Franchise History Worst Injuries

Those special Mariners teams in the early 2000s all had very good injury luck. We also didn’t see injuries to Ken Griffey Jr and Alex Rodriguez while they were in Seattle like they suffered later on in their careers. Randy Johnson’s time in Seattle was also a healthy one, so they got to see these legends at full go. A talented arm in Rafael Soriano just couldn’t stay healthy in his career, and needed Tommy John surgery back in 2005. He went onto miss that season, and another arm in Scott Atichison did the same thing.

It wasn’t until later on that we started to see more and more injuries in the Seattle organization. In the 2006 season, Mark Lowe hit the DL with an elbow injury, and Julio Mateo had surgery on his broken hand. J.J. Putz was one of the better setup men in baseball, but started to undergo shoulder problems, which caused him to hit the DL quite often. Erik Bedard never quite panned out to be what he was expected to be, and injuries were a problem. He ended up needing surgery to repair his labrum back in 2009. Bedard would go onto miss the following season as well.

The Mariners had some injury trouble with James Paxton before he really developed into the player he is now. He had to deal with some back issues as well as arm issues early in his career. That is why he is considered a late bloomer these days. The Mariners were an odd bunch of misfits back in 2014, and guys like Justin Smoak, Michael Saunders, and Corey Hart continuously found themselves on the DL.