Miami Heat Roster 2019 Heat Roster

0-0, T-1st in East Southeast

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After the big three era, they have managed to stay competitive. Dwyane Wade made his way back to the Heat, but at this stage of his career is nothing more than a secondary player. The Heat have some hard-nosed guys like Goran Dragic and Josh Richardson. Both are average to above average at their positions, but neither present the star attributes you need to really contend deep into the playoffs. Miami brought in some front court depth this offseason, drafting Bam Adebayo and Kelly Olynyk. Both looked strong, and had roles when Hassan Whiteside was injured. Whiteside could be one of those wrong era guys, as he often doesn’t see the court in the fourth quarter and when teams go small. Because Erik Spolstra is one heck of a coach, Miami will stay competitive with this bunch, but moves will be made under Pat Riley as they always are.

Pos Name Jersey Rating Ranking Depth Height Weight Age Birthday Exp. College
PG Goran Dragic Goran Dragic G. Dragic 7
#13 PG 1 6' 3" 190 32 5/6/86 11th season
PG Duncan Robinson Duncan Robinson D. Robinson 55
3 6' 8" 210 24 4/22/94 Rookie Michigan
PG Kendrick Nunn Kendrick Nunn K. Nunn 25
6' 3" 184 23 8/3/95 Rookie Oakland
PG Ike Nwamu Ike Nwamu I. Nwamu
SG Dwyane Wade Dwyane Wade D. Wade 3
#27 SG 1 6' 4" 220 36 1/17/82 16th season Marquette
SG Dion Waiters Dion Waiters D. Waiters 11
#44 SG 2 6' 4" 215 26 12/10/91 7th season Syracuse
SF Josh Richardson Josh Richardson J. Richardson 0
#13 SF 1 6' 6" 200 25 9/15/93 4th season Tennessee
SF Justise Winslow Justise Winslow J. Winslow 20
#41 SF 2 6' 7" 225 22 3/26/96 4th season Duke
SF Derrick Jones Derrick Jones D. Jones 5
#68 SF 2 6' 7" 200 21 2/15/97 3rd season UNLV
PF James Johnson James Johnson J. Johnson 16
#24 PF 2 6' 8" 240 31 2/20/87 10th season Wake Forest
PF Ryan Anderson Ryan Anderson R. Anderson 31
#39 PF 3 6' 10" 240 30 5/6/88 11th season California
PF Udonis Haslem Udonis Haslem U. Haslem 40
3 6' 8" 235 38 6/9/80 16th season Florida
PF Dikembe Dixson Dikembe Dixson D. Dixson
PF Jarrod Jones Jarrod Jones J. Jones
PF Yante Maten Yante Maten Y. Maten 0
6' 8" 240 22 8/14/96 Rookie Georgia
PF Justin Tillman Justin Tillman J. Tillman
C Bam Adebayo Bam Adebayo B. Adebayo 13
#60 C 1 6' 10" 255 21 7/18/97 2nd season Kentucky
C Kelly Olynyk Kelly Olynyk K. Olynyk 9
#27 C 1 7' 0" 240 27 4/19/91 6th season Gonzaga
C Hassan Whiteside Hassan Whiteside H. Whiteside 21
#9 C 2 7' 0" 265 29 6/13/89 7th season Marshall

Top Miami Heat Roster Questions 2019

The Miami Heat surprised last season en route to a playoff berth. Although the Heat did not put up much of a fight in their series with the Philadelphia 76ers, the season still has to be viewed as a success. The Heat largely kept last season's team together, although there is not enough talent to catch the teams at the top of the Eastern Conference. The major offseason acquisition was Dwayne Wade, who returns for one final turn as the face of the franchise. Other than that, the team stood pat. The Heat are likely a playoff team, but do not seem to built to go much further than the first round. The Heat's core is also aging and lacking in dynamic presence.

How Much will Wade Help?

At 37 years old, Wade is still an efficient player for the minutes that he is able to play. He works hard and gets the job done. There will be quite a bit of attention focused on Wade's farewell tour of the league. Wade should have plenty to offer this team between stints accepting rocking chairs and other retirement gifts. The Heat are well-stocked at the two position so it remains to be seen whose minutes Wade will be taking. The Heat have a number of legitimate swingmen so fitting Wade into the rotation may be a challenge. For now, he appears to be the starter. Still, even at Wade's advanced age, the benefits that he can offer a team are clear.

Where is Hassan Whiteside's Head?

On days when Whiteside's head is screwed on straight, there are few better centers in the league. Whiteside offers a devastating combination of stifling defense and enough offense to make him a star. Of course, that is when Whiteside is mentally present. Whiteside's tendency to pout and disappear was on full display in the playoffs against Philadelphia, where Joel Embiid embarrassed him. In fact, Whiteside barely saw the floor during the series. Simply stated, Whiteside's act is slightly older than Methuselah. The question is how much coach Erik Spoelstra and the Heat franchise can take before they give up on this colossal talent. When Whiteside is on, he is a disruptive force in the game. However, many are beginning to wonder if he is worth the trouble. If Whiteside cannot get it together, Bam Adebayo is an intriguing presence if the Heat wish to go a little smaller at the center position. Adebayo is a quicker and more versatile big man without the baggage.

Is James Johnson a Key Piece?

Johnson is 31 years old, which is a bit advanced to emerge as a star. However, during the playoff series against the 76ers, Johnson put on a versatile performance, averaging 12.4 points, 6 rebounds and 4.8 assists per game. Johnson can play numerous roles on the court and gives the Heat a presence at the power forward spot. If Johnson can build slightly on his numbers from last season, the Heat will have another option to spread the floor.