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2/12, 11:30p
2/12, 11:30p
O = Out
D = Doubtful
Q = Questionable
P = Probable
Reported Name Body Part Pos Rating Injury Notes
1/9/23 Austin Corbett
Knee G
Corbett has been diagnosed with a torn ACL and will miss the beginning of the 2023-24 season.
11/11/22 Donte Jackson
Achilles CB
Jackson is recovering from a torn achilles and will miss the start of the 2023-2024 season.

2022 Panthers Injury News

Top Injuries To Impact Panthers 2020 Season

Greg Olsen - Greg Olsen suffered from a broken foot last year, which caused him to miss the season. He broke the same foot again in Week 1 of 2018, and he is hoping to make it back before Week 7-8. This gives Ian Thomas a chance to get some work in, but the bump is going to go to surrounding options. Olsen has been a go-to guy in this offense, so others will need to step up like Christian McCaffrey. Olsen is over the age of 30, and durability is now clearly an issue. Even if he returns this season it is hard to know if he will have any life left.

Daryl Williams - The Panthers offensive line is in rough shape heading into the season, and Daryl Williams is going to miss at least eight games, but we are likely looking at more. He had injuries heading into the summer, and in the first week of the season he injured the same knee that bugged him all offseason. Williams was their starting right tackle, and this leads Carolina to try and make some moves to fill in for him. This hurts more because Matt Kalil also is injured, so down two lineman is not a good way to start.

Matt Kalil - Matt Kalil is the other offensive lineman on the injury list, and it is a brutal blow to the line to start the season. Kalil is going to miss the first eight games of the season, but it is not a given that he will be ready in time for the second half of the year. Taylor Moton is a second year lineman, and is likely going to slide into Kalil’s place. Carolina has a mobile quarterback and pass-catching back that will be on the move quite often with the Panthers missing two starting lineman for at least the first eight weeks of the season.

Top 5 Injuries in Panthers Franchise History

One of more recent injuries for the Panthers in their history was Kelvin Benjamin, who is now in Buffalo, which seems like a punishment. Benjamin suffered a torn ACL in training camp back in 2015, which was originally thought to be a sprained knee. Benjamin didn’t quite click, and the durability was a question so they sent him packing. Back in 2012 Ron Edwards dislocated his elbow, which sent him to the injured reserve. He was another Panthers player that was sent packing mainly due to injuries. Jon Beason was another injury reserve player, who dealt with knee and shoulder injuries. Beason had an injury plagued career, which ended badly between him and the ownership. Ryan Kahil didn’t quite look right most weeks with his neck injury, and the games he sat out was a blow to the Panthers offensive line. Kahlil’s neck injury was considered serious, and his career was limited after the age of 32. Chris Gamble was a defensive back who played about four-five years ago, and had a shoulder injury that shortened his season in 2012. He landed on the injured reserve, which left the Panthers secondary a little thin.