NBA Injuries

NBA players are a bit on the soft side as far as injuries go, and it shows in their injury reporting. One of NBA’s biggest criticism is the injury reporting. There is no set time for a coach to officially list their player’s status, and we often see them change sporadically throughout the day. If you are playing fantasy, this can be very frustrating, but our details and info update throughout the day to keep you informed. NBA injury listing is similar to NFL with the probable, questionable, doubtful, and out tags, but NBA the leeway for them is something we cannot figure out. Anthony Davis would jump from doubtful to probable in the span of 30 minutes. Players missing games changes things drastically. If LeBron James misses a game, that means others pick up the slack, and we get a new body into the starting lineup. Playing fantasy basketball, this is where you need to be throughout the day. You can narrow down by player, status, positions, or search for a specific player. Details will give you an in-depth look at their injury situation, and usually beat writers will chime in on their expected return or severity of the injury.