2020 Fantasy Baseball Outfield Rankings Top 100: Nick Castellanos Ready To Rock Cincinnati

Outfield is always a fun position to rank, but there are pretty clear top tier options. Ronald Acuna has seemingly overtaken Mike Trout as the top fantasy outfielder, while Christian Yelich isn’t too far behind. There have been a lot of names on the move, like Nick Castellanos in Cincinnati, and Starling Marte in Arizona. A lot of young names set to get a tick up in at-bats like Luis Robert and Franmil Reyes. There are also more value options to highlight in the outfield due to the number of players, so ADP is important when drafting. You can focus on positions with less depth and nab your outfield spots later on in the draft. One thing is for sure, I do want to start out with an elite name if possible.

1Ronald Acuna Jr.Braves1.4$52657.4579.2181.335.45.134.6117.2103.435.60.313
2Mike TroutAngels2.3$48675.2535.6171.732.64.243.7126.7117.416.20.321
3Christian YelichBrewers2.5$50664.3570.2187.634.73.135.2112.3109.220.50.329
4Cody BellingerDodgers5.1$42666.3571.2176.
5Mookie BettsDodgers5.3$43673.2582.1182.339.94.227.6110.297.921.60.313
6Juan SotoNationals11.8$37673.2562.3177.
7J.D. MartinezRed Sox23.6$32671.2590.0187.636.82.137.1105.1114.32.20.318
8Bryce HarperPhillies24.8$32660.3545.5154.831.52.134.2102.0105.111.90.284
9George SpringerAstros43.0$24642.5555.4163.
10Starling MarteDiamondbacks32.1$30637.6584.1181.331.
11Aaron JudgeYankees27.4$29648.5543.5150.527.32.136.1105.
12Charlie BlackmonRockies45.9$24619.7556.4177.
13Kris BryantCubs57.2$22652.4555.4162.
14Austin MeadowsRays36.1$30587.1526.7153.733.64.224.783.482.414.00.292
15Giancarlo StantonYankees54.8$21593.0516.8143.
16Eloy JimenezWhite Sox56.9$23593.0546.5162.
17Eddie RosarioTwins92.4$16629.6587.1173.833.64.226.685.592.76.50.296
18Marcell OzunaBraves103.2$21635.6571.2168.529.42.130.491.798.95.40.295
19Nick CastellanosReds109.6$18598.0544.5163.
20Victor RoblesNationals68.2$26659.3588.1167.534.
21Tommy PhamPadres73.4$23623.7538.6160.
22Whit MerrifieldRoyals52.9$23647.5593.0178.
23Joey GalloRangers82.0$15623.7525.7127.
24Jorge SolerRoyals85.8$18620.7539.6147.330.51.032.387.697.92.20.273
25Trey ManciniOrioles103.0$17634.6572.2165.429.42.125.784.582.41.10.289
26Luis RobertWhite Sox89.3$20599.9556.4145.
27Ramon LaureanoAthletics79.5$26619.7559.4147.332.64.222.884.573.116.20.263
28Andrew BenintendiRed Sox109.8$14636.6557.4159.
29Rhys HoskinsPhillies115.8$12646.5543.5139.930.52.131.491.796.83.20.257
30Michael BrantleyAstros128.8$11607.9545.5168.535.
31Michael ConfortoMets116.5$13596.0509.9141.
32Max KeplerTwins143.7$10629.6553.4150.534.74.226.691.787.65.40.272
33Franmil ReyesIndians148.6$9579.2518.8139.926.31.029.577.394.81.10.270
34David DahlRockies148.1$9578.2526.7157.934.76.221.985.583.411.90.300
35Oscar MercadoIndians116.9$17579.2524.7141.
36Kyle SchwarberCubs148.7$9596.0510.8134.625.22.131.484.594.84.30.264
37Jeff McNeilMets87.2$15630.6567.3173.834.
38Byron BuxtonTwins163.0$11595.0542.5143.
39Scott KingeryPhillies162.9$9625.7574.2148.432.
40Danny SantanaRangers127.6$14535.6496.0131.426.34.220.972.162.818.40.265
41Bryan ReynoldsPirates190.4$5632.6568.3169.636.
42Lourdes Gurriel Jr.Blue Jays156.6$11577.2535.6147.329.42.122.873.
43Lorenzo CainBrewers185.7$12628.7562.3166.431.53.110.582.464.921.60.296
44Khris DavisAthletics179.0$7619.7548.5135.724.21.032.381.491.71.10.247
45Adam EatonNationals205.7$7630.6546.5165.429.46.211.488.664.913.00.303
46Andrew McCutchenPhillies203.8$3563.3480.2135.726.32.121.982.475.29.70.283
47Willie CalhounRangers167.6$6542.5491.0131.427.31.020.962.868.02.20.268
48Mallex SmithMariners167.4$8555.4497.0132.523.16.24.871.
49Justin UptonAngels228.6$3612.8535.6136.725.21.029.586.585.56.50.255
50J.D. DavisMets174.5$9505.9456.4126.
51Kyle TuckerAstros140.9$6425.7384.198.622.
52Alex VerdugoRed Sox221.5$4547.5496.0149.536.82.113.372.
53Brian AndersonMarlins240.2$2633.6563.3153.731.
54David PeraltaDiamondbacks258.6$2589.1529.7156.929.
55Ryan BraunBrewers243.0$2538.6487.1137.828.
56Aristides AquinoReds169.0$3418.8385.197.520.02.121.956.761.86.50.253
57Hunter RenfroeRays253.1$2546.5495.0126.
58Mark CanhaAthletics268.7$2599.0518.8137.828.42.124.782.477.33.20.266
59Joc PedersonDodgers202.0$4439.6380.2100.720.01.024.768.
60Avisail GarciaBrewers232.9$4506.9463.3132.522.
61Shin-Soo ChooRangers250.8$2609.8521.7135.726.
62Nomar MazaraWhite Sox246.6$2511.8460.4126.
63Randal GrichukBlue Jays283.4$1543.5498.0127.
64Gregory PolancoPirates319.3$2577.2512.8132.529.43.120.972.177.310.80.258
65Austin HaysOrioles256.6$3474.2441.5117.724.
66Garrett HampsonRockies174.3$5310.9283.180.615.84.25.743.329.914.00.285
67Corey DickersonMarlins315.5$3530.6492.0141.
68Kole CalhounDiamondbacks330.9$2575.2503.9131.425.
69A.J. PollockDodgers249.4$1349.5315.889.
70Mitch HanigerMariners233.8$1368.3323.785.916.
71Mike YastrzemskiGiants337.2$1573.2512.8125.
72Anthony SantanderOrioles365.7560.3518.8136.732.
73Trent GrishamPadres341.8$1533.6462.3119.825.24.214.367.
74Brett GardnerYankees331.1$1503.9442.5114.521.04.212.467.
75Wil MyersPadres281.7$1344.5304.978.415.81.013.347.443.311.90.257
76Jo AdellAngels212.8$2220.8202.050.910.50.06.726.824.72.20.252
77Brandon NimmoMets366.8$1505.9423.7108.
78Kevin KiermaierRays363.3$2471.2427.7109.
79Teoscar HernandezBlue Jays375.6$1475.2426.7103.922.12.120.961.862.87.60.243
80Austin RileyBraves272.9$1251.5230.760.412.61.011.431.938.11.10.262
81Ian HappCubs359.4$2434.6379.
82Domingo SantanaIndians349.8$2379.2331.790.
83Jose MartinezRays454.2$1341.6305.989.
84Howie KendrickNationals359.7$1329.7302.094.317.91.010.544.346.43.20.312
85Jackie Bradley Jr.Red Sox468.0$1554.4487.1120.828.
86Jesse WinkerReds391.1$1393.0340.699.620.01.011.451.549.42.20.293
87Mike TauchmanYankees425.4$1455.4405.9102.821.02.110.555.646.47.60.253
88Eric ThamesNationals474.0$1456.4397.0101.822.12.122.864.975.25.40.256
89Adam FrazierPirates512.5556.4501.9147.330.54.27.665.959.78.60.294
90Nick MarkakisBraves538.4469.3415.8121.926.31.06.755.651.51.10.293
91Jason HeywardCubs490.3$1525.7464.3125.
92Victor ReyesTigers436.1$2397.0371.3106.
93Leury GarciaWhite Sox534.1408.9377.2108.
94Garrett CooperMarlins424.3$1180.2163.445.
95Stephen PiscottyAthletics433.9$1401.9359.495.421.01.013.349.448.41.10.265
96Tyler O'NeillCardinals486.5$1466.3421.7107.
97Kyle LewisMariners461.2$1475.2434.6104.921.01.013.348.453.62.20.241
98Marwin GonzalezTwins421.2$1318.8287.179.515.81.09.540.
99Harrison BaderCardinals459.5391.1346.586.916.82.112.448.444.39.70.251
100Dexter FowlerCardinals584.4545.5468.3118.723.

Tier One (1-5)

There are a pretty clear front five in terms of outfield options, and these are the first five names usually off the board. Ronald Acuna has moved into a number one overall pick consideration, as he brings a ton of fantasy production across all categories. He missed out on a 40/40 season last year, but that potential is there. Acuna is also aiming higher, and a 50/50 isn’t even out of the question. Mike Trout didn’t run as much last year, which is why he is looked at less than an Acuna or even a Yelich. Trout is the best player in baseball, and as long as he is healthy this guy just produces year after year. I don’t need to go into detail here.

Christian Yelich had 30 stolen bases last season, 44 home runs, 100 runs, and 97 RBI. He had over a .420 OBP, and is easily a top three fantasy option. The move to Milwaukee has been tremendous. Since coming to Milwaukee he has 80 home runs and 52 stolen bases. Cody Bellinger is someone I go into detail more so at first base, but he is an elite top five fantasy bat. Big run and RBI production, speed, and power. You don’t find the complete category guys often, and Bellinger is among them.

If there is a tier within the tier one, Mookie Betts is slightly below the rest of these names, but still a tier one outfielder. In a “down” year in 2019, he had 135 runs, 29 home runs, and 16 stolen bases. Betts is going to lose some power moving from the AL East to the NL West, but the offense is just a lateral move. He has been one of the most consistent bats in baseball over the last five years, and that won’t change in Hollywood.

Tier Two (6-11)

Juan Soto is 21 years old, and is already a top ten hitter in the game. A 16% walk rate to start his career, and over a .400 OBP is just the beginning. He had 150 game season, posting 110 runs and RBI with 34 home runs, and 12 stolen bases. The only reason he is not with the five names above is because the stolen bases are not going to be there like them. Soto is an end of the first round name that you should be extremely happy with. Staying in the same division, I’m not sure what more Bryce Harper could have done to please fantasy owners. He had over 110 RBI, 15 SB, and 35 home runs. He hit .260, and yeah the strikeout rate was up, but he also had a 15% walk rate.

J.D. Martinez is a steady producer in all departments but the stolen base category. He is a power house and while he is going about 11 picks later than the next outfield option, he is around that turn where you are starting your lineups with a big name. George Springer I have up at nine, who is a power leadoff bat. He doesn’t have the stolen base potential as a few names around, but 35 home runs and 100+ runs is going to be there. Starling Marte is right there, who is now in Arizona, who will bring speed with 20+ home run potential as well.

In a full year, Aaron Judge has as much power upside as anyone. However injuries have derailed him over the last two seasons. He has fell short of 30 home runs in each of the last two seasons, and both run and RBI production have fell short as well.

Tier Three (12-19)

The stolen bases are gone for Charlie Blackmon, as the speed of a 34-year-old dwindled down. The power is still there, and a leadoff bat is going to produce a ton of runs as well. He has a decent OBP projected, and should hover around .300 in average. Kris Bryant is outfield eligible, and I highlight more of him in the third base rankings. But, Bryant s somewhat underrated going 50+ picks in. He has a ton of run and power potential, likely hitting in the leadoff spot as that has been the rumor.

Austin Meadows is the real deal, and his ADP is up in the 30s. Meadows gives you double-digit steal upside, and 30+ home runs. Feel comfortable drafting him, even though we have a small major league sample size. Giancarlo Stanton had a great Yankees debut season, although most expected more home runs. Stanton could be a terrific bargain at pick 55. Health limited him in 2019 to just 18 games last season, and that isn’t totally the reason he is going at this ADP because there are just a ton of young talented guys producing across the board.

Eloy Jimenez has made it. The power bat crushed 30+ home runs last season, and I expect a slight tick up in home run production but also more runs and RBI. He should adjust more to major league pitching, so I like a tick up in average as well. Marcell Ozuna had a one year deal with Atlanta, coming off a decent year in St. Louis. He had a .257 BABIP and no real changes, so his .241 average is more a result of that. He should get back up to .270 with 30+ home run upside. Nick Castellanos is another one on the move, and I love the move to Cincinnati. The power number could really explode.

Tier Four (20-33)

Luis Robert is another young Chicago bat that is ready to breakout. We are projecting a guy who has yet to see a professional at-bat, but have him as a potential 20/20 guy. Robert has a ton of speed and power, and is in the middle of a very talented White Sox lineup. You can insert any pun into Jorge Soler‘s breakout 2019 season. He had 48 home runs and 117 RBI. Soler has always had raw power, but struggled with contact at times. He has 35+ home run upside of course, and there will be plenty of runs and RBI. Joey Gallo and Trey Mancini are also power options in this range, although Gallo is going to hurt the average quite a bit where Mancini won’t.

There were a few names in this range that struggled a bit. Andrew Benintendi saw a drop in runs and average. His strikeout rate went up as he pressed most of the year. Benintendi stole 20 bases in each of his first two full seasons, and then that took a dip. I don’t believe there is a ton of upside, but a 15 and 15 season is there with the chance to crush in the runs department if his average comes back up. Rhys Hoskins is the other, who didn’t’ fall too short of his 2018 stats, but many people were looking for way more. His average took a 20 point dip.

Franmil Reyes has ridiculous power for where his ADP is at, and has been on my shortlist. He crushed 37 home runs last season, and will have his first full season in Cleveland. Hitting behind names like Lindor, Santana, and Ramirez, he is going to have a ton of chances to drive in runs. Ceiling numbers are 90+ RBI and 40+ home runs.

Tier Five (34-51)

There is a lot of stolen base potential within this range. Starting with Oscar Mercado he has good speed, and is hitting in the midst of a good front five in Cleveland. Mercado has double-digit home run potential, and should be over 75 runs as well. Danny Santana had a strong year with Texas, and his resurgence is back after a brief stint of fantasy relevance in Minnesota a few years ago. If Byron Buxton can stay healthy, the stolen bases will be there. He has a ton of speed, but has failed to stay healthy lately. Adam Eaton and Lorenzo Cain are a few older names who will still steal around 15 bases, and are hitting in two plus offenses as well. Mallex Smith struggled in the average department, and still stole 46 bases despite a .300 OBP.

Justin Upton and Khris Davis are to massive power bats who are going late in drafts. Upton and Davis both hitting out West, and had down years in terms of where they have been over the last 3-4. This is reflected in their ADP. Davis has been one of the best home run hitters over the last few seasons, and Upton is in the middle of a strong Angels lineup but has 30+ HR upside with 80+ runs and RBI as well.

Tier Six (52-65)

Alex Verdugo was a piece in the Betts trade from Los Angeles, and he is a pro-ready hitter who already showcased that. He has always been a great contact bat, and there is a chance he hits leadoff or second in a very good Boston lineup. He won’t bring a ton of power or stolen bases, but also has a back injury that leaves him with a question mark to start the season. There are a lot of names here where at-bats are a bit wonky because they could be third or fourth outfield options, and that isn’t clear just yet. There also is a lot of power and production here. I like the rebound seasons for guys like Gregory Polanco who have talent, but injuries have been there over his last few seasons.

Tier Seven (66-80)

Corey Dickerson is a solid value going over 300 picks into drafts. He struggled with injuries and playing time at times last season, but is projected for over 500 at-bats. 20 home run potential is in his range of outcomes, and a .270-.280 average can come with it. Mitch Haniger is dealing with an offseason injury, and will linger into the season. That has pushed his ADP down, and his season could be cut in half. Mike Yastrzemski had 21 home runs in 411 at-bats last season, and had a .272 average. While that will tick down a bit, he is some cheap home run value deep into drafts. Brandon Nimmo, Teoscar Hernandez, and Wil Myers are all some names going late who have some home run upside.

Jo Adell is a name to keep an eye on, because he has massive power, but playing time is still in question. He could be out of the rankings as we get closer to the season. Either way he is a name that is going to be a premium fantasy option soon.

Tier Eight (81-100)

We are in a tier with either lesser talent or names where they are going to be platooning and find themselves around the 300 at-bat mark projection. Austin Riley is a young and upcoming name, but the regular playing time won’t be there quite yet. Jose Martinez is with the Rays now, but won’t have a full time role. He will also be creating quite the log jam. Jesse Winker is looking to be the odd man out, as Akiyama, Castellanos, and Aquino are taking over. Sorry Winker, the power is taking priority here. He will still get some decent at-bats and is a good OBP and run guy.

A lot of Cardinals names over here, as Harrison Bader and Tyler O’Neil will be splitting time. Dexter Fowler is also there. None have been great fantasy options, where Tommy Edman is more the outfield name you are going to want to own. O’Neil has a lot of power and has 20+ home run upside. Bader can chip in with some stolen bases, but not much more.

Jason Guilbault is the Brand Content Manager for Lineups.com, powered by Catena Media. He has worked 10+ in the sports betting & iGaming space as a writer and content manager. Jason has also written for DailyFantasyCafe, NBAMockDraft, & FantasyPros. He aims to bring the best sports data & insight to the industry for both novice & advanced users.

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