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10:30 pm GMT, 10/24

Oh how a few injuries change everything. After losing Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson during last year’s playoffs, the Golden State Warriors became solely dependant on Steph Curry in the NBA Finals. They made it through Game 5 but failed at their final game at Oracle Arena in Game 6 of the Finals. This offseason, blockbuster moves were made as Kevin Durant departed for the Brooklyn Nets to team up with Kyrie Irving while D’Angelo Russell was added in a sign-and-trade.

The 2020 Warriors will look significantly different than those of last season, or even the past few years. They’re no longer the powerhouse and superteam of the past and with Thompson’s injury, they aren’t anywhere close to the same fear. While Steph Curry is a dangerous weapon, D’Angelo Russell is coming off a career year that some may doubt he can repeat. Klay Thompson will be out for more or less the entire season and the only realistic chance he plays is likely in the playoffs.

Pos Name Jersey Rating Ranking Depth Height Weight Age Birthday Exp. College
PG Stephen Curry Stephen Curry S. Curry 30
#1 PG 1 6' 3" 190 31 3/14/88 10th season Davidson
PG D'Angelo Russell D'Angelo Russell D. Russell 1
#12 PG 1 6' 5" 198 23 2/23/96 4th season Ohio State
PG Shaun Livingston Shaun Livingston S. Livingston 34
#37 PG 2 6' 7" 192 34 9/11/85 14th season
PG Jordan Howard Jordan Howard J. Howard
PG Kevin Mcclain Kevin Mcclain K. Mcclain
PG Jordan Poole Jordan Poole J. Poole 0
6' 5" 191 Rookie Michigan
PG Rion Brown Rion Brown R. Brown
PG Ky Bowman Ky Bowman K. Bowman
SG Klay Thompson Klay Thompson K. Thompson 11
#2 SG 1 6' 7" 215 29 2/8/90 8th season Washington State
SG Alec Burks Alec Burks A. Burks 13
#40 SG 2 6' 6" 214 28 7/20/91 8th season Colorado
SG Jacob Evans Jacob Evans J. Evans 10
3 6' 6" 210 22 6/18/97 Rookie Cincinnati
SG Glenn Robinson III Glenn Robinson III G. R. III 22
6' 6" 222 25 1/8/94 5th season Michigan
SG Damion Lee Damion Lee D. Lee 1
6' 6" 210 27 10/21/92 2nd season Louisville
SF Kevon Looney Kevon Looney K. Looney 5
#61 SF 2 6' 9" 220 23 2/6/96 4th season UCLA
SF Alfonzo McKinnie Alfonzo McKinnie A. McKinnie 28
2 6' 8" 215 27 9/17/92 2nd season Green Bay
PF Draymond Green Draymond Green D. Green 23
#6 PF 1 6' 7" 230 29 3/4/90 7th season Michigan State
PF Jonas Jerebko Jonas Jerebko J. Jerebko 21
#39 PF 2 6' 10" 231 32 3/2/87 9th season
PF Omari Spellman Omari Spellman O. Spellman 4
#77 PF 3 6' 9" 245 22 7/21/97 Rookie Villanova
PF Eric Paschall Eric Paschall E. Paschall 0
3 6' 7" 254 Rookie Villanova
PF Juan Toscano-anderson Juan Toscano-anderson J. Toscano-anderson
PF Malik Dunbar Malik Dunbar M. Dunbar
PF Alen Smailagic Alen Smailagic A. Smailagic 0
6' 9" 216 Rookie
PF Abudushalamu Abudurexiti Abudushalamu Abudurexiti A. Abudurexiti
C Willie Cauley-Stein Willie Cauley-Stein W. Cauley-Stein 0
#26 C 1 7' 0" 240 26 8/18/93 4th season Kentucky
C Andrew Bogut Andrew Bogut A. Bogut 12
3 7' 0" 260 34 11/28/84 13th season Utah
C Ebuka Izundu Ebuka Izundu E. Izundu

2019-2020 Top 3 Warriors Roster Questions

A New Era

Last offseason, we were talking about Demarcus Cousins joining the Warriors to form the modern day superteam in the NBA. However, there’s a bunch of new change in the league with superstars moving everywhere and contending teams being torn to shreds. There will be no more Hampton’s Five lineup that’s been the talk over the past few years and the Warriors are no longer going to look the same.

With KD, Golden State was nearly unstoppable in the 1-3 pick-and-roll game. Durant was the ultimate playmaker who could get a shot over anyone he wanted to. With him out of the picture, it’ll surely be more difficult for everyone else who will have to rely on creating their own shot and effectively using the pick-and-roll with non shooters. Draymond Green will continue to be the same defensive player as he was in the past but it’s questionable whether he can consistently give you double digit points on a nightly basis. Whatever happens, this year will be a new era of basketball in the Bay Area and the entire league.

Is Steph Curry still an MVP candidate?

Not long ago, Steph Curry had a fairly open look at a three pointer than would’ve likely sent the NBA Finals to a Game 7. Instead, his attempt missed and the Toronto Raptors ended up winning their first ever NBA Championship. This season, the Warriors will heavily rely on Curry to regain his MVP form and become the sharpshooter that he once was. He’ll no longer have Durant to help him and will be tasked on carrying the burden of the entire team on his back.

The loss of Klay Thompson this year will also be another hard break for Curry. He’s losing his fellow Splash Bro and replacing him with D’Angelo Russell, a great player who’s yet to show he can produce for a prolonged period. With KD on the team, Curry’s shot attempts and usage fell leading to fewer opportunities with him. This year, all eyes will be on the once 2x MVP who will see himself with significantly more opportunities under coach Steve Kerr. With much more playing time, I expect Curry to go back to MVP form and average nearly 28 points per game. However, the assist and rebound numbers might decrease as well given the lack of shooters surrounding him this year.

Without Klay Thompson, for at least the regular season, where does the scoring come from?

Klay Thompson was one of the most underrated players among all the Warriors last year. If you asked anybody about Golden State, they’d most certainly mention either Durant or Curry and every once a while, Thompson. During his entire tenure with the team, Thompson was an integral part of the team both for his defense and offense. He was a master marksman from the three point range and could occasionally post up on smaller guards. Without him on the roster, where can the Warriors look for other shooters?

The obvious answer he is Curry though you can’t put the load on just him. Newly acquired Russell is also a good option as he’s coming of a career 21.1 points per game season. However, can you really rely on him getting that many points when his next highest season netted him an average of 15.6 points per game. The Golden State will surely have to look for other scorers and will do so in unexpected places. Draymond Green and Kevon Looney will have to step up and take some of the scoring load off the guards. The same goes for Willie Cauley-Stein as the Warriors finally get a center, besides Cousins last year, who can actually pose a shooting threat.