NFL Team Stats 2021

Curious to see which team is leading in points or who has the most turnovers? This is where you can find out what team is excelling in various areas of the game, and also who is struggling. Below are the top offenses and defensive leaders that are broken down by yards, points, and touchdowns allowed and scored. We also showcase what teams are exceeding in their passing and rushing offenses. If you are also looking for special teams numbers, you can see who is leading the way in punt return averages and also field goals made. Clicking into the see all tabs, will bring you to more stats to sort through. Each week the numbers are going to change, and we are keeping things updated.

Curious to see which team is leading in points or who has the most turnovers? This is where you can find out what team is excelling in various areas of the game, and also who is struggling. Below are the top offenses and defensive leaders that are broken down by yards, points, and touchdowns allowed and scored. We also showcase what teams are exceeding in their passing and rushing offenses. If you are also looking for special teams numbers, you can see who is leading the way in punt return averages and also field goals made. Clicking into the see all tabs, will bring you to more stats to sort through. Each week the numbers are going to change, and we are keeping things updated.

2021 Stats Leaders: Best in the NFL

Top Offenses Of 2022

The Baltimore Ravens having Lamar Jackson is like a cheat code. Coming off a historic year where he led the league in passing touchdowns and also ran for over 1,000 yards he is sitting pretty with a talented group of players around him. The well-balanced offense has opened the doors for the Ravens to breakout, and the more aggressive play-calling and going for more 4th down chances has paid off. Marquise Brown is a speedster that stretches things out, but Mark Andrews has established himself as a top tier tight end. The running game has plenty of depth with Mark Ingram, Gus Edwards, and Justice Hill.

We haven’t seen a quarterback come into the league and dominate like this in a very long time, as Patrick Mahomes already has an MVP and Super Bowl under his belt. Overall the Chiefs are a finely tuned machine, and it starts with a very good organization putting these players together and letting Andy Reid do his thing. When you have big playmakers like Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. However the depth is also there, as we have seen the Chiefs suffer some injuries and suspensions over recent years, yet their offense doesn’t skip a beat. They also have a strong offensive line that keeps everything in shape.

New Orleans has been a top offense for a very long time, as Drew Brees works into the ending stages of his career. Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara have been the staple pieces of the offense over recent years. Thomas is coming off of a season where he broke the single-season reception record. Kamara is a big hit from the draft a few seasons ago and has compiled big numbers in this offense. The Saints can hit you in various ways and have become a more balanced offense in comparison to the aerial assault offense they had more in Brees’ prime seasons. This offense also isn’t going to stretch the field, as they have become slightly more conservative in recent years, but the efficiency numbers have carried them.

While Dallas has their hands full trying to pay their offensive players, but they have a three-headed monster that has been developing over the last few seasons. Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup have been a strong receiving duo, which it took a bit for the Cowboys to find and try and replace some of their prior receiving options. Ezekiel Elliott has been a model of consistency since coming into the league, and he is also lucky to rush behind what has been one of the top offensive lines over the last few seasons. It gives Dallas a great balance on offense, and the play-action plays from Dak Prescott have been lethal. Prescott continues to develop and has been one of the top performers.

San Francisco has put up points in various ways, and unlike other teams, they do it with multiple players. The 49ers have a ton of depth, and while it can be frustrating for fantasy, they have taken a major step forward. The committee approach in the backfield has given us some names like Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman. They usually ride the hot hand here. George Kittle has been the big name and is a focal point of the pass offense. San Francisco also looked to have hit on second-year wideout, Deebo Samuel. With Kyle Shanahan calling plays, this offense has been tremendous. Some other honorable mentions would be Tampa Bay, Los Angeles Rams, and Atlanta.

Top Defenses Of 2022

We saw an extremely dominant New England defense last season, and that carried them in some games as the offense was one of the worst they have had in recent years. The Patriots secondary continues to be an issue for opposing offenses, especially with Stephon Gilmore on the outside. The Patriots have always had stronger defenses, but at times they lacked a pass rush and failed to generate turnovers. They have seemed to fix those things, and they are not as much of a bend don’t break defense. New England has put together a good core of players that should keep this going. Gilmore, Chung, and the McCourty brothers are one of the better secondaries in the game, and certainly, play a big part in the success of the Patriots defense.

Staying in the AFC East, the Buffalo Bills have an excellent defense. They also have a great secondary, and Tre’Davious White is one of the top corners in the game, but the safeties of Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde were excellent additions to the secondary. Tremaine Edmunds is the heart of this defense, and they have been building within the front seven over the last two seasons, which was needed after they saw a few players retire and move to other teams. Ed Oliver is a big boy and plugs up the middle of that defensive line. Getting more pressure on opposing quarterbacks needs to happen a bit more for Buffalo, but overall this is a great defense that is going to be tough to score points on.

The only reason the Pittsburgh Steelers were close to a playoff spot was because of the defense. If you played fantasy football, they were the top-scoring fantasy defense as well. Trading for Minkah Fitzpatrick was a big hit for the secondary, and they already had Joe Haden and names like Steven Nelson and Terrell Edmunds. Drafting defensive players have been big for Pittsburgh over the last few seasons, as it creates a great young core. TJ Watt had a monster year and is looking to keep building upon that. Adding in Devin Bush to the young core they have, the pass rush is going to be good for years to come. They also have Cameron Hayward and Stephon up in the front of the line.

Baltimore has made a lot of moves over the last season to get the defense back on track. They have brought in Derek Wolfe and Calais Campbell to bolster the defensive line, and they struggled against the run. The secondary is headlined by Earl Thomas and Marcus Peters, who are newer acquisitions in recent years. Baltimore has been built on having great defenses in the past, but factoring into the offense they have just made them one of the top teams overall. It will be tough for teams to keep pace with the Ravens.

The Bears have had a few up and down years of late, but that has been more on the offense. The defense continues to play well, and they have a lot of notable names on this side. Both them and Minnesota were a tie for me here, as they have both been strong defenses in the last few seasons and carry similar rosters into 2020. Chicago’s trade for Khalil Mack paid off in the first season as he was all over the field, but some slight regression hit last season. Roquan Smith is a freak athlete playing linebacker and is somewhat of a prototype for how linebackers will need to be in the future. As for Minnesota, names like Danielle Hunter and Harrison Smith are two of the best in the league right now.

Top Special Teams Of 2022

You might be curious has to how special teams are decided as being the top and the bottom. It is more than just kickers and making field goals. Teams that can exceed in the field position game are usually tied to having good kickers and punters. The return game also helps you set up drives. The Kansas City Chiefs do all of this extremely well. For one they have Harrison Butker, but when you factor in how many burners they have on the returning side of things, it is no surprise. Mecole Hardman and Tyreek Hill have been electric, but Hardman has taken things over more to keep Hill from suffering an injury on special teams. They also have a strong punter, in Dustin Colquitt.

New Orleans has a very strong special teams unit, and Wil Lutz is one of the bigger legs in the game. He is very safe, especially when playing at home. However, when you factor in that they also have Thomas Morstead who is one of the top punters in the game pinning teams deep, you can see why they rank so high. They also have Deonte Harris on the return game, who is a threat to take it to the house on most returns. Cincinnati also has a fairly strong special teams, which was the only good aspect of their 2019 team. But the 2020 depth chart still brings Randy Bullock and Kevin Huber who have been consistent options for the Bengals. Alex Erickson is the return man, and he had one of the higher-ranked return ratings in 2019.

How To Read NFL Team Stats

Looking at the NFL Team Stats Leaders page, you are going to see various stats that showcase some of the top offenses, special teams, and defenses. Offensive numbers are also broken down by rushing and passing leaders. When looking at the offensive leaders, yards, points, and touchdowns are the three main categories we like to look at. You might also see yards do not always mean points, as teams could finish with top ten in yards, but not finish top ten in points and touchdowns. On occasion, you will see teams finish tops in touchdowns, but maybe not crack the top ten in yards. There are a few reasons for this as teams could be very efficient and not need 400+ yards to score 25+ points a game. Looking at teams that move the ball, they might struggle with turnovers or fail to find the end zone.

Breaking down the top passing offenses, they may not be the best teams overall. A lot of passing touchdowns and yards could indicate a few things that are negative with the team overall. Pass attempts are largely dominated by teams that are constantly playing from behind and have a bad defense. Of course, this could also be a preference of play, as teams like Atlanta and Los Angeles have been one of the heavier passing teams in the league. Passing touchdowns are going to tie into volume a bit, but efficiency is still a part of things here. Look at Baltimore in 2019 where they ranked dead last in pass attempts, but first in passing touchdowns.

While we are in more of a pass-happy era, there are quite a few teams that still pride themsevles on running the ball. Looking at 2019, the Baltimore Ravens had nearly 1,000 more rushing yards than the number two ranked rush offense. This is largely because they had Lamar Jackson of course, and overall a very good running game behind him. Rushing numbers last season were more tied to success, but that isn’t the case every year. We often see teams rely on the run when they are ahead, but a well balanced offense is generally going to open up the run game.

Special Teams are important, and field goals made is the first stat on the board here. Field goals made can indicate two things: teams that move the ball but can’t finish drives, and then offenses that just score in bunches like the Kansas City Chiefs. Kick returns are not once they once were given they have moved up the kick off point and it has resulted in fewer return chances. Kick return average is still fairly important, as some teams are just really bad at it. The same goes for average punt yards. Giving your offense good field position is extremely important.

NFL Team Stats FAQ

What Are NFL Team Stats?

NFL team stats are numbers that show production in different areas of offensive, defense, and special teams categories. Team stats like passing yards, rushing touchdowns, and points would fall under offensive team stats. Points against and yards against would fall under defensive team stats.

Who Was The Best NFL Offense In 2020?

The Green Bay Packers boasted the best offense in the NFL this season as they scored 509 points and generated 6,224 yards of offense. They did it behind an MVP season of Aaron Rodgers and talented players like Aaron Jones and Davante Adams.

Who Was The Best NFL Defense In 2020?

The Rams allowed just 4,511 yards and 296 points overall this season. They forced 22 turnovers and also held teams to just 4.6 yards per play which was the lowest in the league.

Who Was The Best NFL Special Teams In 2020?

The Kansas City Chiefs also had one of the top special teams in 2019, as they had Harrison Butker who was a very efficient kicker. However their return teams and ability to pin teams deep. The Chiefs ranked as the top special teams overall.

What Team Led The League In Rushing In 2020?

The Baltimore Ravens rushed for 3,071 yards this past season as they boast one of the best run offenses in football. With Lamar Jackson rushing for over 1,000 yards again, they had an added advantage. JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards also had strong seasons.

What Team Led The League In Passing In 2020?

Kansas City led the league in passing yards at 4,854 this past season. They had 40 passing touchdowns to go with it. We should see Patrick Mahomes and an Andy Reid-led offense lead the way for the next decade.

Who Scored The Most Points In 2020?

The Green Bay Packers scored 509 points this season, which led all of the NFL. They had a total of 48 passing touchdowns and also 16 rushing touchdowns. They had one of the best offenses in football.

Who Gave Up The Fewest Points In 2020?

The Los Angeles Rams gave up the fewest points in 2020 with only 296 allowed. The secondary was one of the best in th business with 17 passing touchdowns allowed and 14 interceptions.