Sacramento Kings Roster 2020 Kings Roster

23-33, 3rd in West Pacific

Finishing 39-43 last year, the Kings just missed a playoff berth. It was a stark improvement from their 27-55 record on the 2017-18 season, but still nothing to be too excited about. Buddy Hield led the Kings with 20.7 points per game followed closely by De'Aaron Fox who finished the year averaging 17.3. General manager Vlade Divac definitely made some good moves in the offseason, but when it comes to the Kings it's all about what this young core can do. If they can continue to grow, then the veteran players added in the offseason will fill in nicely, but it counts on the young players performing first and foremost.

Pos Name Jersey Rating Ranking Depth Height Weight Age Birthday Exp. College
PG De'Aaron Fox De'Aaron Fox D. Fox 5
#25 PG 1 6' 2" 182 21 12/20/97 3rd season Kentucky
PG Cory Joseph Cory Joseph C. Joseph 9
#68 PG 2 6' 2" 198 28 8/20/91 9th season Texas
PG Yogi Ferrell Yogi Ferrell Y. Ferrell 3
#84 PG 3 6' 0" 178 26 5/9/93 4th season Indiana
SG Buddy Hield Buddy Hield B. Hield 24
#6 SG 1 6' 3" 218 26 12/17/92 4th season Oklahoma
SG Bogdan Bogdanovic Bogdan Bogdanovic B. Bogdanovic 8
#11 SG 2 6' 5" 218 27 8/18/92 3rd season
SG Justin James Justin James J. James 10
#61 SG 2 6' 7" 189 22 1/24/97 Rookie Wyoming
SG Kyle Guy Kyle Guy K. Guy 7
#74 SG 3 6' 0" 169 22 8/11/97 Rookie Virginia
SG DaQuan Jeffries DaQuan Jeffries D. Jeffries 19
#80 SG 4 6' 5" 213 22 8/30/97 Rookie
SF Kent Bazemore Kent Bazemore K. Bazemore 26
#27 SF 4 6' 3" 194 30 7/1/89 8th season Old Dominion
PF Marvin Bagley III Marvin Bagley III M. B. III 35
#12 PF 1 6' 11" 238 20 3/14/99 2nd season Duke
PF Harrison Barnes Harrison Barnes H. Barnes 40
#22 PF 1 6' 7" 224 27 5/30/92 8th season UNC
PF Nemanja Bjelica Nemanja Bjelica N. Bjelica 88
#45 PF 2 6' 9" 233 31 5/9/88 5th season
PF Harry Giles Harry Giles H. Giles 20
#55 PF 3 6' 11" 238 21 4/22/98 2nd season Duke
PF Anthony Tolliver Anthony Tolliver A. Tolliver 43
#80 PF 3 6' 7" 238 34 6/1/85 12th season Creighton
PF Jabari Parker Jabari Parker J. Parker 5
#37 PF 4 6' 7" 244 24 3/15/95 6th season Duke
C Richaun Holmes Richaun Holmes R. Holmes 22
#59 C 1 6' 9" 238 26 10/15/93 5th season Bowling Green
C Alex Len Alex Len A. Len 25
#65 C 2 6' 11" 249 26 6/16/93 7th season Maryland

2019-2020 Sacramento Kings Roster Top 3 Questions

What can we expect at the PG position from the Kings this year?

De'Aaron Fox started to look like a starter late into his rookie year, and then he excelled in the 2018/19 campaign averaging 17.3 points per game with 7.3 assets and 1.6 steals. We can only expect better production from him in his third season in 2019/20. Signing a defensive-minded veteran Cory Joseph for 3 years is a good move for the Kings, in my opinion, but as stated above only works if the young core is producing to the full extent of their abilities. All in all, with Fox likely to have even better production this year and the addition of a veteran who is going to give you strong defensive possessions, the point guard position looks much better for the Kings going into the 2019/20 season than it did last year.

Who is going to have the biggest production for the Kings this season?

In the world of speculating about sports, there are no definitives. That being said, I will do my best to give an outline of who to watch out for on the Kings in 2019/20. An interesting tidbit that most NBA fans probably forgot was that Bogdan Bogdanovic was supposed to be the starting shooting guard last year, but due to injury had to miss a handful of games at the beginning of the season. This opened the door for Buddy Hield to steal the spot. Hield had a monster year last year, averaging 20.7 points per game with a FG% of 45.8. The 26-year-old shooting guard should first and foremost be on your radar for a Kings player with high production. Harrison Barnes is another name that appears on the Kings' 2019/20 depth chart that one should pay attention to. He's a solid small forward and has put up impressive numbers in the past. I'll also throw in De'Aaron Fox as someone to keep a close eye on as he enters his third season.

Can the Kings make the playoffs this year?

In short, absolutely. They were painfully close coming in at the 9th seed in the West last year, although they were 9.0 games behind the Clippers who secured the 8 spot. Luke Walton emerges as the coach for the Kings this year, which could potentially have a big impact. Last years' Lakers season could leave a bad taste in fans' mouth about Walton, but he's still a solid coach who could potentially have better success on a team without a clearly defined superstar. Vlade Divac didn't go out and get superstars in free agency, but he added some role players who definitely make it possible for the Kings to grab a playoff spot.