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Injuries that Could Hurt Team in 2019

Drew Smyly - Drew Smyly has been passed around quite a bit of late, going to Chicago, Seattle, and now Texas. Smyly is due back before Spring Training, pitching his first game since 2017. Smyly going to Texas might not be the best place for him to start his comeback as he is a flyball lefty in a very good hitting division as well. Smyly is also going to deal with some rusty play, but Texas will look to stand by their new arm especially in a rotation that doesn’t have much potential.

Matt Bush - The Rangers bullpen has been one of the weaker ones over the last few seasons, and Matt Bush is going to be a right-handed arm out of the picture until at least the second half of the season. This is not including rehab time, so post all-star break is going to be about Bush revamping his arm again. The bullpen is likely going to struggle again, and the main question is going to be if Bush can fully regain health.

Devastating Injuries in History of Franchise

Texas has seen some major injuries throughout their history, as you had Rusty Greer go down with shoulder surgery and never quite return. Ricardo Rodriguez failed to get anything going in his career due to numerous injuries. Jeff Zimmerman was also dealing with multiple surgeries in his pitching arm, and never got going with the club. As Eric Gagne bounced around, he landed in Texas, where he had to undergo elbow surgery, which caused him to miss most of the 2007 season with lingering issues.

Mark Lowe continued to battle injuries even in Texas, where he needed surgery for his back in 2010. We also saw Brandon McCarthy have surgery on his shoulder, so Texas lost two starters in the mid-year. Brandon Webb tried to regain his career after moving to Texas from Arizona, but needed shoulder surgery. Webb was done after just six years in the league dealing with constant injuries after a very strong stretch of seasons.

Injuries rattled the 2013 Texas team, as Colby Lewis needed surgery, while Neftali Feliz and Joakim Soria both underwent Tommy John surgery. This provided a huge hole to full for some bullpen arms, which they failed to do. When Prince Fielder came to Texas, his injuries started to flare up more and more. He ended up needing neck surgery in 2014, which eventually caused him to retire.