NBA Starting Lineups 8/18/18 NBA Lineups

NBA lineups can change on a nightly basis, and sometimes even throughout the day. We have often seen this with Anthony Davis, who is a constant game time decision. We also get the Greg Popovich games where he rests three to four players creating numerous fill-in players. We keep up to the minute tabs so you don’t have to, and update current starting fives for each day’s games. The lineups page will have projected starting lineups out until teams confirm their starting five. This is not a guarantee to happen before lineup lock, and sometimes teams will confirm up to five minutes before tipoff. With injuries and rest days being a big factor in NBA, reviewing a simple starting five is very important. It can be the difference between a zero in your fantasy lineup. Vegas is often aware of a player’s availability to play. We tend to see lines prior to games, and if they are off the books, then they are a true questionable. If LeBron James takes a rest night, his team will likely see a decrease in the spread and total. In addition to the starting five, fantasy projections and stats will be conveniently available to browse by each player. This helps you view who is leading the way in production and fantasy points. There is a totem pole of production for fantasy within a team. Be sure to follow @nbastartlineups for on the minute lineup updates and confirmations.