NBA Championship Odds 2021-22: Futures On Sixers Skyrocket

NBA Championship Odds are available for you to bet on through several sportsbooks. The Title Odds represent the odds given to a particular team in the NBA winning the championship in that given season; therefore, it is considered a future bet. There are more teams than usual who could be legitimate contenders, and we will go over all of them to identify which ones to take a gamble on and which ones to stay away from completely!

NBA Championship Odds 2021-22

NBA Championship Odds Explained

Title Odds have a very straightforward meaning: they define the quantitative odds placed on a team to win the NBA Championship. It is one of the more straightforward futures bets to understand; therefore, it can be a favorite for beginners and experienced bettors. Below, we will discuss more specific examples of title odds bets in the NBA for the 2021-22 season.

NBA Championship Odds Changes

Futures’ odds can be ever-changing until the actual event or game occurs. What that means in the context of title odds is that these odds can change constantly based on injuries or a player or team’s performance. There are constant changes in the NBA, whether an injury to a key or role player, locker room turmoil, coaching changes, and team chemistry. These changes are quantified and expressed in the change in a team’s title odds. For instance, if a team is on the verge of being eliminated from the NBA Playoffs, then their odds will drastically decrease to reflect that. Sometimes betting early on a team to win the title can be beneficial (i.e., betting on the Milwaukee Bucks before the season to win the title last year) or can be detrimental (i.e., betting on the Los Angeles Lakers before the season to win the title this season.) That is the risk of the betting type and is also why you can get more favorable odds on teams that you would think would be heavily favored.

Futures Bettors – NBA Championship Odds

Title Odds bettors are very speculative. The bettors who spend a lot of time and money wagering on these bets usually have a strong opinion on a specific team. This could be because of an off-season acquisition, free-agent signing, coaching change, or even just a gut feeling. It can be fun to have a bet that lasts so long before you win or lose, and some bettors enjoy that aspect of it.

Favorite NBA Championship Odds

Phoenix Suns

This should be the most unsurprising team to see on this list. As it stands today, we are nearly 80% of the way done with the 2021-22 NBA regular season, and the difference between a fully healthy Phoenix Suns squad and the next closest team is monumental. The Suns are so talented that many people cannot even decide who the MVP is of their own team (Chris Paul or Devin Booker) if such an award existed. Additionally, the Suns decided to trade before the deadline for Torrey Craig to add a familiar player with playoff experience who can contribute and provide depth to an already stacked roster. Once Chris Paul returns from his finger injury, the rest of the league is in trouble.

Boston Celtics

I have absolutely no idea why you can still get the Boston Celtics at +2200 odds to win the 2022 NBA Finals after the clinic they have been putting on for the past two months. They also acquired a solid, high IQ guard in Derrick White before the end of the trade deadline, which is a vastly underrated move by the new President of Basketball Operations, Brad Stevens. Boston ranks first in every key defensive statistical category during that span, and frankly, it is not close. The Celtics have disposed of virtually every team in their path during that span, including a 48-point beatdown of the Philadelphia 76ers one month ago and a recent win over the Brooklyn Nets, who had Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant healthy and active. The Eastern Conference will be a blood bath come playoff time; however, the C’s are in the best position out of every team to come out alive and eventually challenge whoever wins the Western Conference.

Philadelphia 76ers

The acquisition of James Harden has so far proved to be an extremely beneficial move for the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers are 5-0 when James Harden and Joel Embiid take the floor together, and their offense looks virtually unstoppable. Since February 24th, one day before Harden played his first game for Philly, the Sixers have had an offensive rating of 123.1, which is just obnoxiously good. Another interesting thing that has happened with Harden’s arrival is the improved play of Tyrese Maxey. For some reason, Maxey and Harden have looked like they played together their whole lives; it is insane. At +700, this is a bit steep for a largely unproven team, but it is fascinating and difficult to pass up.

Memphis Grizzlies

This is another bet that is a bit head-scratching. Personally, I would put Memphis in that +1500 to +2000 range, especially with how well it has played over the past several months. Regardless, this is a steal, in my opinion. Sure, the Grizzlies would likely have to beat the Golden State Warriors and Phoenix Suns to get to the NBA Finals, but injuries and crazy hot streaks can happen, as evidenced by last year. If the Warriors fail to regain that momentum they had at the beginning of the season and Paul or Booker suffers an untimely injury, then the Grizzlies are certainly the next up in the Western Conference. Also, consider that if the Grizzlies secure second place, they would have a home-court advantage against the Warriors. Another positive catalyst that I’m counting on for the Grizzlies is the eventual return of Dillon Brooks, who is a pesky defender and solid offensive contributor; he immediately improves an already elite basketball team.


You can bet on any team you want in the NBA to win the title, so you are not limited in any way! It can be fun to watch your bet unfold over many months, which is why these types of bets are so attractive to confident bettors. I like the Celtics at +1900 the most out of any bet and will be sprinkling some money on them. Their defensive IQ as a team is so incredibly high, and they have also really turned the corner offensively, which I never thought would happen. The addition of Derrick White could prove to be pivotal for a team that desperately needed better guard play. Other teams that I really like are the Phoenix Suns, Memphis Grizzlies, and Philadelphia 76ers! This season has been an absolute roller coaster, and there are a handful of teams who have a legitimate chance of winning, so let’s sit back and enjoy NBA basketball at its best!

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