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What is DK Live and Is it Worth Having?

dk live logoThere are different ways to scan the top plays as they happen in sports. NFL has the Red Zone, and there are other apps and websites with sections that stream top plays as they happen. However, until DraftKings launched their DK Live app, none of these had live content dedicated to the daily fantasy sports enthusiasts. Here’s all you need to know about the app that no DFS player should be without.

What is DK Live?

If you love daily fantasy sports, you’ll have an interest in DK Live. It’s the first app of its kind dedicated to DFS players and the contests they love. By installing the DK Live app, you can follow game activity live across the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL schedules.

So, what’s the difference between this live in-game app and the other real-time, in-game platforms out there? DK Live focuses on the live progress in each game, pinpointing the statistical performance of specific players on your DraftKings daily fantasy lineups.

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You can install the app through Google Play or the Apple Store. It works on most Android and iOS mobile devices. The most important feature for DraftKings daily fantasy is the My Players filter. This allows you to pinpoint those players on any of your DraftKings DFS lineup cards.

DK Live gives you access to all the big fantasy plays as they happen. There is a leaderboard to study individual player progress in real-time. While this is great for providing immediate, up-to-date material, it is an outstanding way to study the trends of players for future contests.

You have access to real-time fantasy plays as they happen, plus individual game scores somewhat different from the conventional scoreboard layout. In addition, there are informative daily fantasy video presentations, packed with DFS knowledge and research data.

While dedicated sports news websites and apps are great for the conventional sports fan, DFS players want and need the reports dedicated to fantasy sports. There is an entire section on DK Live dedicated to the sports news that applies directly to fantasy sports.

Is DK Live a Potential Winner?

dk live news and analysisThe answer to this question might depend on how intense the watcher is about his or her daily fantasy sports contests. Much of the focus is on the statistical appeal of players from a fantasy perspective.

Since its launch, DraftKings has addressed some minor issues. Many of these were more of mild inconveniences, but they were frustrating. There was an issue with box scores not loading, and of course box scores are like bank statements to DFS players.

This is where we access the statistics that put the winnings in our pockets. Like many new apps, there have been other glitches, but DraftKings seems determined to make this product work properly, as well as be user-friendly.

Just the idea of all your fantasy data in one place with live updates is tremendous. As DK Live continues to perfect the platform and fix bugs, this app has immense potential for both DFS players and sports fans as well. They could easily add live content for in-game bets (see legal implications below) and more current DraftKings picks related content.

As far as competing with other apps and streaming update services, DK Live has tremendous potential. For individuals who are not playing fantasy contests, it will not have quite as magnanimous appeal, but it still has engaging live game information.

One feature that isn’t presently an option is the ability to link directly to the DraftKings DFS page. If possible, this would allow you to flip quickly between DK Live and real-time player performance, directly to your lineups without changing apps or websites. I also think that once sports betting features are added to the site it will gain popularity. With federal sports betting legal in US, DraftKings jumped out to a quick start in New Jersey. There are state restrictions now as you can see in our Is DraftKings Legal? piece, but in the future, I can see this as a hub for bettors and DFS players. DraftKings Sportsbook is already a profit leader for DK, so naturally, they will build out apps to engage and keep bettors on their site.

Being able to generate specific live updates is something nearly every sports fan enjoys. Other live update services have proven successful. DraftKings took this appeal of real-time coverage to the avid DFS player. If you love your daily fantasy sports, you’re probably going to love DK Live as well.

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To sum up DK Live, looking at it strictly from a DFS player viewpoint, it’s the perfect app for keeping up with your DraftKings lineups live. It creates a convenient platform where you follow various games live, and at the same time see how your picks are doing in the contests that matter to you, the ones you’re trying to win.

Well Done

Your DraftKings lineups and the player performances that matter to you, now.

Live box scores and in-game updates, again, attached to your DraftKings lineup cards.
Works on both iOS and Android operating systems.

The flexibility to look at block of players, or narrow down your live options using the My Player feature.

Live player news, highlight videos and expert game analysis to prepare for your future DFS contests.

Needs Help

Still working through glitches and bugs that hamper the live box scores from updating, and page scrolling to read full articles or news reports.

DK Live would benefit from more detailed player update control.

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