Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds 2024

The current Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds are . To no one’s surprise, the Bills are once again one of the favorites in terms of Super Bowl Odds going into next season. They were the powerhouse of the league throughout most of the season last year before injuries derailed their Super Bowl hopes. They retained most of their elite core going into this year, making them very much live for a potential deep run.

Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds & Futures 2023-2024

The Bills dominance can’t be overstated as they ranked top-4 in both Off and Def Overall DVOA. Josh Allen had the offense humming off of his elite arm as their receivers wreaked havoc on opposing secondaries. They even had help from their ground game as Singletary rounded into a reliable running back. All of that momentum was dashed as soon as Allen got hurt late in the year.

Sadly, Allen wasn’t the only star player who had to deal with injuries issues as their defense was decimated late in the year. Star safety Jordan Poyer went down with an injury, as well as his fellow cornerback Tre’Davious White. That left a gap in their secondary that was hard to replicate, leaving them exposed against the pass heavy likes of the Bengals and Chiefs.

Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds & FuturesOdds (Updated June 2023)
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Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Odds Analysis

buffalo billsNow that they are at full health, the Bills are a viable contender for the Super Bowl as they are elite on both ends of the ball. If you believe the same, now would be the time to take them as I highly doubt their odds will be as long as this mid-season. I personally will wait to see how they attack the draft and see if they are able to land another productive wideout in the early rounds.

Speaking of the draft, the Bills put themselves in a good position to elevate their offense as they decided to add another playmaker in the pass game. Initially thinking they would go wide receiver, the Bills took a turn and decided to draft the best pass catching tight end in Dalton Kincaid. A head scratching move on paper, yet a brilliant decision as the drop off from Kincaid to the tier two receivers was a steep one.

With the addition of Kincaid, the Bills may opt into the idea of opening up their playbook by inserting in more two tight end sets. This brings more versatility to their offense, being able to more efficiently run with added protection or pass through the middle with Kincaid screening across the second level of the defense.

Their excellent early part of their draft doesn’t stop there as the Bills were able to shore up their weakest part of their roster in the second round by selecting Florida’s O’Cyrus Torrence. Torrence was the best guard prospect in the draft by a wide margin yet suffered a fall down the draft board due to a lack of positional need. The Bills lacked major depth at the interior part of their line, now getting a potential starter come week one.

As for the defense, they bring back a bulk of their star power after re-signing Jordan Poyer. He is one of their leaders on the back end and a shutdown type player. When paired with Tre’Davious White they make one of the most formidable secondaries in the NFL. Von Miller also returns from injury to help out their pass rush, giving the Bills production in all three levels on the defensive side of things.

Reasons Why the Bills Can and Can’t Win the Super Bowl


  • Continuity on defense as an elite overall unit with Poyer returning
  • Depth at running back who will benefit from more open lanes in the ground game
  • Josh Allen is one of the most lethal dual threat quarterbacks in football


  • Josh Allen can be prone to turnover issues by forcing the ball into tight lanes
  • Injury concerns on the defensive end with nearly every star player getting hurt last year
  • Lack of depth on the offensive line
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