BetMGM Hacking Saga Continues As Sportsbook Accounts Reportedly Drained

BetMGM Sportsbook is continuing to deal with malicious hackers, as numerous social media users have reported completely drained accounts. The BetMGM customer support team has since been responding to many of these claims through a dedicated social media account.

This comes weeks after a major cyber attack on MGM Resorts International that completely took down computer systems at some of the company’s hotels and casinos.

BetMGM Users Claiming Drained Accounts From Cyberattacks

According to some recent social media posts, BetMGM Sportsbook, one of the top sports betting operators in the U.S., is under attack from hackers. Popular X (formerly Twitter) account Las Vegas Locally recently posted a screenshot from a Facebook user in the MGM Rewards group.

The post claims that the user’s account had an updated unfamiliar phone number and the account was fully drained of all funds, with the withdrawal going to a Visa debit card. The post also claims that the BetMGM team wouldn’t assist them following the hack.

Las Vegas Locally followed up with another screenshot, this time from an X/Twitter account. This post claims that the user’s account was also drained, with funds distributed to five separate account across the U.S. Similarly to the first post, the user posted that an unknown Visa was added to their BetMGM Sportsbook account.

BetMGM Customer Care Responds

While the user in the first post from Las Vegas Locally claims that BetMGM refused to help, the X/Twitter account for BetMGM Customer Service has been actively responding to online claims of hacking. Legal Sports Report writer Mike Mazzeo posted a screenshot of BetMGM’s response to a claim, requesting the user’s name, email, and details on the issues.

Similar responses have been issued by BetMGM Customer Care to social media users that have claimed hacking attacks.

MGM Properties Saw Massive Cyberattacks Last Month

These reported BetMGM accounts continue what has been a difficult month for MGM in terms of cyberattacks. In September, MGM Resorts International properties faced a wide range of issues from apparent hacking attacks, which completely shut down computer systems at major MGM properties.

This led to everything from slot machines ceasing operating to hotel key cards malfunctioning. This isn’t the only incidence of a major casino property struggling with hackers, as Caesars Entertainment had a large amount of customer data stolen, leading to a multi-million dollar payout so the hackers wouldn’t release the information. Only time will tell if these cyberattacks on major betting operators are simply an anomaly or something that will persist in the coming months.

Update: Legal Sports Report has reported that BetMGM has addressed a separate issue in which bettors couldn’t access their accounts. This issue appears to be technical rather than hacking-related.

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