Sacramento Kings Roster 2019 Kings Roster

0-0, T-1st in West Pacific

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If the Sacramento Kings have a cohesive strategy towards rebuilding, there are many interested observers who would like to know what it is. The Kings have assembled an odd collection of mismatched pieces in the hopes that some combination will eventually work. At some point, the Kings may get lucky and succeed in spite of their poor personnel decisions. This will probably not be that season. What makes it worse is that the Boston Celtics own what should be the Kings' pick in the forthcoming NBA draft. The Kings' still have too many holes and not enough depth to compete in the Western Conference. The Kings have never really recovered from being forced to trade away DeMarcus Cousins. What is worse is that under owner Vivek Ranadive, the Kings have made a series of illogical moves that will keep this franchise mired in the basement of the conference for a long time to come.

Pos Name Jersey Rating Ranking Depth Height Weight Age Birthday Exp. College
PG De'Aaron Fox De'Aaron Fox D. Fox 5
#34 PG 1 6' 3" 175 20 12/20/97 2nd season Kentucky
PG Yogi Ferrell Yogi Ferrell Y. Ferrell 3
#53 PG 2 6' 0" 180 25 5/9/93 3rd season Indiana
PG Frank Mason III Frank Mason III F. M. III 10
#69 PG 3 5' 11" 190 24 4/3/94 2nd season Kansas
PG Marcus Foster Marcus Foster M. Foster
PG Cody Demps Cody Demps C. Demps 22
6' 4" 210 Rookie
PG Allerik Freeman Allerik Freeman A. Freeman
PG Daxter Miles Daxter Miles D. Miles
PG Gabe Vincent Gabe Vincent G. Vincent
SG Buddy Hield Buddy Hield B. Hield 24
#16 SG 1 6' 4" 214 25 12/17/92 3rd season Oklahoma
SG Bogdan Bogdanovic Bogdan Bogdanovic B. Bogdanovic 8
#31 SG 2 6' 6" 205 26 8/18/92 2nd season
SG Alec Burks Alec Burks A. Burks 13
#40 SG 3 6' 6" 214 27 7/20/91 8th season Colorado
SF Harrison Barnes Harrison Barnes H. Barnes 40
#7 SF 1 6' 8" 225 26 5/30/92 7th season North Carolina
SF Corey Brewer Corey Brewer C. Brewer 33
#53 SF 2 6' 9" 186 32 3/5/86 12th season Florida
SF Troy Williams Troy Williams T. Williams 19
6' 7" 218 23 12/30/94 3rd season Indiana
PF Nemanja Bjelica Nemanja Bjelica N. Bjelica 88
#50 PF 1 6' 10" 234 30 5/9/88 4th season
PF Marvin Bagley Marvin Bagley M. Bagley 35
#26 PF 2 6' 11" 234 19 3/14/99 Rookie Duke
PF Harry Giles Harry Giles H. Giles 20
2 6' 10" 240 20 4/22/98 Rookie Duke
PF Caleb Swanigan Caleb Swanigan C. Swanigan 50
#72 PF 3 6' 9" 250 21 4/18/97 2nd season Purdue
PF B.J. Johnson B.J. Johnson B. Johnson 9
3 6' 7" 200 22 12/21/95 Rookie La Salle
PF Wenyen Gabriel Wenyen Gabriel W. Gabriel 32
6' 9" 205 21 3/26/97 Rookie Kentucky
C Willie Cauley-Stein Willie Cauley-Stein W. Cauley-Stein 0
#26 C 1 7' 0" 240 25 8/18/93 4th season Kentucky
C Kosta Koufos Kosta Koufos K. Koufos 41
#46 C 3 7' 0" 245 29 2/24/89 11th season Ohio State

Sacramento Kings Roster Top 3 Questions

The Sacramento Kings are one of those other teams in the bad teams stay bad club. Despite top ten picks over the last few drafts, they have failed to hit on any of them. Even De’Aaron Fox right now is someone we can’t see moving forward. Frank Mason and Bogdan Bodanovic are also two young guards trying to get a crack, while Buddy Hield is someone who went hot and cold this year. The small forward position is a wasteland in Sacramento, although Vince Carter balls out every now and then which should state the obvious. The bigs are led by Skal Labissiere, Zach Randolph, and Willie Cauley-Stein. WCS will get more run on the Randolph rest nights. Skal is someone to keep an eye on if the Kings will commit to giving him more minutes on a nightly basis, otherwise the Kings will waste away another young talent.

How Can the Kings Improve?

Ranadive would like to bring a winner to Sacramento. The problem is that he mortgaged the team's future for practically nothing. The Kings do have some cap room to take on other teams' overpaid players. As a result, Sacramento can use its cap flexibility to facilitate other teams' moves and pick up some assets in the process. In today's NBA, it is possible to pick up late first round picks in these types of moves. Missing their own first round draft pick, the Kings will need to do something because free agents are not banging down the door to come to Sacramento. Cap space is a valuable asset in the NBA, and that is one asset that the Kings have. The Kings also have the desirable asset of expiring contracts that can be traded for picks.

Can the Guards Lead the Team?

Two seasons after the Kings traded Cousins away, the success of Buddy Hield will dictate how that trade goes down in the team's history. Hield has the potential to be a prolific scorer. However, he has not been the most efficient player and his shot selection has left much to be desired. The real story in this backcourt could be De'Aaron Fox who had a quality rookie season. When the year turned to 2018, Fox's play improved with experience. He has the potential to be an Eric Bledsoe-type player who could lead the Kings' backcourt.

Can Willie Cauley-Stein Provide Offense?

The Kings have been slowly bringing along Cauley-Stein. When Cousins was traded, it was expected that Cauley-Stein would assume much of his role in the offense. Although Cousins cannot be fully replaced, Cauley-Stein has been underwhelming since then. Although Cauley-Stein is known more as a rebounder and defender, he needs to be more of a scoring threat in the post for the Kings. Cauley-Stein is 25 years old so the time for him to step up is now. Cauley-Stein is a high percentage shooter so there is no reason for Sacramento not to feed him the ball more down low.