5 MLB Betting Insights From Tipico Sportsbook’s Brian Becker: Platform Sees 210% Increase in Live Betting

Tipico Sportsbook app logoTipico Sportsbook recently revealed some of its user data as it pertains to MLB betting, comparing year-over-year data from April 23 – May 23 of 2022 to metrics from the same time frame in 2023. The data provides a glimpse into how the average MLB bettor approaches wagering and may lend insight into the way MLB betting is moving from a consumer perspective. Some of the most notable data points are as follows:

  1. Tipico saw a 210% increase in live betting handle
  2. A 50% increase in player prop share
  3. A 12% increase in live wagering share
  4. A 328% jump in overall active customers

To discuss the increase in live betting as well as other relevant betting trends that the sportsbook is keeping an eye on, LINEUPS.com met with Tipico Sportsbook’s VP of Marketing Brian Becker.

The Rise of Live Baseball Betting

Brian Becker: “There’s more options of things to bet on. So the outcome of an at bat or a pitch, the outcome of an inning, the next activity that will happen, single, triple, double, home run, the amount of strikeouts that a pitcher will get as that changes throughout the game.

We are probably approaching 1800 markets that we serve from a live perspective, so I think the options have gotten better. The real-time nature of this allows someone to engage in the sport and use our application as a second screen when they’re watching a baseball game.”

Player Props & Parlays Grow in Popularity

Brian Becker: “We’ve seen a 50% increase year-over-year in the use of player props, we’ve been trying to serve more content around them. Parlays and same-game parlays are increasingly becoming more popular and normalized in the way that people bet.”

“Straight bets and pre-match options still have a place here because there’s the larger V.I.P.-type bettors that are still placing these bets and putting a lot of money on them. There’s an increasing variety of markets they can place beyond traditional pre-market bets.”

Players Bigger Than Teams

Brian Becker: “We’ve really kind of leaned into the fantasy mindset that we think bettors and generally consumers have. They most often want to bet on players, not teams, so we’ve seen a big shift in terms of the types of content that we have in our app, but also in the behavior of how people lean into that both from a live perspective and just overall.”

Betting’s Impact On The MLB Fanbase

Brian Becker: “Concessions are up with a shorter game. So what does that tell you? It tells you people are catching the game sooner and they’re watching and more engaged.”

“So we’ve benefited from a game that is more watchable and a consumer that’s more engaged if we give them something to bet on during the game. It’s only additive to that experience.”

Other Trends Tipico Is Focusing On

Brian Becker: “The other thing that we closely monitor is the teams people bet on. We look at some of the different markets that we’re in and if customers generally bet on the home team. In certain states there’s been a high proclivity to bet on the home team and others there really hasn’t. So I think that goes into the experience that we want to provide.”

“We’ve become more hyper-local in the creative and the advertising we do, and we want to do that in the product too. Serve someone the next bet based on preferences they’ve had in the past. That’s something we’ve been definitely working on.”

Anthony Elio is the Lead Writer for LINEUPS.com, focusing on sports betting, online casino gaming, and horse racing. He covers state betting handles, sportsbook partnerships, operator news, and NHL picks. Outside of his work with LINEUPS, Elio has also written for Daily Fantasy Cafe, Innovation & Tech Today, Krazy Coupon Lady, and Residential Tech Today.

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