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Top Injuries To Impact The 2018 Season

Justin Anderson - Justin Anderson is just a depth player for the Hawks, but is starting out with a leg issue. Anderson would be a sporadic small forward option, but is going to miss some of the season. There are no big minutes up for grabs because of this. You will likely see Vince Carter and DeAndre Brembry soak up whatever minutes he was going to get. Because Anderson is a fringe player, this might hurt him in the long run. We tend to see depth players that start the season injured struggle to gain relevance later down the line.

Dewayne Dedmon - The Hawks brought in Alex Len this offseason, which is a good thing for their depth at the position. Dewayne Dedmon was heading into the season going to split time with Len, and at least at the start of the season Len should be able to get all the run he can handle. You might see some Miles Plumlee getting backup minutes as well. Atlanta doesn’t have a center for the future, and they are just managing the position in the meantime. Dedmon isn’t expected to miss a of time, and should be back within the first few weeks of the season.

John Collins - John Collins is one of the Hawks younger studs, and he is coming into his second year with Atlanta. Collins looked great in spurts last season, and there is a big belief in Atlanta that Collins is a guy for the future. He missed some time last season, and you have to wonder if Collins is injury prone. He went in on some minor surgery for his ankle at the beginning of October, and will be re-evaluated later on in the month. Collins is going to miss some games to start the season, and we have to hope this is not a recurring injury this year and moving forward.

Top Injuries in Franchise History

Back in 1989, the Hawks were high flying but Kevin Willis fractured his foot limiting the Hawks in the playoffs. He missed the season, but Atlanta still went onto win 50 games that season. Dominique Wilkins was a high flyer, and had a really rough stretch a few years later, tearing his Achilles tendon. Mookie Blaylock was a frequent visitor to the injury report, and more with nagging two-three week injuries, but they really added up when you look at his career of missing games. In more recent times, Al Horford had to miss a season due to surgery for his torn left pectoral muscle.

There was a core of Josh Smith, Paul Millsap, and Al Horford that carried the Hawks to multiple playoff pictures. Thabo Sefolosha fracture his fibula back in 2015, and was a core bench player at the time. He missed for the season. The Hawks had Kyle Korver, who was a three point specialist. He ended up missing the end of the 2015 season and part of 2016 with ankle surgery. This derailed the Hawks for a little bit with his ability to shoot beyond the arc.