10/19, 11:30p
10/19, 11:30p

Top Injuries To Impact The 2018 Season

Kawhi Leonard - Kawhi Leonard is over the major injury, and has moved past all the drama in San Antonio. He is now in Toronto, and will require some rest days at times to keep him fresh. We have already seen that early on. The good news is that Leonard has been playing full minutes and is also looking like his usual self. The Raptors will manage his rest days against teams he should rest against, so while it won’t have an effect on the Raptors, it might for your fantasy teams.

Delon Wright - Delon Wright is a crucial part of the Toronto bench, and has a groin injury to start the season. Toronto has enough depth to cover for now, but Wright is a crucial piece behind guards like Kyle Lowry and Danny Green. He will be sidelined to start the season, and as mentioned in prior notes, we are often concerned with early hamstring and groin pulls. These can linger throughout the year.

Top Injuries in Franchise History

Towards the latter half of Vince Carter’s career, he started to burn out a little bit in Toronto. While Carter has played one heck of a long career, he did have surgery on his knee back in 2002 that caused him to miss some time. In that same year, Lamond Murray had a bad ligament tear in his foot that caused him to miss four months at the beginning of the season. Carter would have a couple more monthly injuries like the tendon one that caused him to miss two months. You might not recognize some of these names, but Jorge Garbajosa and Anthony Parker both had career ending injuries in Toronto.

Early in Chris Bosh’s Toronto career, he had to repair a fractured facial bone which caused him to miss the season. Bosh never had an injury riddled career, but his career was cut short due to blood clots which delayed him from rounding out a terrific NBA career. In 2012, Jerryd Bayless missed the second half of the season with a torn oblique muscle. 2014 was a tough start for DeMar DeRozan’s season, where he had to wait out a torn tendon in his left groin. He made it back towards the end of the year, but wasn’t all that effective. Later that year, Terrence Ross had to have thumb surgery to repair a ligament.

Injuries have started to pile up for some of the Raptors over the next few seasons as Jonas Valanciunas and DeMarre Carroll both suffered fractures that caused lengthy surgeries. Some of their bench players like Delon Wright, Jared Sullinger, and O.G. Anunoby suffered injuries that had them go under for surgery. Sullinger was the one who didn’t quite come back and have a role. Wright has battled injuries over the last few seasons, but Toronto hasn’t missed a beat given the depth.