San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship Odds 2022-23

The current San Antonio Spurs NBA championship odds are . After finishing as the 10th seed at 34-48, they initiated a full rebuild this off-season by trading All-Star Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks for future unprotected 1st round picks. Lonnie Walker IV departed for the Lakers, and backup center Drew Eubanks resides in Portland now. Overall, the Spurs lost plenty of talent without adequately replenishing the roster.

San Antonio covets 2023 NBA Draft prospect Victor Wembanyama (who doesn’t?), so securing the best lottery odds is the goal for this season. It shouldn’t be difficult for them considering they possess arguably the worst roster in the league. When taking into account their lackluster depth chart and desire to tank, it would be shocking if the Spurs didn’t claim the worst record in the NBA. 

San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship Odds & Futures 2022-23

The current odds for San Antonio futures are located in the table below. It includes championship, conference, division, playoff, and win total odds for the Spurs. 

San Antonio Spurs NBA Championship Odds & FuturesOdds (Updated February 2023)
2023 NBA Championship Odds
Western Conference Winner Odds
Southwest Division Winner Odds
Regular Season Win Total Odds
Odds To Reach Playoffs

Their championship odds are astronomically long, which is completely logical and understandable. Under no circumstance will the Spurs win the championship or the Western Conference this season, so it would be an utter waste to back them here. As a side note, it’s inconceivable that San Antonio has the same odds to win the championship than the far more talented and hungry Rockets or Magic, which is the case.

The Spurs are located in the Southwest Division, which also hosts the Grizzlies, Mavericks, Pelicans, and Rockets. The only team that the Spurs have any possible chance of beating is the Rockets, but even that scenario is unlikely. I would completely avoid their division winner odds as well as their championship and conference winner odds. 

The best value for San Antonio futures is connected to their regular season win total. The under is tantalizing because I doubt the Spurs reach 20 wins this season. The roster has future upside, but it is void of immediate talent. The lure of Wembanyama will also slash a couple of wins from their total late in the season when they unabashedly tank. 

Reasons Why San Antonio Spurs Can & Can’t Win NBA 2022-23 Championship 


  • Rim Protection: Jakob Poeltl’s interior presence is unheralded outside of San Antonio. He racked up 1.7 BPG, which ranked 5th in the league. Poeltl doesn’t have the athleticism of other shot-blockers, but his superb timing and positioning allow him to extinguish any semblance of offense near the rim. With Poeltl in the lineup, the Spurs can lock down the paint and utilize their perimeter defenders in an aggressive manner. 
  • Three-Point Shooting: Keldon Johnson thrived from deep, as he shot a 42.4 3PT% on 353 catch and shoot threes. Doug McDermott is a specialist who had a 42.2 3PT%, while Devin Vassell produced a 36.1 3PT%. The Spurs also have shooting talent off the bench in Josh Richardson, Zach Collins, and Malaki Branham. They will be able to trot out a lineup with three-point shooting at every position, although the defense would be ugly.


    • Ball Handling: Dejounte Murray ran the entire offense and handled the vast majority of ball handling, so the Spurs have a significant need. Tre Jones is the leading candidate for primary ball handler, but he isn’t experienced or skilled enough to take on Murray’s burden. Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell must pick up some of the slack, as McDermott and Poeltl are unable to help. The Spurs will also allow rookies Blake Wesley and Malaki Branham a chance to lead, but it’s a difficult assignment for rookie combo guards. Overall, the Spurs can expect a severe drop-off in shot quality because of this problem. 
    • Isolation Scoring: With a decline in shot quality, isolation scoring is more important than ever. However, San Antonio is sorely lacking in this department. Keldon made tremendous strides last season, but he’s not ready to be the go-to scorer facing the best defender. Devin Vassell also needs more experience off the dribble, so an inefficient isolation season is likely. Blake Wesley and Malaki Branham displayed isolation scoring chops in college, but the NBA is a completely different beast. The Spurs clutch offense will be dreadful when the defense focuses to the highest degree. 
    • Lack of Stars: Keldon Johnson is talented, but he doesn’t crack the top 50 currently. San Antonio simply lacks the top-end talent required to win in the NBA. They will constantly face teams with a multitude of veterans better than Keldon, so it will be no surprise when their record looks bleak in May. 
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