What Sports Are Still Running That You Can Bet on?

It’s been weeks since sports bettors have had the majority of their traditional sports to bet on. Now as we head into April, the end of the sports hiatus is nowhere in sight as the Coronavirus pandemic is showing no signs of slowing down. Desperate times call for desperate measures. For those who are still looking to get their fix on betting, there are still a few options out there to keep you going until the sports world gets back to normal.

Table Tennis

One silver lining in the current sports hiatus is that we get a chance to watch sports we wouldn’t typically pay much attention to, like table tennis. Whether you like to call it table tennis or ping pong, you have your choice of a couple of Eastern European and Russian leagues to place your bets. You can find betting options for table tennis on DraftKings Sportsbook.


The most popular sport in the world is still “kicking” at some places across the globe. The Belarus Premier League is up and running. You can find plenty of betting options for Belarussian soccer on both FanDuel and DraftKings. Other soccer leagues, such as the Burundi Premier League have shut down in the past week. You may even still be able to find some lines for Nicaraguan soccer at some sportsbooks.

Horse and Greyhound Racing

Racetracks across the globe have been slowly closing or ending their seasons over the past couple of weeks. However, you can still find a handful of racetracks that are still operating. Horse racing, greyhound racing and even camel racing can be found at some racebooks across the country. If you are into betting on some form of animal racing, you are still in luck and should have no issues finding any races across the world to bet on.


Belarus must be the land of the immune because they appear to be the only hockey league on the planet that is still having games. You can find some lines now and then on DraftKings for some Belarussian hockey.


Chinese basketball leagues, as well as some other Asian leagues, were expected to get going here sometime soon but it appears those leagues have extended their break. One league that seems to still be ready to go is the Chinese Taipei League. You can find betting lines for Chinese Taipei basketball on DraftKings.

Miscellenous and Bizarre Betting Options

Checkers and chess appear to be two betting options that have increased in popularity of late. However, you may have to shop around sportsbooks to find one that offers lines on either.

One of the more odd things to bet on is the weather. Although that is not stopping people from doing so. It’ll be tough to find a sportsbook that will take bets on the weather but there are certainly some out there.

Entertainment betting has always been a fad over the years. Whether it is betting on the outcome of television shows or awards shows, you can find a nice selection of betting options. You can even find some books that will take bets on Netflix shows such as Ozark.

Virtual sports betting is starting to become one of the more popular betting options available. Books are starting to take bets on virtual sports simulations between two computer teams. In games like NBA2K and Madden, rules are set and lines are determined on matchups of two AI teams facing off. Leagues and tournaments are being held via these games and others and you can even watch these contests on sites like YouTube or Twitch. A simple Google search can help you find some of these contests. Finding a book that will accept these bets might be a little more difficult.

eSports is different than virtual sports in that real people compete in eSports events. A number of eSports events have also been postponed or canceled like other sporting leagues across the globe but there are still some leagues and tournaments still going. In the United States, Nevada recently approved betting on eSports temporarily during a specific gaming league.

Futures Bets

If none of these bizarre sporting events or foreign leagues interest you, then you can always invest in some futures bets in the leagues you are more familiar with. There are a number of futures bets available for leagues that are on hiatus as well as upcoming leagues and events. You can even find futures bets for the upcoming NFL Draft on April 23rd. Plenty of futures bets on the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and other leagues can be found and almost any sportsbook.

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