Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds 2022

Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds 2022

Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills and they have a shot of winning the Super Bowl this year as they have one of the best teams in their teams’ history. And that’s saying something considering they went to four straight Super Bowls, we don’t talk about how they did in those games though. Josh Allen is an MVP candidate at quarterback and he has his best friend catching his passes in Stefon Diggs. The Bills have one of the scariest offenses in the NFL with a defense that should be much improved from last season. The Chiefs might have gotten the best of them in the AFC championship, but the revenge tour is real for Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills Odds to Win Super Bowl 2022

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Buffalo Bills Offseason Changes


Coaching Changes


Key Guys Returning

  • QB Josh Allen
  • CB Levi Wallace
  • LB Matt Milano 
  • DL Vernon Butler
  • DE Mario Addison
  • C Mitch Morse

Departures That Made Team Worse

  • WR John Brown
  • TE Tyler Kroft
  • WR Andre Roberts

Additions That May Have Moved Odds In Teams Favor

  • RB Matt Brieda 
  • TE Jacob Hollister
  • QB Mitch Trubiksy 
  • DE Greg Rousseau

Buffalo Bills Odds Analysis

The Bills are predicted to be one of the top teams in the league with their Super Bowl odds.

At and the third-highest odds to win the Super Bowl behind the Chiefs and Buccaneers, the Bills are going to be playing meaningful football come late December and January.

Having odds behind the two teams that played in the Super Bowl the previous season is no easy thing and the Bills are on a revenge tour like the Chiefs.

The Bills have the second-best odds in the AFC and the highest odds in the AFC East and are hungry to complete the job they were so close to achieving last year.

The core of the Bills has remained the same and while they did lose some valuable guys like WR John Brown and TE Tyler Kroft, they did pick up some valuable players like RB Matt Breida and DE Greg Rousseau who could be the guys to unlock the full potential of this team.

The Bills only really need QB Josh Allen and WR Stefon Diggs to play the way they did last year because that duo was unstoppable together. Only players like WR Cole Beasley, WR Gabriel Davis, and RB Devin Singletary are great at creating something out of nothing and further bolstered Allen’s case for MVP and were major factors to the Bills’ success.

The defense was not the best part of their team, but they certainly didn’t let the team down as they have stars like CB Tre’Davious White and S Micah Hyde punishing receivers across the field. The Bills are good and are going to be in the playoffs this year, you can bet your bottom dollar on that.

Reasons Why the Buffalo Bills Win the Super Bowl

Teams struggled to contain an offense as explosive as the Bills last season. In fact, many teams crumbled to it and got ran out of the building due to the lethality of their passing attack. When you have a star quarterback like Josh Allen on your team, you’re going to pass the ball a lot. And that’s what the Bills did. Not many teams have the players that can match up against the combination of Stefon Diggs, Cole Beasley, and Gabriel Davis and all of those players had career years for the Bills last year. Josh Allen must have taken some of Michael Jordan’s secret or something like it last year because he was locked in and on fire the whole season. He threw it effectively deep, short, left, right, in the middle, and he could basically put the ball anywhere he wanted and with however much zip on the ball thanks to his rocket arm.

The Bills also benefitted from having a great secondary on the defensive side of the ball, which allowed opposing teams to never get back in the game. CB Tre White is a top 5 cornerback in football and when he is paired with guys Micah Hyde, Taron Johnson, and Jordan Poyer, the Bills were a no-flight zone. These four were suffocating receivers all season long and prevented teams from scoring as fast as the Bills did.

The last benefit the Bills had was their excellent coaching staff. Head coach Sean McDermott has done an immaculate job turning around one of the worst teams in the NFL in such a short amount of time and he has two of the best coordinators in football right beside him. Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll has unleashed the wrath of Josh Allen onto the rest of the NFL and must have ESP or something because he always picked the right play at the right time. Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier also got the most of his weak pass-rushing unit and excellent secondary as he created exotic blitzes that allowed the Bills to make up for some of their weaknesses on defense.

Reason Why the Buffalo Bills Don’t Win the Super Bowl

The road back to the AFC championship might be a little more difficult than people realize for the Bills. First is their two biggest weaknesses on their team, the run game and pass rush. To old talking heads of the sport, these seem like the two most important areas in football and they would be glad that the Bills didn’t win the Super Bowl. It wasn’t that the Bills were soft, it’s more that they were slow and had an MVP quarterback who can win games with his arm. So they opted to go that route and left the linemen in the dust.

They addressed some of these issues in the offseason because if they didn’t then they were in big big trouble. RB Matt Breida should add some valuable speed and pass-catching ability out of the backfield and DE Greg Rousseau should add some flair and speed to a defensive line unit that could not stop the run and had some of the worst pressure rates on the quarterback in the NFL last season.

Then there is the issue of the Bills’ schedule, which is one of the hardest in the NFL. There are some perks to being considered one of the best teams in the NFL, but there are also some disadvantages like having a tough schedule. Looking ahead, we can see that they have to play some really good teams like the Steelers, Dolphins twice, Patriots twice, Washington Football Team, Chiefs, Buccaneers, Titans, and Saints.

No matter how talented a team is, you can’t get through this schedule without a couple of losses. This will certainly be a hindrance in a playoff picture that is crowded in the AFC and especially in a time where getting the #1 seed is critical to getting an extra week of rest and time to prepare. The Bills are not as good as the Cheifs and will need to get past them if they want to win the Super Bowl.

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