Carolina Panthers Super Bowl Odds 2023

The Carolina Panthers current Super Bowl odds are at .  They last saw the playoffs in 2015 when they lost in the Super Bowl appearance against the Denver Broncos. Ever since their play has significantly decreased, and their odds of taking home the Lombardi trophy have continued to stay weak. The Carolina Panthers Super Bowl odds fell from +7000 last year to +10000 entering the 2022 NFL regular season. The uncertainty and unreliableness of quarterbacks and the weak offensive line keeps this team in the depths of underdog territory. Their free agency picks might boost their chances slightly as trades continue, but their only hope may be found in their first round, sixth overall, draft pick.

Carolina Panthers Super Bowl Odds & Futures 2022-23

Carolina’s updated Super Bowl odds are a good representation of a team that doesn’t have a clear path at quarterback, despite trading for Baker Mayfield. In a division with Tom Brady still, it will be tough for Carolina to reach Super Bowl 57/

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The Carolina Panthers have been under the radar for the past few seasons, struggling to stand out in recent NFL seasons. They finished last season 5-12 with the last-place finish in the NFC South. They have failed to find a concrete quarterback to lead this team with appearances from PJ Walker, Cam Newton, and Sam Darnold all throughout last season. The team has dropped Newton and kept Walker as a backup to Darnold as of now. Many suspect this team may attempt to pick up a new quarterback in the draft since Darnold has shown a very dim performance over the years. Some top prospects are Sam Howell from North Carolina and Matt Corral from Ole Miss, that may be available for the Panthers to pick up. If this team wants any chance at making a playoff appearance, they will definitely need to strengthen their QB spot and invest even more in their offensive line to protect their QB in the pocket.

The Panthers’ main goal in this year’s free agency was to strengthen the O-Line and tighten the defense. Last season, they allowed the 5th most sacks in the league, which heavily impacted their presence on offense. They have solid receivers like DJ Moore, who they re-signed this year, and have the powerhouse of Christian McCaffrey, so all they need is more time in the pocket and the ability to force open pockets in defensive lines to allow for drives. The defense of the Panthers allowed 404 points throughout last season. They failed to stop the pass due to a very ill-balanced secondary, and their rush defense was minimal. On top of the free agency picks like Donte Jackson, Xavier Woods, and Sean Chandler, there will need to be more aggressive pick-ups for defenders. All of these players are not at the top of the class, leaving the Panthers’ defensive strength still looking weak. There must be a greater improvement if this team wants a chance at redemption.

Reasons Why Carolina Panthers Can & Can’t Win Super Bowl 57


  • Strong 2022 Draft
  • The team is making moves to improve the offensive line
  • DJ Moore re-signed


  • Uncertainty At QB
  • The defense lacks strong secondary coverage.
  • There are solid offensive weapons, but the O-Line is not strong enough to give time to allow QB to find players downfield.
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