2023 NBA Mock Draft Final: Where Does Scoot Henderson End Up? Will the Trail Blazers Trade out of the 3rd Overall Pick?

The 2022-23 season is officially over, which means that the much-anticipated 2023 NBA Draft is nearing. The Lineups team has put together a 2023 NBA Mock Draft that will be updated several times before the NBA Draft begins on June 22nd. While we expect Victor Wembanyama to stay set at first overall, the second and third picks could be on the move. Check out our projected trades, moves, and prospect destinations in the 2023 NBA Mock Draft below! Individual scouting reports on the players are linked through their names as well for more in-depth analysis.

2023 NBA Mock Draft

In the coming weeks, our Lineups team will continue to update our 2023 NBA Mock Draft, evaluating all of the prospects and their potential fits with different NBA organizations. See below our latest 2023 NBA Mock Draft.

1. San Antonio – Victor Wembanyama, Metropolitans 92

2023 NBA Mock Draft Analysis: There is no debate here in any edition of our 2023 NBA Mock Draft. Wembanyama is 7’4” with an 8’0” wingspan, moves like a forward, can handle the ball, can create for himself and others, and projects as a generational interior defender. He is arguably the greatest prospect in the history of professional sports, and San Antonio would eagerly submit their pick now if they could. The Spurs have their premier building block for the future.

2. Charlotte – Brandon Miller, Alabama

2023 NBA Mock Draft Analysis: The Hornets lost out on the Wembanyama sweepstakes and now are forced to make a tough decision: choose between drafting Brandon Miller (the better fit) or Scoot Henderson (the superior prospect). If Charlotte can’t find a suitor to trade back from No. 2, then it will be difficult to see it going a different direction than Miller with the second overall pick. Miller fits in perfectly alongside LaMelo Ball and the young core the Hornets are trying to build; even though Scoot Henderson could make it work as primarily an off-ball guard next to Ball in Charlotte, the fit might be just enough of a concern to suade the Hornets to draft Miller. Therefore, Charlotte looks at Miller’s upside, tantalizing offensive skillset, the obvious team fit, and decides to pass on Henderson.

3. TRADE: Minnesota (via Portland) – Scoot Henderson, G-League Ignite

  • Minnesota receives: No. 3 Pick, Anfernee Simons, Nassir Little
  • Portland receives: Karl-Anthony Towns

2023 NBA Mock Draft Analysis: The Towns-Gobert pairing was doomed from the start, and Minnesota is now stuck with Gobert’s massive contract. To alleviate funky roster construction and provide Anthony Edwards with a young franchise teammate, they trade Towns (who is sneakily about to turn 28-years-old) and draft Scoot Henderson. He’s one of the best point guard prospects in recent memory due to his dynamic scoring and playmaking. Minnesota now owns one of if not the most promising backcourt in the NBA. The Wolves can flip Anfernee Simons for more assets too; Cam Johnson through a sign-and-trade is a possibility. Minnesota’s starting lineup would then be Henderson, Edwards, McDaniels, Johnson, and Gobert. 

Even though it’s the wrong direction for Portland, they are utterly convinced that building a championship contender around Lillard is feasible. They begin by finally pairing Damian Lillard with an elite offensive center. The Blazers’ front office can squint at a lineup of Lillard-Sharpe-Thybulle-Grant-Towns and convince themselves that they are a contender.

4. Houston – Amen Thompson, Overtime Elite

2023 NBA Mock Draft Analysis: The Rockets are in an interesting position here with James Harden returning to Houston being a legitimate possibility. What should they do? Obviously, there is a strong likelihood that Houston won’t know whether or not Harden will be back on draft night; however, the move that they should make is clear: draft Amen Thompson. Thompson will be an interesting pair with Jalen Green, making up what will undoubtedly be the most athletic backcourt in the NBA now and, potentially, in the league’s history. The Rockets will need guys who can consistently shoot from deep, as Smith, Green, and (especially) Thompson are not elite shooters at this moment, but Harden’s return would aid this area. Still, Amen is the clear pick in this spot for Houston. His athleticism, primary playmaking upside, and devastating rim pressure pair nicely with their young core. Check out Amen Thompson’s highlights from Overtime Elite’s YouTube channel below!


5. Detroit – Cam Whitmore, Villanova

2023 NBA Mock Draft Analysis: Detroit may have missed out on a spot in the top four of this year’s draft, but there is still plenty of talent left on the board that will pair quite well with the already-established young core of Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey, and Jalen Duren. As a matter of fact, outside of Wembanyama and Miller, Whitmore might just be the next best fit. He has shown flashes of isolation scoring and an aptitude for the catch-and-shoot three-pointer, which will be a terrific complement to Ivey’s ability to penetrate and Cunningham’s playmaking strength. Whitmore will need to improve defensively for this to be a perfect fit, but this Pistons’ offensive unit could be a ton of fun.

6. TRADE: Oklahoma City (via Orlando) – Jarace Walker, Houston

  • Oklahoma City receives: No. 6 Pick
  • Orlando receives: No. 12 Pick, 2024 1st (via Utah, top 10 protected), 2025 1st (via Philadelphia, top 6 protected)

2023 NBA Mock Draft Analysis: The Thunder are eager to cash in assets and trade up for their guy. Jarace Walker is an elite, versatile defender with solid outside shooting and untapped playmaking potential. He doesn’t need the ball to make an impact, which is crucial for Oklahoma City’s ball-dominant guards. The Thunder now possess one of the brightest starting lineups in the NBA: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Josh Giddey, Jalen Williams, Jarace Walker, and Chet Holmgren. It oozes interior scoring, ball handling, playmaking, defense, size, youth, and cheap contracts. Oklahoma City paid a hefty price to move up 6 spots, but they were weaker first rounders. Plus, Sam Presti is still armed with a countless number of first rounders after this trade – it barely made a dent in his war chest. 

Meanwhile, Orlando moves back 6 spots but collects two future first rounders. There wasn’t a prospect in this range that was a tantalizing fit next to Fultz, Banchero, Wagner, and Carter Jr, so it’s not a huge loss. In addition, the players available at 12 are not far behind the ones available at 6, so they don’t face too steep of a talent drop.

7. Indiana – Taylor Hendricks, UCF

2023 NBA Mock Draft Analysis: With Oklahoma City taking no chances and trading up to No. 6 to leapfrog the Pacers and take Jarace Walker, Indiana is now forced to roll with Taylor Hendricks. The Pacers would have loved to pair Walker with Myles Turner, forming what would have been an undeniably exciting frontcourt; however, Hendricks has a ton of upside too. Indiana’s backcourt looks fairly solid right now and it has locked in Turner for a while, so pulling the trigger on a power forward here just makes sense. Much like Turner, Hendricks has shown fantastic interior defensive instincts with his timing, athleticism, and discipline. Furthermore, Hendricks can also stroke the three at a high clip, which should work well in Indiana’s offense. Add in a developing off-the-dribble jumper and Hendricks is no mere consolation prize for Indiana.

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8. Washington – Ausar Thompson, Overtime Elite

2023 NBA Mock Draft Analysis: Washington entered this mock thinking it was going to scoop Anthony Black at No. 8 and head out the door; however, since Oklahoma City traded up and selected Jarace Walker, forcing Indiana to go with Hendricks, the next-best power forward prospect, the Wizards surprisingly found Ausar Thompson still on the board. The Wizards have a strong trio of Bradley Beal, Kristaps Porzingis, and Kyle Kuzma (if they keep him), but they are desperately lacking depth and could use a connecting piece like Thompson, who can pass, create, and defend, using his absurd athleticism, good instincts, and quick hands and feet. It is difficult to see the Wizards moving in a different direction with Ausar still on the board here.

9. Utah – Anthony Black, Arkansas

2023 NBA Mock Draft Analysis: Agbaji, Markkanen, and Kessler are cemented in the starting lineup, but questions remain surrounding their guard room. Sexton and Clarkson operate best as sixth men microwave scorers, so they need a true primary playmaker. Enter Anthony Black, who is a talented passer with tremendous court vision. It’s unclear whether Black will be a primary or secondary playmaker, but it’s a step in the right direction for Utah. Black also offers sensational defense and tremendous positional size, so Utah could continue to build a jumbo lineup while running a fearsome defensive duo (Black and Kessler).

10. Dallas – Cason Wallace, Kentucky

2023 NBA Mock Draft Analysis: Dallas needs defense desperately, and Wallace is arguably the best defensive guard in this draft. He shuts down pick and rolls, forces turnovers, is a sticky off-ball chaser, and understands rotations at a high level. Wallace will make a defensive impact the moment he steps foot on the court. Meanwhile, Wallace adds secondary playmaking, catch-and-shoot value, a beautiful floater, and around-the-basket scoring. He can nearly fill Jalen Brunson’s previous offensive role for Dallas, although with more defense. Finally, Wallace also gives Dallas guard insurance should Kyrie Irving decide to either leave now or in the near future.

11. Orlando (via Chicago) – Gradey Dick, Kansas

12. TRADE: Orlando (via Oklahoma City) – Dereck Lively II, Duke

13. Toronto – Kobe Bufkin, Michigan

14. New Orleans – Bilal Coulibaly, Metropolitans 92

15. Atlanta – Jordan Hawkins, UConn

16. Utah (via Minnesota) – Leonard Miller, G-League Ignite

    17. LAL – Jett Howard, Michigan

    18. Miami – Colby Jones, Xavier

    19. Golden State – Brandin Podziemski, Santa Clara

    20. Houston (from LA Clippers) – Maxwell Lewis, Pepperdine

    21. Brooklyn (from Phoenix) – Jalen Hood-Schifino, Indiana

    22. Brooklyn – Brice Sensabaugh, Ohio State

    23. Portland (from New York) – Kris Murray, Iowa

    24. Sacramento – Dariq Whitehead, Duke

    25. Memphis – Keyonte George, Baylor

    26. Indiana (via Cleveland) – James Nnaji, FC Barcelona

    27. Charlotte (from Denver via New York and Oklahoma City) – GG Jackson, South Carolina

    28. Utah (from Philadelphia via Brooklyn) – Sidy Cissoko, G-League Ignite

      29. Indiana (via Boston) – Nick Smith Jr, Arkansas

      30. LA Clippers (from Milwaukee via Houston) – Marcus Sasser, Houston

      2023 NBA Mock Draft Trades

      Within the 2023 NBA Mock Draft, our team expects there to be a few of moves, particularly in the first round, including Minnesota moving up to No. 3 for a blockbuster deal for Karl-Anthony Towns and Oklahoma City trading up to No. 6 to grab Jarace Walker before Indiana can snag him. Here’s the list:

      2023 NBA Mock Draft: Full Trade Details

      TradesMock Draft 2.0
      Portland Receives: Karl-Anthony TownsMinnesota Receives: Anfernee Simons, Nassir Little, No. 3 Pick
      Orlando Receives: No. 12 pick, 2024 1st Round Pick (Jazz, Top 10 Protected), 2025 1st Round Pick (76ers, Top 6 Protected)
      Oklahoma City Receives: No. 6 Pick
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