Top Injuries To Impact The 2018 Season

JaMychal Green - The Grizzlies have dealt with a lot of injuries the last few seasons, and JaMychal Green has been one of them to head to the injury report a few times. While not expected to be a major issue, Green is dealing with some knee discomfort heading into the year, which isn’t a good sign. This is more significant for the rookie Jaren Jackson Jr who is sitting on the depth chart behind him. Jackson could see earlier playing time, and with the Grizzlies rebuilding, any quick injury to Green that lingers would mean more time for Jackson.

Mike Conley - Mike Conley has battled some injuries over the last few seasons, which has limited his time on the court for Memphis. With him off the court, Memphis has been one of the worst teams in the league. Conley’s health will be key for Memphis to be a lot more competitive, even though they have been passed up in the Western Conference. Conley should be ready to go for the year, but as always we will need to keep a close eye on him.

Top Injuries in Franchise History

Going back into the early 2000’s, the Grizzlies had some odd names come through, and a few with some major talent. Looking through the injuries, Jason Williams had to have surgery to remove bone spurs, and missed 8-12 weeks. Damon Stoudamire in the middle of the 2005 season had a brutal injury, missing the rest of the season with a ruptured right patellar tendon. A year later, Pau Gasol had to have surgery to repair his broken foot. In Allen Iverson’s ending days in the NBA, he tore his hamstring and was out for the rest of the season.

Getting into the grind house years, Marc Gasol suffered a partially torn neck muscle at the end of the 2010 season, which caused him to miss the rest of the season. Rudy Gay dislocated his shoulder in the 2011 season, and Darrell Arthur ruptured his Achilles tendon. It was a rough 2011 season for Memphis, who dealt with these injuries. A few seasons later, Marc Gasol had a fractured foot in 2016, and in that same season Mike Conley had left Achilles tendinitis, causing him to miss the rest of the season. Conley has been going through some major injuries in his career, and more so of late.

Chandler Parsons has had some major injuries with just about every team he has been with. He tore his meniscus back in 2017, and in that same season he Ben McLemore had to have surgery to repair a fracture in his foot. The latest Conley injury was in 2018, where about halfway through the year he needed surgery on his heel. The Grizzlies continue to battle out injuries, and Marc Gasol has seen more trips to the injury report of late, and you have to think that happens more often due to his older age.