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The Ravens and the Cowboys have a bye this week, which is probably leaving a lot of fantasy rosters looking to fill some gaps. Running backs like Ezekiel Elliot and Ingram are out this week, as well as a couple of productive quarterbacks and some great recievers. If you’re missing out on any of your starters this week, or just looking to make some substitutions for some good matchups, here are some suggestions that could boost your point output for week 8.

Ty Johnson

Kerryon Johnson left the game last week with an ankle injury, and has since been placed on IR. Ty Johnson will be their starter for the time being. He has a good matchup this week against the Giants, who allow an average of 131.4 yards per game. While the Lions don’t run a lot, it’s going to be a viable option for them this week. Ty Johnson averages around a single digit ownership percentage, so he’s most likely available in your league too.

Latavius Murray

Latavius Murray had a big game on Sunday, getting 119 yards and two touchdowns on 27 carries for an average of 4.4 yards per carry. With Alvin Kamara still questionable for this upcoming week, Murray is a great add for your team. Plus, even if Kamara returns on Sunday, he’ll most likely be splitting carries with Murray. The Saints won’t want to aggravate Kamara’s injury and Murray has proven he’s capable of holding down the run game for the Saints so they probably wouldn’t hesitate to split carries.

Gerald Everett

Gerald Everett has been a solid player for the Rams this season. In week 7 against the Falcons he got 50 yards and a touchdown off of 4 receptions. These are pretty good numbers for somebody who’s available in around 40% of leagues. Plus, Everett has a great matchup against the Bengals this week. The Rams proved they’re still a strong team against the Falcons this past Sunday, and are going up against another relatively weak defense with the Bengals. If you’re missing a tight end this week due to some byes, Everett might be a great grab still available in your league.

Kenny Stills

Will Fuller, a breakout receiver for the Texans this year, left the game on Sunday with a hamstring injury and is going to be out for several weeks. While this is incredibly unfortunate news, Kenny Stills is most likely going to benefit from it as he will be getting more targets. His last game was his best game, taking his four receptions 105 yards. The Texans are a really powerful offense, and are looking like a playoff contender this year. It’s rare that a talented receiver who’s part of a powerful offense is still pretty widely available on the waiver wire, so I’d definitely check to see if he’s available in your league.

Phillip Dorsett

Phillip Dorsett is in a pretty similar situation as Kenny Stills. With Josh Gordon out on IR, Dorsett is going to be getting more targets. However, he’s been pretty effective this year even with Gordon on the team. He has 243 yards and 4 touchdowns on the year, and I’m expecting that number to go up now that Gordon is out. The Patriots have a moderately tough matchup coming up against the Browns, but they’ve been such a powerhouse team this season I don’t see them losing this one. Dorsett, like Stills, is a talented receiver who is part of a powerful offense and shouldn’t be overlooked if he’s available in your league.

Jacoby Brissett

In case you’re missing out on a quarterback due to the Ravens and Cowboys being on bye this week, take a look at Jacoby Brissett. He has 14 touchdowns and 3 interceptions on the year. The Colts have shown any doubters that they’re still a great team without Andrew Luck as Jacoby Brissett stepped up big time into the leadership role. He has a pretty strong matchup against the Broncos as well, whose defense has been falling short of expectations. Brissett is a great pickup off of waivers if you’re missing your quarterback.

Rams Defense

The Rams defense has a great matchup this week against the Bengals offense. The Rams have also recently acquired Jalen Ramsey, making their defensive unit even more powerful. Ramsey is going to be picking up a lot of the slack that Aqib Talib has left behind after coming out due to an injury. Overall, if you’re looking for a good to pick up this week, the Rams have a great matchup and some great personnel like Ramsey and Donald in their defense.

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