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0-0, 1st in West Southwest

Memphis made the playoffs last year after beating the Golden State Warriors in a play-in game. The Grizzlies return star Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr., who will be fully recovered from injury, hopefully. Another significant move was securing Rajon Rondo and Patrick Beverley in a trade for Eric Bledsoe. This crowds the backcourt for the Grizzlies, but it ultimately helps them out in their quest to free up salary-cap space for the future. The starting lineup for the Grizzlies should not change much with Ja Morant at point guards, Dillon Brooks at the two, Kyle Anderson on the wing, and Jaren Jackson Jr. and Steven Adams in the frontcourt.

Starting Lineup

Memphis Grizzlies Starting Lineup FAQ


Memphis is one of the younger teams in the league led by Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson. Both are at the age of 20, as they pair up with other young names like Brandon Clarke and Dillon Brooks. Morant was going to instantly be a starter after they drafted him second overall. He joined a backcourt that featured Dillon Brooks, the sharpshooter out of Oregon. Jackson had over 50 starts this season as he posted 16 points per game. Jonas Valanciunas had a tough time staying on the court in Toronto but has found himself a stable starting gig in Memphis. Despite a few names leaving like Jae Crowder, the Grizzlies have been one of the more consistent starting lineups in the league.

Who Are The Memphis Grizzlies Starters?

The Memphis Grizzlies starters are Dillon Brooks, Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson, Jonas Valanciunas, and Kyle Anderson. Jae Crowder was a primary starter but was traded to the Heat after demanding a trade. Anderson stepped into his role.

What Is The Most Common Memphis Grizzlies Starting Lineup?

The most common lineup for the Memphis Grizzlies this season was Dillon Brooks, Ja Morant, Jaren Jackson, Jonas Valanciunas, and Jae Crowder. They started 36 games together until Crowder left. Anderson has started 11 games with the usual starters.

How Many Starts Does Ja Morant Have?

Ja Morant has 59 starts this season, which is the third-most on the team. He missed a few games with a concussion but otherwise has been a durable rookie living up to the hype.

Who Is The Leading Scorer On The Memphis Grizzlies Starting 5?

Ja Morant is the leading scorer on the Memphis Grizzlies averaging 17.6 points per game this season. His rookie year has been excellent as he continues to live up to the hype of being the overall number two pick from the recent NBA Draft.

Who Is The Worst Starter On The Memphis Grizzlies?

After Jae Crowder has left, Kyle Anderson slid in and has averaged just 5 points per game this season and isn't a significant factor on either side of the ball. He also ranks near the bottom in player efficiency rating this season.

What Memphis Grizzlies Starter Plays The Most Minutes?

Memphis has done a great job at limiting minutes on their young players as they will want not to risk injury. Morant has played 30 minutes per game which is the most out of any of the starters.

What Memphis Grizzlies Starter Plays The Fewest Minutes?

Since entering the lineup, Kyle Anderson has played the fewest minutes of any starter. With the Grizzlies loaded with wings and guards, we have seen them rotate in and out which causes a cap on everybody’s minutes.