even season-long fantasy leagues becoming more popular for College Football, getting more knowledgable with players will give you a huge edge. Knowing the backup who is starting for the injured running back is not as easily found like pro sports. You knowing the name can make the difference in your contests.

Team Rosters