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Instant Fun and Instant Cash – Playing Instant Games on the Michigan Lottery

The Michigan Lottery sold their first tickets way back in 1972. Since that first ticket was sold, the Lottery Commission has funneled over $23 billion into Michigan’s education system. However, there have been billions paid out to Michigan residents as well.

In the last 10 years, more than $17 billion has been paid out to lucky Michigan Lottery winners. More chances to win were opened up when the Michigan Lottery re-launched the website in August 2014. The Michigan Lottery online started with basic virtual scratch-off games.

However, the type and number of games rapidly increased. There are now multiple categories of online games. Some of the most exciting are in the instant game category. Let’s explore how you can have instant fun and win instant cash playing instant games on the Michigan Lottery.

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Playing Michigan Lottery Instant Games Online

Once you have a Michigan Lottery account set up, it’s fast and easy to navigate your way to dozens of exciting instant games. One outstanding feature of the Michigan Lottery website is the ability to filter your game search.

Once you log into your account, click the “Games” tab on the far left side of the main menu bar. You are now at the GAMES page. You’ll six individual drop-down filters. On the right-hand side you have a choice between online and in-store instant games. Uncheck the “in-store” box to see only online instant games.

There is also a search box if you know the name of the instant game you want to play. If not, go to the drop-down window “Game Type”. Select “Instant”. You’ll now see over 90 instant games available online using the default sort setting.

If you want to, you can then search for instant games by ticket type, ticket cost, game-play style, top prize or game theme. The ticket type choices are either single ticket or multi ticket games. The cost per ticket for instant games can be set to range from $0.05 up to $20.

There are choices under the “Top Prize” drop-down window, to narrow down the maximum potential prize jackpot. “Top Prize” categories can be broken down from Progressive prizes to maximum jackpots under $5,000.

There are eight choices to filter the “Top Prize” amount, including all instant games with a maximum jackpot of $1 million or more. Finally, you have nine choices for “Game Theme”. Here are the “Game Theme” categories for online instant game on the Michigan Lottery.

• Adventure – 18 games with exciting adventure themes
• Branded – These are games with brand themes such as Wheel of Fortune
• Cards – There are six card theme games like Blackjack Doubler and Queen of Diamonds
• Gems – These are nine symbol matching, drop-style games
• Holiday – During holiday seasons, you may find various instant games posted for that season
• Lucky – The Lucky category of instant games has nine symbol and number matching-style games
• Money – There are a dozen games under the Money category. This category has a nice variety of game styles including symbol games and cash drops
• Numbers – The Numbers category includes number matching games like Blazing 7s and Instant Riches
• Sports – Finally, you can play one of five sports-theme instant games on the Michigan Lottery
That gives you look under the “Game Theme” filter. Now, let’s scroll down just under the “Game Theme” drop-down and filter your instant game choices to “Featured”. Just open the “Sort by” window and click on Featured.

Featured Instant Games on the Michigan Lottery

Set the “Sort by” drop-down filter on “Featured Instant Games”. This will show you new opportunities to win cash, plus the current list of feature online instant games. Let’s look at four of these popular instant games that will show up when you use this search filter criterion.

Medieval Fortunes – This one of the newer online instant games on the Michigan Lottery. It is a symbols-matching style game. Top prize is $20,000 and the ticket range is from $0.05 to $20.

• Choose the number of tickets you want to play
• Choose the cost per each ticket (Total game cost equals the number of tickets times cost per ticket)
• Click PLAY
• You can choose to REVEAL ALL automatically or click on one symbol at a time
• All symbols revealed on your ticket that match the winning symbols win the prize indicated
• Three Flame Coins will open up the Dragon Bonus. All Dragon Bonuses are guaranteed winners

Michigan Cash Drop – Our next game under the Featured Games filter is both popular and one with a hearty maximum potential jackpot. Michigan Cash Drop is dropping blocks type of game. Top prize is up to $100,000 and ticket costs range from $0.50 to $20.

• Choose your amount per ticket
• Click the PLAY tab
• Blocks will begin to fall into a board
• As three or more blocks share a side, clusters of blocks will automatically vanish
• New blocks fill in these empty spots to form more winning clusters
• The game continues until there are no longer any matching clusters
• If you reveal a SAFE and a KEY, that game will win a surprise award
• When you reveal 10 BONUS REVEALS blocks, you open an expanded board with a guaranteed prize
• There are three levels of BONUS REVEALS, Bronze, Silver and Gold

Paint Blast – This is an exciting and popular instant online game on the Michigan Lottery. Paint Blast uses different colors to unlock various levels of prize bonuses. The overall odds of winning are just slightly over 1 out of 2. Top prize jackpot is up to $10,000 and tickets range from $0.05 to $2.

• Use the menu button right-hand side of the game screen
• Click on Game Adjustments
• Input your cost per ticket – total game cost equals cost per ticket times 20
• Click on the X to close out this menu
• Click Play or hit the spacebar
• The game board will reveal a color for your ticket
• A Green ticket wins the prize amount displayed
• Gold tickets win prizes according to an adjacent Gold Prize Table
• Pink and Blue ticket colors unlock additional bonus games with a guaranteed prize amount
• A Power Surge Bonus is a round where you attempt to reveal 10 Blue Sections in one round
• As you fill up an Extra Rounds Meter, your prizes increase and the bonuses continue to grow
Queen of Diamonds – Our fourth game on the favorites list is a card-style instant online lottery game. Queen of Diamonds is easy to play, but the excitement of winning is what makes it so popular. Top prize jackpot is up to $60,000, and tickets cost between $0.05 and $2.

• Open the Queen of Diamonds game board
• Choose how many tickets you want to play – the more tickets the better the odds of winning
• Set a price per ticket – total game costs equals the number of tickets times the cost per ticket
• Click on the Play button or hit your spacebar to begin
• You can use the REVEAL ALL automatic game play button, or play manually
• When you uncover a Queen, you win the prize shown under that card
• If you find three Golden Cards, you open up a Game of War board with a guaranteed prize winner
• A Joker will launch a Joker Bonus Game that also produces a guaranteed prize
There are dozens of instant games across the various categories. Once you click on any particular game, you will see easy-to-follow instructions like we’ve posted here. Now, let’s look at five frequently questions some have about the online instant games on the Michigan Lottery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are instant games?

Instant online lottery games produce instant winnings. There are various game themes and play styles available. You can purchase tickets and various numbers of plays. Many games can be played using a REVEAL ALL automatic feature, or clicked through manually. Prize winnings are produced and deposited instantly.

What instant games pay out the most?

Bullseye Keno and Instant Keno Multiplier both have a potential maximum prize jackpot of $500,000. Quick 6 and Diamond Payout, each with a potential jackpot of $250,000, follow these two high prize instant games. Roaring 20s has a potential top prize of $240,000.

What is the most popular instant game?

Queen of Diamonds is a new online instant game on the Michigan Lottery website. It is wildly popular for many reasons. Queen of Diamonds has some of the more favorable odds of winning. Top prize jackpot is $60,000, plus tickets can be purchased for as little as a nickel.

What are the requirements to register for a free Michigan Lottery account?

There are four simple steps to securing a free Michigan Lottery account. You must be a U.S. citizen and Michigan resident. You must be over 18 years of age to be eligible. The final requirement is to verify your identity with the last four of your social security number.

Can you claim your online instant game prize winnings through your online account?

Yes. Prize amounts up to $600 are automatically deposited into your account. You may withdraw or play using these winnings at any time. For prize awards over $600, go to My Account page and follow the simple steps to claim release of these cash prize awards.

Summing it Up

There are dozens of exciting online games to play on the Michigan Lottery website. The first step is to follow the simple process to get signed up for your free account. Then, make your first deposit.

Remember, you can play demos of games for free, but you need an account balance to play for real cash. New games are added frequently. Make sure you sign up to receive notifications for special promotions and new game announcements.

You can play online games on the Michigan Lottery 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. You can use your Michigan Lottery online account to check for winning numbers from national draw games, plus purchase your own potential winning tickets.

But remember, you can produce instant fun and maybe win instant cash playing the exciting list of instant online games. Start your online winning streak at the Michigan Lottery today.

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