Golden State Warriors Roster 2019 Warriors Roster

0-0, T-1st in West Pacific

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Golden State arguably has one of the best rosters of all time. Four all-stars on this team is already going to give them a huge edge, but the role players like Shaun Livingston, Andre Iguodala and even the centers are huge factors in their success. Kevin Durant joining this team, and now winning back to back titles made the rich richer. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson go down as the best backcourt in the league, and then you have Draymond green who is the scrappy do it all power forward. The Warriors have also added young talent like Quinn Cook, who showed quality when Curry was out. Jordan Bell was traded to Golden State from Chicago during the draft, and has a promising future as an athletic forward. While this roster has some more stars to pay and Durant on a short term contract, they are expected to stay together.

Pos Name Jersey Rating Ranking Depth Height Weight Age Birthday Exp. College
PG Stephen Curry Stephen Curry S. Curry 30
#1 PG 1 6' 3" 190 30 3/14/88 10th season Davidson
PG Shaun Livingston Shaun Livingston S. Livingston 34
#37 PG 2 6' 7" 192 33 9/11/85 14th season
PG Quinn Cook Quinn Cook Q. Cook 4
#51 PG 2 6' 2" 179 25 3/23/93 3rd season Duke
PG Jordan Howard Jordan Howard J. Howard
PG Rion Brown Rion Brown R. Brown
SG Klay Thompson Klay Thompson K. Thompson 11
#2 SG 1 6' 7" 215 28 2/8/90 8th season Washington State
SG Jacob Evans Jacob Evans J. Evans 10
6' 6" 210 21 6/18/97 Rookie Cincinnati
SG Damion Lee Damion Lee D. Lee 1
6' 6" 210 25 10/21/92 2nd season Louisville
SF Andre Iguodala Andre Iguodala A. Iguodala 9
#18 SF 1 6' 6" 215 34 1/28/84 15th season Arizona
SF Kevon Looney Kevon Looney K. Looney 5
#61 SF 2 6' 9" 220 22 2/6/96 4th season UCLA
SF Alfonzo McKinnie Alfonzo McKinnie A. McKinnie 28
2 6' 8" 215 26 9/17/92 2nd season Green Bay
SF Kevin Durant Kevin Durant K. Durant 35
#2 SF 6' 9" 240 30 9/29/88 12th season Texas
PF Draymond Green Draymond Green D. Green 23
#6 PF 1 6' 7" 230 28 3/4/90 7th season Michigan State
PF Jordan Bell Jordan Bell J. Bell 2
#33 PF 2 6' 9" 224 23 1/7/95 2nd season Oregon
PF Jonas Jerebko Jonas Jerebko J. Jerebko 21
#39 PF 3 6' 10" 231 31 3/2/87 9th season
PF Marcus Derrickson Marcus Derrickson M. Derrickson 32
6' 7" 249 22 2/1/96 Rookie Georgetown
PF Abudushalamu Abudurexiti Abudushalamu Abudurexiti A. Abudurexiti
C DeMarcus Cousins DeMarcus Cousins D. Cousins 0
#4 C 1 6' 11" 270 28 8/13/90 9th season Kentucky
C Andrew Bogut Andrew Bogut A. Bogut 12
3 7' 0" 260 33 11/28/84 13th season Utah
C Damian Jones Damian Jones D. Jones 15
#73 C 7' 0" 245 23 6/30/95 3rd season Vanderbilt

Top 3 Warriors Roster Questions 2019

When all of the superlatives have become superfluous, you end up with the Golden State Warriors. Ethical debates about superteams aside, you will not find a more talented collection of NBA players under one roof. This includes the great Chicago Bulls teams of the 1990s. Just when you think the Warriors cannot possibly get any better, they go ahead and sign DeMarcus Cousins. There is simply no way to defend and beat the Warriors this season. The only possible way for other teams to have any chance is if, somehow, the Warriors cannot stay healthy. Alternatively, the Warriors could simply internally combust. Other than that, the talent gap between the Warriors and the rest of the league is simply too immense. The Warriors’ dynasty shows no sign whatsoever of receding this year. Golden State would barely even need to exert itself in the regular season. It would simply have to show up in April and let its talent do the rest.

What impact will Cousins have?

The Warriors signed Cousins on the cheap knowing that he will be missing a large chunk of the year with an Achilles injury. When Cousins is healthy again, there are questions as to how he will fit into the Warriors’ system. Boogie’s natural talent is such that he can likely fit into any system. However, by the time that he returns from injury, he will likely be playing with Warriors’ second unit. To say that Cousins has been known to be combustible is an understatement. Cousins obviously knows what he signed up for when he chose the Warriors. The open question is how well he will adapt to being a cog in the machine. What is certain is that adding a piece like Cousins will make the Warriors unstoppable come playoff time.

Will the Bulls' Win Record Fall?

At the risk of sounding overly certain, the talk around this team is not one of its prospects for the coming year, but rather one of legacy. The Warriors will be getting reinforcements coming in right around the time that other teams tire later in the season. This year’s squad will be making a run at the Bulls’ record of 72 wins. The impediment is whether the Warriors can maintain their motivation and focus when they are head and shoulders above the rest of the league. Alternatively, the Warriors may choose to rest their players down the stretch which can hurt their chance at the record.

Will Durant’s Contract Situation Matter?

Speculation will be rife about Kevin Durant leaving Golden State as a free agent next offseason. While Durant obviously does not want to address the situation, it will be a relentless focus around the team during the entire season. Durant has signed for only one year and will likely tire of continuously being asked about his future intentions. The only thing that can possibly derail this team are chemistry and off-court issues. Durant’s pending free agency is chief among the off-court issues. If this is the final go-round for this team, they will likely make it a good one.